The Big Issues Facing Fashion In 2022

The Big Issues Facing Fashion In 2022

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The fashion industry is one of the biggest industries, which gave rise to thousands of businesses. Some of these businesses have been around for several years, while some came into existence just yesterday. The best part about the fashion sector is that the level of success does not depend on the time you have been in the industry.

Multiple companies have gained popularity and massive fan bases in no time after their opening. At the same time, other companies have worked on getting a brand name and credibility over the years. The aims and goals of the company are what matter here. And that itself determines the kind of company it ends up being. Some may aim to create trends every fashion season, whereas others would boost the fast fashion industry. 

The differences between businesses and companies in the industry do not affect its overall development. What does affect it is the problems that arise on common ground. Something that affects the fashion industry as a whole and not just any single or handful of businesses. Battling these problems has been a constant for a long time, but the difference stifles our growth like new problems. If the industry stands united and acknowledges all the problems ahead in the year 2022, they can work together and overcome all these issues in a great way.

What Are The Most Significant Issues That The Fashion Industry Is Predicted To Face In 2022?

Every year the situation and condition of the fashion industry seem to change. The industry is as complicated as it can get. Millions of jobs and positions depend on the way these problems are solved. This dramatically impacts the approach the industry takes towards these issues. Right from production to distribution, there is a massive range of issues that take place. While we cannot mention every single one of them, here are some of the biggest of them:

Fast Fashion

fast fashion problems

Trends have always been a significant part of this industry, but it has risen to a whole new level (through a reach of almost 3 billion people) this year. With fashion influencers and professional models taking the reins of the fashion statements, various new styles are seen almost every day. New patterns, trendy tones, vibrance management, and new approaches to minimalism, every aspect of fashion is taught on social media platforms like TikTok or Instagram Reels. 

Moreover, hacks and descriptionS available have encouraged more shopping and experimenting than ever. This has boosted the fast fashion sector in a very rapid manner. The links and descriptions found in such posts lead right to the buying page of the product. But this is causing more harm than benefit. 

Fast fashion refers to the situation where the clothes or accessories bought are barely used the way they are supposed to be. The mass buying of clothing articles is of no use if they are utilized only once. The gap or mismatch between the distribution and actual time frame of usage is a big deal when it is seen as a whole. And this issue will just grow more and more in the upcoming year. This cannot be brushed off as a normal phase that occurs from time to time. 

Workplace Conditions

The production houses worldwide that prominent fashion brands host may sound and look fancy, but the manufacturing scenario of the industry is quite the opposite. The working conditions of the laborers that work in those companies have seen better days. Lack of proper equipment and shortage of employees are some of the most prevalent problems. 

Along with that, the cheap quality of the raw materials provided is pretty problematic. It affects the efficiency of the working environment. It also hurts the brand reputation when the final products are delivered to the customers and consumers. Moreover, the feedback will indirectly put more pressure on the workers involved in the manufacturing process.


Another production problem that occurs with the issue mentioned above is how sustainable is the whole process. Sadly this problem is limited to production, but it is also spread across the packaging, selling, and consumption part of the process. The environment cannot be neglected anymore the way it has been in the past few years.

Capitalism and other money-making sources have their grip on the industry right now. All the problems mentioned in the list are eventually interconnected at some point or the other. So this issue has been at the bay for quite some time now. The solving process will be complex, but steps must be taken eventually because the intensity of this issue will only increase in 2022.

Refusal To Opt For Upcycling

Refusal To Opt For Upcycling

The production and the retail sector of the industry can't take accountability for all the issues caused. There is a lot of responsibility for using the said products that the customer base can only fulfill. Upcycling is a very upcoming concept in the fashion industry, but the concept's issue is the lack of excitement.

Upcycling refers to using clothes that are out of fashion or trend by modifying them to fit in with the latest trends. This modifying takes place in many ways, like removing sleeves, changing a specific neckline type, or transforming a single dress into a two-piece set. This is a very effective method that can quickly even out the effects of fast fashion taking over the industry.

The only issue related to upcycling is the lack of awareness around the practice. Reputable and famous brands can help this cause a lot, even if they host small campaigns. However, spreading this practice also lies with the customers.


One of the production industry's long-term problems is the unfair wages handed out to the laborers. The minimum wage in the original workplaces is often relatively less compared to wages around the world. This issue has been brought to light for a long time, yet no actual progress has been noticed. 

This issue will just escalate in the upcoming year, and it may even lead to a strike among the employees in the industry. The only way this can be avoided in 2022 is to distribute salaries among the laborers better. The unfair packages of the original workers that work with raw materials and the sales managers and other staff that work in the actual brand showroom is a very dire problem that needs to be solved as soon as possible because it will affect the industry in the long run.

Cyber Security

As more and more brands try to adapt themselves to go a notch higher than their competitors, companies are also facing the wrath of digitalization. With increased technology also comes the risk of hacking, improper handling of data, and cyber attacks. Cybercrime has been increasing day by day. The only way to get this under control is by getting their privacy policy in check and investing more into digital security. Cybercrimes are unregulated and can be performed from anywhere and everywhere. Hence, brands must buck up and prioritize this above everything else.

Environmental Damage

The Fashion industry looks all dreamy from the outside. However, it has done more harm than good to nature. There is plenty of textile waste that is excreted regularly, and one way to combat this would be by adopting the method of circular textiles. This method could potentially decrease textile waste and also streamline the manufacturing of raw materials. However, if the companies really want to adopt this, we need to incorporate this system in the design phase when the product development happens. In 2022, fashion brands must dive deeper into saving nature and its resources rather than polluting it more. 


These problems are the most threatening aspects of the fashion industry and will be pretty prominent in the year 2022. The only way to tackle these issues is for everyone involved in the manufacturing to the supplying process. Another way of improving the approach of this industry is the way fashion purchase managers handle clothes sourcing. Simplified supply chains and check on cybercrimes is an absolute must, too, if a company wants to survive in the fashion industry for a long time.

Responsible manufacturing companies like Fashinza are the right path to take when it comes to clothes sourcing. Smooth communication about the shipments and deliveries is a must when a deal goes through, and this manufacturing company fulfills it. The quality of the clothes and the keen eye for detail are other features of this company. Fashinza also aims to streamline all the processes to ensure that the environment sees no harm and other unethical practices are stopped. 

Hopefully, timely and active accountability will take us to better fashion industry in 2022, a place we can all be proud to be a part of!


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