Is Print on Demand Going to Dominate the Market in the Coming Decade?

Is Print on Demand Going to Dominate the Market in the Coming Decade?

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Custom T-Shirts have captured a sizable market, which is expected to reach 10 billion USD by 2025. Now, why is that? The answer is simple. Print on Demand services have become popular among consumers because it creates a scope for self expression. T-Shirts can be a wonderful canvas for an infinite number of designs. The market for custom t-shirts is expanding because it has a loyal customer base who love to have their thoughts printed on their clothes.

Here are 5 reasons why Print on Demand T-Shirts are trending :

print on demand T-Shirts

1. Freedom to express/ The funk quotient

From favorite quotes to funny one-liners - Print on Demand makes it possible to have your thoughts displayed on your clothes. Your clothes quite literally tell people who you are or what you like, and understandably this artistic liberty appeals to a segment of buyers, especially the younger demographic. Not only quotes but it’s also possible to have names and pictures printed on t-shirts. Now who wouldn’t want to own clothes with their names on it?

2. Obsession with web series

From Disney to Warner Bros, everyone has their customized merchandise and some fans would happily give an arm to own these products. Over the last decade or so, the trend has gone viral and all popular web/ tv series now have their own lines of merchandise. Print on Demand allows to take this trend a step ahead, where fans can have their exact preferences printed on the t-shirts. Friends, Big Bang Theory, Game Of Thrones and Stranger Things merch serve as some common examples.

3. Branding

Customizing t-shirts with brand logos is a time-tested marketing move. Nike, Adidas, Puma have all proved what a logo can do for your brand. A well-designed custom t-shirt is not only an easy and cost-effective way of branding but it also creates opportunities for off-the-clock marketing. This is to say, everytime someone wears a t-shirt with your brand’s logo on it, they’re promoting the brand on your behalf!

4. Boosting Team Spirit

Apart from brands, companies and institutions often rely on custom printed clothes to generate a sense of belonging among their employees, students, or volunteers. T-shirts are a go-to choice in most of these cases. 

print on demand T-Shirts

If you are planning to start a Print on Demand business for selling t-Shirts, you need to get into the customer’s mind to understand what they want. Printing and designing methods may vary from fabric to fabric, and your supplier must be able to cater to diverse requirements. You can also hire a graphic designer to help you out with the creative work!


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