Plus-sized corsets to dissolve body shape barriers

Plus-sized corsets to dissolve body shape barriers

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Summary: Plus-sized corsets are in vogue right now due to the inclusivity and confidence that women experience when they don them. A more audacious version of the corsets produced in the Elizabethan era, they are no longer looked upon as restrictive or submissive pieces of clothing. The narrative, now, has taken a turn for the vivacious.

Apparel for women has always been a diverse option pool. The possibilities are endless and so are the looks served.

Corsets are the latest piece of retro clothing that's making headlines across the fashion town. Abiding by the nuances of an hourglass shape, corsets make for a woman's best friend, who may desire to flaunt a curvaceous figure.

Made of leather, cotton, velvet, lace, or brocade, corsets have various shapes supported by the kind of boning they are fitted with. Today, corsets are a great layering option to bolden the look and amp up the chic, and what's more - they are trending.

Plus-sized corsets are highly preferred by designers because they flatter all body types. Found in a variety of colors, styles, and fabrics, there is sure to be one that is perfect for every body type.

So, without further ado, let us understand the reasons behind the popularity of plus-sized corsets.

Body accentuation

Most 21st-century women are slowly learning how to embrace their curves. The overbust, underbust, waist trainers, and hourglass options in plus-sized corsets appeal to women. A touch of lace or mesh settles the score nicely.

While highlighting women's natural femininity, corsets also help maintain blood circulation and body posture. There are a variety of plus-sized corsets that are available to women out there.



Plus-sized corsets are the literal chart-toppers in the layering option department. With the options available to pair corsets with almost anything, the possibilities for styling them are endless. Corsets can be paired with shirts, dresses, jeans, jackets, blazers, tailored pants, skirts, shorts, tops, and more.

Shirts can be paired with 'hourglass', pipe stem', underbust', ribbon' corsets or probably a corset belt. While jeans are friendly options for overbust', midbust', and 'waspie' corsets, skirts look the best with 'wasp', 'front/back laced', 'pipe stem,' and 'hourglass' corsets.

Jackets and blazers accentuate the shape on the inside and add a healthy dose of gravitas and confidence to the tonality of expression.

It's all in the fabric and measure

The versatility of plus-sized corsets can also be defined by the fabric of choice. This apparel layer comes in leather, silk, brocade lace, denim, cotton, velvet, and more. This allows plus-size women to avail any material of their choice in any shape.

The best part, most corset brands/aggregators allow customizations so that no curves feel left out. Many steps ahead of the past, corsets have evolved to be more breathable and fashionable in terms of the method of stitching and the materials used.

Plus-sized corsets are now standalone pieces in their own right - more vibrant and stylish than ever before. The transition from underwear to statement wear did not happen overnight and it definitely owes itself to its popularity among women, no matter what shape. This should go on to explain its new-found popularity among plus-sized women.

Fashion evolution

Fashion evolution

Corsets have clearly undergone a sea change over time, from constricting women to liberating them through a sense of empowerment and confidence. The fact that corsets are now for everyone to flaunt a certain shape, which women may personally find appealing, is quite refreshing.

Plus-sized corsets stand testament to the fact that women can now boldly flaunt their curves that were once deemed taboo. The transition of the corset from an undergarment to a clothing of choice stands as a testament to how fashion has molded itself around the empowerment of women.

Bygone are the days when size mattered while choosing your style. Plus-sized corsets go on to prove the power of shattering the image of a certain shape being appealing.

So the trend that started in the late 1500s has once again resurfaced in the 21st century in a softer, more casual manner. It's now more about accentuating than restricting.

Craving Corsets

The old-world charm of regality, coupled with the new-age zing of fashion statements, nurtures the popularity of corsets. As more and more plus-sized women find it within themselves to explore their boundaries, corsets are making a big-time comeback, taking their confidence up a notch.

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Key Takeaways

i) Plus-sized corsets worn over shirts make for the latest trend in fashion town.

ii) Individual statement plus-sized corsets worn with a pair of jeans holds the potential to turn heads at a party.

iii) Corsets date back to the 1500s, but their vitality is evolved and growing strong in the 21st century


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