H&M’s new collection with Sabyasachi Brings Wanderlust to your Wardrobe

H&M’s new collection with Sabyasachi Brings Wanderlust to your Wardrobe

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H&M's most-awaited collaboration with Sabyasachi has finally arrived! It's been a year since the fashion world has been waiting for the H&M new collection. This Wanderlust collection is loaded with rich and precious textiles in classic Indian silhouettes. The collection comprises clothes for both women and men. Highlights involve printed dresses, fun accessories, and more. This collection mainly focuses on being affordable and classic.

H&M new collection with Sabyasachi

This is indeed a proud moment for Indians! Our beloved Indian designer Sabyasachi, known for his fantastic wedding outfits, is collaborating with Swedish brand H&M. The H&M new collection was launched on August 12 in selected stores across India and a few international stores. The collection includes crafts and prints, which H&M wanted to turn the spotlight on. 

The Wanderlust Collection 

The new collaboration is titled the 'Wanderlust' collection. The H&M new collection combines Indian handicrafts and modern style. Since Sabyasachi loves pretty colors and floral patterns, they all feature in this exciting new collection. Overall, the H&M new collection has a dreamy vibe. A combination of earthy and colorful tones in light fabrics makes the clothes truly stand out.

What design elements can one see in the H&M new Collection? 

H&M Sabyasachi Collaboration

In the Wanderlust Collection, design elements like vintage block prints are digitally captured on fabrics. It also consists of motifs such as tigers, peacocks, the Taj Mahal, and coconut trees. In addition, it involves some stunning Sanganeri block prints. Sabyasachi also said that he was inspired by Coromandel chintz and trade textiles.

Get Inspired by the Wanderlust Collection

Sabyasachi’s new amazing Wanderlust collection has unique and creative design elements for fashion designers to draw inspiration from. Motifs such as animals, trees and birds have been making an appearance in a few collections these days, but Sabyasachi’s incredible attention to detail and insightful local inspiration make the H&M new collection truly stand out. It is adventurous, and features something new for fashion designers to use in their collections. There is a definite trend towards more floral and tropical prints, and Sabyasachi’s unique touch is bound to give this trend a renewed impetus.

What Does Sabyashachi Have to Say about His Collab with H&M? 

Sabyasachi Mukherjee has designed clothes for various celebrities such as Anushka Sharma, Deepika Padukone and Sridevi. He has shared his views on this collab on his Instagram page. After revealing a sneak peek of the collection, Sabyasachi released a video sharing his thoughts. 

He said, "We wanted to bring a significant part of Indian heritage and marry it with urban clothing." Well, that is what this collaboration is! A space where Indian floral finds its place in the urban-chic style!"

What does this most-awaited collaboration mean for  the fashion industry? 

For every fashion designer, the H&M new collection is excellent news. The industry’s best-loved fashion designer is partnering with a very dear western wear brand to create clothes at reasonable rates. It's like a dream come true. The collection is completely new and is a perfect combination of elegance and comfort. 

This collaboration is certain to increase interest in Indian or ethnic clothes among global audiences. The local market is also likely to want budget clothing that marries an ethnic vibe with more contemporary, western fashion. Since the collection consists of clothes and accessories for both men and women, the target market is quite huge. Drawing inspiration from the Wanderlust collection is bound to generate a tremendous volume of sales.


The Wanderlust collection draws from the idea that travel is the greatest luxury one can afford today! Sabyasachi’s collaboration for the new H&M collection could not have come at a better time. When the fashion industry is trying to get back to normal, the Wanderlust collection inspires travel, even if it seems difficult. Moreover, the collection comprises resort clothing and colors that inspire adventure. 

As Sabyasachi said, "I was very clear that I would do a travel-inspired collection, which meant that it could be something that I pack for my own travel. This collection has day wear, evening wear, a lot of resort clothing, evening wear, and many colors and silhouettes which easily blend and look perfect with each other and help you to obtain an endless wardrobe."

Thinking of manufacturing and selling this H&M new collection? Well, Fashinza is here for you! We can help manufacture this fantastic collection from beginning to end. Manufacturing a Wanderlust collection will make your fashion brand popular. So, get in touch if you think we can turn your wardrobe ideas into reality.


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