Vintage vs Second-hand vs Rental Fashion: Know the Differences

Vintage vs Second-hand vs Rental Fashion: Know the Differences

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The sense of fashion evolves with time and with the preferences set by the fashion industry at that particular time. Social media keeps on popularising different ethics from things considered as fashion from time to time. As a fashion designer or manufacturer, you always want to keep up with trends, constantly evolving with time.

Different ages run differently, so does their fashion taste in scattered aspects. Explained below are the distinct categories falling under fashion statements in separate periods.

Vintage Fashion

Vintage Fashion

Vintage fashion is simply the sense of self-representation from the previous era. The trend of 'vintage' fashion exploded in the 1960s. It is a term used in fashion to describe old clothing from 20 to 100 years ago. For instance, silk printed scarves; are drawing inspiration from the 70s. In today’s era, silk printed scarves are being used as women’s tops.

Clothing from the previous years may have been put aside, but they never left. Even in today's era, vintage clothing stands its ground. They reflect engrossing taste in fashion, and the wearer looks comfortable sporting vintage clothing.

Vintage clothing has always been bent according to the swaying and trending preferences of the person. In today's fashion, vintage clothing has a strong following amongst fashion influencers and the fashion industry. Designers have done an incredible job in mixing vintage with modern, birthing ‘modern vintage’.

Nowadays, vintage fashion shows up in different ideas adapted from scattered cultures, histories, and preferences. Fashion designers often mix them with new types of accessories, footwear, or even clothing too.

Vintage touch has always added authenticity to the look and bars up the grace of your outfit. Designers do need to show up with a perfect blend of before and today's fashion sense.

Second-Hand Fashion

The fashion trend from resale is the sense of vogue from second-hand shopping that also falls in one's budget. Following trends can be a problem on the budget and cause inconvenience, but not anymore. Second-hand fashion provides clothing, accessories, and footwear in good condition at a cheaper rate. Designers can copy the same look with pocket-friendly second-hand clothing. It would significantly impact the designer’s audiences, always looking to buy fashion trends at reasonable prices.

Manufacturing second-hand things is not a bad idea. Second-hand clothing and accessories are genuinely in quite a good condition and help in replicating any specific look. A designer needs to bring out all the best of the combos from the clothing available.

Recently, the sale of second-hand items has been blooming, increasing the sales too. [1]  Entering the second-hand market may prove to be a sustainable and profitable system as many customers are not into the idea of reusing. It reduces the wastefulness of the product and helps in the sustainability of the raw material. Opting for second-hand fashion styles is a positive step in the betterment of the environment

Opting for second-hand fashion styles is a positive step in the betterment of the environment. Resale is not only flowing in the fashion industry; other markets like electronics and furniture show huge sales in second-hand products.

Rental Fashion

Rental Fashion

Renting is the most convincing type of fashion practice globally as it helps with updated trends and is cheaper. It is an inexpensive and easy way of designing an outfit for a one-day function. On a day-to-day basis, some attires are not worn regularly and are one-time investments; thus, renting them is an economical solution.

Heavy outfits are not for everyday use, and buying them is a waste. Hence, renting them is an option. Renting an attire has lessened the bar of wastage of resource allocation while making an outfit. Earlier, people would invest in outfits for different occasions, parties, and functions as a one-time purchase, only to find themselves sticking them on shelves forever. It is absolute wastage of money as well as of the attire. Rather than buying an outfit, one can rent it for a lower price and the desired period. Designing an outfit is a task and letting it be used just once is an injustice to it. Renting it with other best available combos is an effective option for designers.

Renting increases the reusability and efficiency of the costumes and helps in complete utilisation. Several stores, shops, and sites provide rental outfits on an accessible basis. The rental price includes the cleaning and caring of the outfit, and you can fit it accordingly. It is a healthy way to design a costume, and you can get a second style for an additional fee. Rental fashion has been an ultimate solution for this era's rushing fashion. It has reduced a load of people, sellers, and designers, helping designers get new ideas for further projects.

Overall the definition of fashion has grown to these specific reasons. And it has left an impression on the upcoming generation.


Fashion evolves with time, and the way it has evolved now, we can say that it might have gotten up in rank. Fashion, in now sense, is wearing what makes one confident and comfortable and easy on effort. Designers these days provide a better sense of fashion in comfort. Overall the definition of fashion has grown to these specific reasons and has left an impression on the upcoming generation.

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