Has Paris Fashion Week 2021 Been Cancelled?

Has Paris Fashion Week 2021 Been Cancelled?

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One of the most awaited bi-annual fashion events is on! The fashion designers and manufacturers are eagerly looking forward to Paris Fashion Week 2021 but post the pandemic. The event adopted a Phygital mode. Still, as many as 92 global fashion brands are marked on the calendar, out of which 71 will participate in the physical event that is categorically divided into 37 runway shows and 32 presentations with a composition of videos, still life, and models with a by-invitation-only structure. Although there is a list of absentees that we are sure would be missed by the industry experts during the Fashion Week Paris 2021. Some of the renowned names are Saint Laurent, Off-White, Junya Watanabe, Sacai, Celine, among others

The nine-day-long international fashion event will commence from Monday, 27th September 2021 and continue until Tuesday, 5th October 2021. Like the last season, viewers will access the online coverage, keeping up with the new normal trend. The coverage will be videocasted on the official platform of ‘Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode’.

Paris Fashion Week 2021

Brands returning to Paris Fashion Week 2021


During the Paris Fashion Week 2020 autumn and winter collection event, this eminent brand purposely flooded the runway to lure attention to the degrading environmental conditions. It highlighted the nodus of rising sea levels. Owing to this, all the fashion industry personnel are keen on its re-presence after being missing during the Fashion Week Paris 2021 fall and summer event.

Rick Owens

The California-based brand has always surprised the industry with its biblically inspired work of art and has never failed to raise humankind’s concerns through fashion. In 2020, Rick Owens utilised warm yet tangy colours with a variation of overcoats’ designs. This label wins the credit of bringing back the trend of exaggerated shoulder pads and asymmetrical silhouettes that are prominent in bridal wear and otherwise, too.


This couture is no less than a synonym of striking and bold colours that redefine their utilisation year after year. The runway of Paris Fashion Week 2021 is anticipating its clothing line with utmost curiosity. This Italian brand opted out of the show due to the rising coronavirus cases in the native country last year.

Brands making their debut in Paris Fashion Week 2021

Paris Fashion Week 2021


Rocha’s new 24-year-old design director Charles de Vilmorin made his debut in the industry with his quilted jackets inspired by the Nana sculptures. He is all set with his autumn and winter collection for this year at Fashion Week Paris 2021.

Ann Demeulemeester

This is the first appearance of the brand in the Fashion Week Paris 2021 post its acquisition by Italian fashion entrepreneur Claudia Antonioli in 2020.


The brand has availed the slot on Tuesday, 28th September, to mark its debut with women’s ready-to-wear collection.

Shang Xia

Hermes’s internationally established brand is renowned for its structural and fluid collection that supports this new Chinese brand. Shang Xia is participating in burning the bridge between the traditional and modern ready-to-wear women wear.

Top brands to associate again with Paris Fashion Week 2021


The brand envisions erasing the line between the fashion for normal size versus plus size. Ingrown within the streets of the Philippines, the design director has been owning a boutique for a long but has recently scaled up to expand her venture overseas.


This quintessential luxury French fashion brand is all about the elegant and rich-looking silhouettes. The idea is to walk on the transverse of traditional French couture and pass it on to the next generation. Its new artistic director Nicolas Di Felice described the last year’s collection as “a homage to the Courrèges atelier and archives, but a bit more Belgium. Like I’ve been taken from a club in Brussels to the 6th arrondissement in Paris.”


Founded by Pierre Balmain in 1945, this French luxury fashion house has been ruling the industry with aesthetics of the Asian culture. It thus holds a strong grip over this continental territory. The brand has been in constant association with the fashion shows, and Fashion Week Paris 2021 awaits its presence on 29th September 2021.

Christian Wijnants

Its summer and fall collection became a much-acclaimed talk of the town when its director utilised Antwerp’s vacant and under-construction museum to showcase the collection due to the travel restrictions to Paris because of the virus. The day was all about down handbags and covering layers by Christian Wijnants.

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