Fashion's Lack of Diversity Can Have Real Costs

Fashion's Lack of Diversity Can Have Real Costs

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Instagram handles like Diet Prada (1.3 million followers) serve as cultural policing by calling out malpractices in the fashion industry. Diversity and inclusion in the workplace are hardly ever talked about in the fashion industry. And how lack of diversity costs the missing mark is amazing and must be discussed in detail.

Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace in the Fashion industry

Beyonce was all set to collaborate with Adidas, but things didn't quite go as planned. Moreover, the entertainer would partner with Reebok until she met the potential team and realized that nobody in the team really reflected her background, skin color, where she is from, or what she wants to do.

This lack of inclusion and diversity in Adidas and Reebok teams pulled her from what could have been a very profitable collaboration. 

Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace Among Brands

Gucci and Prada have resumed diversity and inclusion in the workplace council, whereas Ralph Lauren has been participating in such practices at the entry-level since 2003. The cultural awareness training starts with the C-suite executive section and is provided for employees at all levels working at the company. 

Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace Among Brands

It has also been noticed that Ralph Lauren has been making significant growth in the concept of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. However, according to reports in 2014, Ralph Lauren was accused of cultural appropriation by Native Americans. The initiative presumably failed in the Ralph Lauren company, and executives believe that diversity is a work in progress. The controversies have ensured that the company is always at its toes. It led them to appoint 2 more women to their board when they recognized the disparity.

Post a controversy revolving over an apparent ‘slavery’ photo; Vogue Brazil has set up a council of scholars and activists to make the team learn and understand slavery, its history, and the pain it has left behind. This came after Vogue Brazil’s Fashion Director, Donata Meirelles, had to resign amid the controversy.

The reaction of the Council of Fashion Designers of America on the concept of Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace.

The reaction of the Council of Fashion Designers of America on the concept of Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace.

The Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) collaborated with PVH Corp to study Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace after pointing out that the Vogue Fashion Fund jury lacked a black judge. In January, a report called “Insider/Outsider” described how groups, or cliques, work in organizations.

Industry people often form an inside group and have an unconscious bias against outsiders. Outsiders are aware of this phenomenon and work to fit in the norms. As a result, it is tough for someone to start in the fashion department. Almost 90% of people have surveyed that the fashion industry does not represent a range of different bodies and identities. The survey also says 68% had experienced or witnessed discrimination on the basis of appearance or beliefs, with the largest group of saying about body image at 73.4%, followed by ethnicity, age, disability, gender, and religious expression.

Cliques in the industry

Cliques are especially prevalent in the fashion sector, making diversification challenging. It is based on the idea of informal teams of friends working together to develop into careers. Many of us intuitively understand the importance of diversity. As responsible citizens and leaders, we are responsible for fostering a varied and inclusive community. People familiar with the firms say well-intentioned design and corporate teams meant the products to be quirky in each of the recent high-profile blunders. What's surprising is that no one on their teams noticed — or, at the very least, raised an objection — until the things were delivered. A room full of people who have similar world experiences will fail to notice much.


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