Denim's the way forward and backward

Denim's the way forward and backward

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Summary: Denim is a universal fabric with a deep-rooted history, associated with both fashion and political expression. A fabric for the masses, denim transcends the borders of the world to lend a taste of inspiration, freedom and candor to anyone, anywhere. An epitome of casual and chic, 80s denim fashion has grabbed the limelight to get better with time.

The rugged and the blue is a timeless combination that finds expression through our beloved fabric denim.

Denim, more than material, is a way of life. A favorite across generations, it has been everyone's common wardrobe choice over the years. Be it jeans, denim jackets, shirts, skirts, shorts, overalls or dungarees—denim is the fabric of choice.

An icon of rebellion, candor, and sass, denim has been the style statement of the century if we can go on to make that bold an assumption. The versatile fabric dates back to the 19th century and has a history richer than most other clothing materials.

Initially used for making work wear (because of its resilient non-abrasive nature), denim made a strong transition to being a designer and donner's favorite in the 80s.

80s denim fashion thus remains priceless through its inspiration, even in the 21st century. Let's take a look at a few such styles that survived the test of time.

It's all in the jeans


A pair of jeans remains to be one of the most favorite picks of literally anyone till date, but some styles are set in stone. Some riding high on the waist, some rolled at the bottom, some flared, some bell-bottomed - denim jeans have been a staple for people willing to indulge in the oh-so-casual or casually-on-fleek.

The variety of jeans that graced the scene in the 80s has made a succinct comeback. The high-waist baggy jeans, coupled with crops (sweaters, tops and shirts), minimal jewelry and shades can complete a plethora of looks depending on how it's paired. Loose blouses with flared jeans are the latest fad to pronounce the bling within.

The same goes for the men, coupling it with statement loose t-shirts and easy-breezy shirts - be it monotone or a canvas for the arts, jeans are just to die for.

The most common item in anyone's closet nowadays, jeans have taken a detour for the comfortable and the better to evolve with changing times. In that evolutionary journey, a trip down memory lane has served designers well.

The acid-washed jeans, the scrunched-near-the-waist jeans, the pastel glory jeans and the ones adorned by a string near the waist—all have made a huge comeback to compliment the subdued tonality of clothing that people go for, along with a dash of "oomph" that the casual demands nowadays.

Ultimately, you can't go wrong with jeans, you can only get better. Wink wink.

Denim jackets are the jazz

Denim jackets

Be it famous movie stars or anyone on the street, the denim jacket ups the style quotient of all parties concerned. A symbolic knock to the 'suit' way of life, the denim jacket has been a symbol of unifying people from all around the world from all walks of life.

According to Levi Strauss & Co, the denim jacket has been a favorite among nonconformists and its informal yet edgy heritage holds a favorable appeal in people's hearts. The way it caters to everyone, everywhere, whenever, while fitting a plethora of aesthetics across the globe, denim has truly gained universality in expression and endorsement.

A closet preference of the working class to rock stars and celebrities alike, the denim jacket has become a symbol that represents independence, change and freedom.

Once considered as only industrial workwear for its utilitarian and functional design, the denim jacket, popularly known as Trucker, has transcended its roots to become a contemporary fashion mainstay that finds glimpses on the red carpet as well as the streets.

The versatility of denim jackets comes to the fore when it fits just about any color palette of fashion. Be its own color, or when coupled with other colors, denim jackets remain to be an eye-grabbing style statement in the 21st century.

All the way or a little bit - the answer's still denim


Shorts, skirts, dungarees, overalls and jumpsuits in denim are still quite in fashion. Harboring the sentiments of 80s denim fashion, these outfits can casually be coupled with just about anything. The knit tops, sweaters, sweatshirts and baggy t-shirts have sort of given way to shirts, tops, tubes and tanks while keeping the essence of 80s denim fashion alive, if only in parts.

Dungarees, overalls, and jumpsuits still find favor among the quirky, be it men or women. The strategic rips to add to the denim potpourri, allows the fabric to breathe on a person's body while adding to the style quotient.

Denim all the way

The fact that denim may, can and will be repurposed beyond its original lineage goes to show the power 80s denim fashion holds. Denim may date back to the 19th century but the mass appeal of the fabric is only increasing with time.

Key Takeaways:

  • Denim was initially used for making industrial workwear, for its durability and non-abrasive nature.
  • Denim has historically been a symbol of freedom and expression while adding a symbolic knock to the 'suit' way of life.
  • Denim is a fabric for the masses of the world, made famous through endorsements by celebrities of the highest stature

Take the time to learn about the rich history of denim with Fashinza to better incorporate it into today's products.

Think denim, think Fashinza!


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