18 Ways to Generate Traffic and Get More Leads for Fashion Ecommerce Brands

18 Ways to Generate Traffic and Get More Leads for Fashion Ecommerce Brands

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The rise in the popularity of diverse fashion products has reached insurmountable heights due to the introduction of ecommerce platforms. As time is progressing, people, or rather we the consumers are relying more on online purchases.

Thus, luxury brands are now shifting their focus and listing their products on ecommerce platforms to boost long-term sales. However, due to an explosion of the online purchase trend, the competition in the digital market has also increased significantly. Effective strategies must be implemented to generate leads for ecommerce.

The role of Lead Generation for Fashion Ecommerce Brands

Lead generation is the process that serves the purpose of capturing the interest of the audiences in a product or service and then finally turning or generating it into sales. To generate leads for ecommerce, fashion brands analyze various matrices that help them zero in on prospective buyers.

In other words, lead generation is nothing but the identification and conversion of a potential customer into a long-term loyal client.

Lead generation involves creating a strong bond with customers who, in turn, are convinced and willing to invest in your fashion brand. However, leads are like the marine life in the ocean- scattered and disintegrated. Therefore, a fashion brand must incorporate relevant strategies that help to generate traffic and secure leads to drive the business further. Some of these have been identified below:

1. Lead magnet: Let's face it, people are acquisitive! Without getting anything in return, consumers will not share their credentials unless there's a good reason for it. Lead magnet gives a special offer to the potential buyers, in exchange for information, which can be in the form of email addresses or phone numbers.

2. Blogs: The most popular and effective way in which leads can be generated is through blogs. Affordable to all, under the fingertip of one click, redirects the readers to an informative blog. This ensures steady traffic for the brand. As per a recent study, it is estimated that quality blogs help generate 13 times more positive results by attracting more online traffic.

3. Directories: Online directories are useful for selling a product or offering services for B2B companies. It helps in targeting business leads depending on different search criteria and building up sales lists, email lists, etc.

4. Webinar: Webinars are a great way to promote a fashion product online. However, before conducting such webinars, the fashion brand must identify its target demographic, as people might enroll their names but might not attend the session. Thus, concrete data enlisting potential customers who have invested in similar products must be formulated.


5. Giveaway contest: A giveaway is an excellent way to engage people. The prize of the contest might not necessarily be 'fancy', which is predictable enough, but who doesn't like to showcase themselves as a winner? With this marketing strategy, fashion brands lure potential customers to try out their products.

6. App Game: To be competitive in the digital market, a fashion brand must develop an independent mobile application. Creating an engaging game can be a great strategy to attract the attention of the customers. Through this marketing technique, a fashion brand will be able to advertise and spread awareness about its products and services.

7. Involvement of Influencers: Globally influencers are earning just by promoting a brand with a tagline. This acts as proof of credibility for the consumers, thereby attracting new leads.

8. Quizzes and forums: To gain more audience, feedback through quizzes can be added on different platforms. This strategy will help you bridge the communication gap with your customers.

9. Be a helpful friend: Commenting on other blogs and pages helps in generating leads for your brand.

10. High-quality content: Inserting graphs, statistics, pictures, Q&A helps people surf the ecommerce brand with ease, generating huge traffic on that particular website.

11. Lead segmentation: When leads are segmented based on age, gender, activities, habits, income of a consumer, generating leads becomes easier as people are attracted to their desired preferences.

12. Referrals: To gain new customers why not use the old ones giving them a referral code to earn a reward? People start believing in the product only when they get referred by another active consumer.


13. Hiring a specialist: To generate good leads via telephone or emails, a specialist is needed who can identify potential prospects just by some research.

14. Whitepapers: It can be considered a consumer-friendly guide, where the reader's problems are solved, questions are answered, and also helps in finalizing decisions.

15. SEO: Search Engine Optimization drives traffic by making the brand’s website appear on the first page of a search engine, such as Google, by tactically utilizing relevant keywords.

16. Social media: A major driving force that generates traffic can be through the use of social media which redirects the audience to the brand’s website.

17. Live chat: Through live chat, consumers can get immediate solutions for their queries. The brand can easily get access to the customers' credentials.

18. Personalizing: People want to see newer things, thus personalization is needed for the brand's webpage. This generates more traffic as no one wants to see the same things over and over again.

To conclude, we can see that generating leads has helped the fashion industry grow to a larger scale. Be sure to incorporate some of the strategies identified above to take your fashion business to the stratosphere of success.


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