7 Most Reliable News Sources for Fashion Lovers

7 Most Reliable News Sources for Fashion Lovers

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Fashion is not merely about wearing the latest outfit, but also about helping your customers discover their personal style statement and niche. Fashinza introduces you to the 7 most reliable sources for fashion lovers & fashion designers!

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Know what’s in vogue with VOGUE! Looking for what to buy, and what’s new, and how to wear it? Follow Vogue, one of the most reliable sources for fashion designers. Learn how to recreate your favorite celebrity looks, peek into celebrity wardrobes, search for designers, jewelers, planners, photographers, and professionals in India, all by location with VOGUE! 


Is your business suffering from quarantine blues? Elle has the latest fashion trends to keep you up-to-date on what people are looking for to transform their wardrobe. Stay up-to-date with runway fashion and discover the latest designer collection. Choose from the scholarly writer to the climate activist to the bride; they have every type of customer covered. 

3. Business of Fashion: BoF

“When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” We all have heard this adage. We take it a little further and say, “When in Rome, why not wear what the Romans wear?” The next time you find yourself relocating and packing your bags to another country, you do not have to worry about not blending in with the locals in the country. Discover the latest fashion trends in each country with Business of Fashion. Know what is going on in the world of fashion in each country.

And, you think fashion is not just fashion and what you wear, but knowing what’s going on in the whole niche? We, at Fashinza, have heard you! BoF explores fashion news through various topics. Discover sustainable fashion with BoF. If luxury is your keyword, go gaga over the latest trends with BoF. Business of Fashion is indeed one of the7  most reliable news sources for fashion lovers.

Discover what is happening inside the industry if you are a professional in the fashion industry. Discover how technology is disrupting fashion and find your niche of opportunity to build and grow. Are you interested in investing in fashion markets? Then, know what’s going in the retail markets to find your opportunity to invest!


“We inspire happiness, strength, and confidence to be your best self” is the POPSUGAR motto. From keeping up with the latest fashion to fitness, bask in being the fashionable family, with news & fashion hacks for your kids, spouse & your entire family. Gift yourself or near & dear with fashionable & cozy outfits during pregnancy. What is the trending color on the cards to dye your hair? Check their beauty page. Travel light, travel right! Explore the fashionable travel trends with POPSUGAR. 

5. Stylecraze

Stylecraze provides “answers to women in all spheres to celebrate their unique needs and individuality.” Their goal is “to empower women from all walks of life and various intersections of identity to lead healthier and happier lives.”

Stylecraze explores the latest Fashion news and focuses on Health & Wellness, Skin Care, Hair Care, Makeup, Hairstyles, Fashion, Relationships, and more. “Whether it is advice from a trusted expert or a DIY tutorial,” Stylecraze has it all covered and features in one of the best and 7 most reliable news sources for fashion lovers.

6. Women’s Wear Daily (WWD)

Women’s Wear Daily is one of the 7 most reliable news sources for fashion lovers. It has the best in women’s fashion, and, and don’t be taken aback by the name, WWD has it all in Men’s fashion too. Explore the latest in Men’s fashionMen’s accessories, Designer luxury, men’s sportswear. You can learn more about sustainable fashion with WWD. Learn more about business inside the industry, and if you are a fashion professional, learn from the titans of the industry & innovate and renovate your style.

7. Femina

Well, if you are a desi looking for desi fashion, Femina is the place to be inspired for your latest look. You can now learn how to drape a saree from the fashion influencers. Check out renowned couturier Sabyasachi’s collaborations, check out your favorite celebrity’s style statement & look at what’s inside their wardrobe collection. Keep yourself updated with the latest fashion news. It is one of the 7 most reliable news sources for fashion lovers. From pooja wear to home pajamas to parties to offices, Femina updates all the trends for you. Got a query, but you are unable to get hold of the designer, ask the expert with Femina, learn from them and become your own favorite designer.So, now that you are following the latest fashion news are you looking for how to launch your own business in the fashion industry? Explore new styles from the suppliers with Fashinza. Looking for clothing manufactures? We got ya! So, what are you waiting for? Check out Fashinza to bring out the fashionable entrepreneur in YOU!


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