Business Administration Prowess Makes a Brand
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Business Administration Prowess Makes a Brand

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Summary: The possibilities are endless when you take up a business administration degree. Different people take it up for different reasons, but the goal is to strengthen the value proposition of a business/personal brand.

Where Does My Brand Stand Among Peers?

Why business administration, you may ask? Well, the answer would be variety, with a healthy dose of prospect.

In this rat race of finding a place for your brand, a traditional academic degree is seldom enough. That’s where a business administration degree stands out. A degree in business administration equips one with insider knowledge of the industry and a network of peers that boosts brand visibility.

Unlike traditional academic degrees, business administration is all about practical learning and real-world experience. From supply chain management to building a brand—the knowledge one stands to gain from this versatile degree is endless. And all of this is pertinent for fashion brands.

Here’s what a business administration degree can do for your brand.

Greener Pastures and Wider Avenues

In the US, business administration degrees have gradually grabbed center stage as the most popular option after secondary education. A whopping 19 percent of 2 million graduates were conferred with business administration degrees in 2018-19.

Greener Pastures

Business administration degrees, be it bachelor's or master’s, offer a wide set of opportunities to candidates prepping to cater to a brand. They can help one understand supply-chain logistics, finances, operations, and more.

The ever-dynamic field of fashion requires creativity and openness to new ideas and management tools. A lot of people may harbor business acumen, but a rational and data-driven approach helps you broaden your vision for your brand. And a business administration degree can pave the way for that.

Leadership: A Lesson on The Balancing Act


"The skills needed in business administration come down to two types: the business management and the leadership,” opines Dr. Ronald Breach, program chair for the Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration program for the Forbes School of Business and Technology, in a University of Arizona Global Campus blog.

While creativity is non-negotiable in the business of fashion, a brand needs a strong leader to guide its operations. Leadership skills are crucial to asserting dominance in any field, and the same holds for fashion. In a business, a leader strikes the balance between viewing the larger picture and finetuning business processes.

A degree in business administration helps one develop a solution-driven outlook in a world wrought with crises. With this, one can inspire peers while positioning themselves as thought leaders in their domains.

Grow Your Network

Grow Your Network

Network, network, and network! Whichever path we choose to embark upon in the 21st century, most are driven by core networking skills and expertise.

Over the years, networking has evolved into an art. Only a few excel at it but everyone can strive to learn. As per a blog on Pacific College's portal, networking could be a core reason for taking up business administration.

In fashion, networking is the fuel behind the gumption of building a brand. The better you network, the greater the visibility for your brand and you as a leader. Notwithstanding the benefits of branding strategies, word-of-mouth marketing is critical to the success of any new brand. And a fashion brand is no exception.

A business administration degree from a reputed institution ensures a strong alumni network. This in turn can boost your social and business capital while facilitating better relationships with relevant stakeholders.

Most importantly, fashion and apparel are driven by repute, loyalty, and trust. The bigger your network, the better your potential to position yourself as a game-changer.

Acing the Management Game

Management Game

Sky's the limit with a business administration degree under your wing. From creating and ideating to managing both internal and external processes associated with business, the degree can help sharpen your skillset and improve exposure for your brand.

Key Takeaways:

  • Business administration degrees help develop a solution-driven outlook to tackle problems in real time, helping brands hit the ground running.
  • A strong peer network, a major perk of a business administration degree, provides visibility to your brand.

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