Benefits Of Using Fashinza Supply Chain Management Software

Benefits Of Using Fashinza Supply Chain Management Software

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A business has many departments, such as purchasing, production, and quality control. While purchasing can be considered the heart of the business and production the soul, one department serves as the blood vessel that links all these departments - the supply chain.

What is a supply chain, and why is it important?

A supply chain in a business is the process that a raw material takes from sourcing, conversion into finished goods, and finally into the hand of the consumer. A good and efficient supply chain in a business is essential as it dictates the position of the business in the market. Statistics suggest that eight out of ten companies with a highly organized supply chain generate more revenue than the average businesses in their respective fields. 

What is supply chain management software?

What is supply chain management software?

Supply chain management is the way to efficiently manage the movement of resources from their source to the end-user. 

While it may be difficult to handle all this manually, businesses can use supply chain management software to automate their supply chain.

The online B2B portal Fashinza provides good supply chain software for fashion brands. Fashinza’s supply chain software helps businesses reduce operation costs by modernizing the entire supply chain. From creating a centralized communication system to creating automated purchase orders, Fashinza's supply chain system allows companies to become more efficient in their production process. 

Fashinza's supply chain software helps businesses streamline their supply chain, manage inventory, plan logistics, manage vendors, and control costs. It also uses algorithms and analytics to predict future trends, minimizing the risk of losses. 

Here are some benefits of using fashinza’s supply chain software:

1. It connects the suppliers, logistic partners, and distributors

Fashinza’s supply chain software connects and creates a seamless communication channel between the supplier, distributor, and logistics partner for the streamlined inflow and outflow of goods. When everyone is connected to a channel, communication becomes easier and quicker. Automation of most of these processes leaves less room for human intervention. This helps save time and human effort.

Fashinza's supply chain software helps create a centralized connection between all the parties involved. It reduces communication delays by creating timestamps for each task. This initiates quick responses from the vendors. 

2. It helps tracks goods in transit

supply chain management software helps tracks goods in transit

Businesses need access to real-time locations of their goods in transit to plan further processes without delays. This helps businesses make a sale even before they receive the item in the warehouse through the system of pre-purchase, thus reducing pay cycle periods to a great extent. 

With the help of Fashinza’s advanced supply chain software features, businesses can track the exact location of their goods and their estimated time of arrival.

3. It helps provide automation of major processes

Automatically creating purchase and sales orders is a boon to any business as it keeps the company running smoothly. This helps in proper inventory management. It also reduces the margins for error, avoids delays in the production process, and saves time. 

Processes such as order processing and invoicing are automatically created and managed by Fashinza's supply chain software, helping businesses streamline their entire manufacturing process. 

4. It helps in inventory management

An automated central purchase system is significant for a business. This reduces delays in the manufacturing process. 

Fashinza’s supply chain software helps businesses track inventory, indicating when an item is running low. Providing vendor details readily accessible makes it extremely easy to create a purchase order for these items and track the goods as they make their way to the warehouse. Also, the supply chain software helps the productive use of funds as there are no chances of excess inventory being ordered. 

5. Provides accurate reports

In large businesses, it is often difficult to keep track of the number of items being produced, the amount of inventory being used, and the number of items stored in the warehouse. These reports are essential for auditing and estimating further manufacturing processes. 

Fashinza’s supply chain software helps businesses by providing accurate reports. These help businesses make informed choices when it comes to ordering inventory or accepting sales orders based on the produced goods available in the warehouse. 

chain management software uses input data to predict future trends

In the fashion business, predicting trends is critical to stay profitable. Changing customer preferences and fashion trends can put quite a strain on fashion houses as they need to constantly update their products to remain relevant to the market. 

Fashinza’s supply chain software uses information flow and other data available to predict trends. This is an extremely handy tool for fashion houses as they can alter their production process accordingly and on time to avoid huge losses. 

7. It increases productivity

When the inventory, production process, and communication path between vendors are automated and streamlined, the business becomes more efficient and profitable.

Fashinza's supply chain software increases the business’s overall productivity by automating the entire supply chain process. This, in turn, translates to good revenues by increasing customer satisfaction and goodwill. 

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