Was That Unrecognizable Face at Fendi Runway Really Demi Moore?

Was That Unrecognizable Face at Fendi Runway Really Demi Moore?

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Why Demi Moore Looked Dramatically Different At Fendi Runway

Demi Moore certainly sparked many rumors and had the gossip mongers going wild with her appearance at the Haute Couture Fashion Week. Several major fashion houses have been a part of the eye-grabbing fashion show. Some of these are Christian Dior, Chanel, Valentino, and several others. The 58 years old Demi Moore fashion show appearance was quite surprising for the spectators. The actress wore a black satin wide-leg trouser with an off-shoulder blouse that flared at the waist. The look was complemented with long earrings and a boxy clutch.

But what caught the eye of each spectator was the accentuated cheekbones and the jawline of the actress, along with a plump pout. Several experts and commoners also commented on the actress’s look and took to social media platforms. While Twitter was bombarded with the fans commenting and questioning Demi Moore fashion show look and suggesting that the actress might have undergone plastic surgery, the actress stayed silent on it for quite a long time. 

Fendi Demi Moore Fendi Fashion Show 2021

Mixed Reactions from Fans

Demi Moore walked the fashion show along with other celebrities such as Naomi, Kate Moss, Cara Delevingne, and Bella Hadid. The actress had fans asking all sorts of questions and posing comments on social media platforms. 

One fan expressed utter shock and disbelief at the actress’s look and commented, “What exactly happened to Demi Moore’s face?”

Someone else said, “That face just doesn’t look right but I can’t figure out if it’s all plastics or if the makeup artist was doing something odd.”

Another comment was on how unrecognizable the Striptease star looked. The comment went on to say ‘‘I wouldn’t have thought that was Demi Moore without the headline.”

“Demi Moore appears in Paris looking nothing like Demi Moore,” wrote another user on Twitter. Many fans also shared old pictures of the actress, comparing them to her latest outing at the fashion show.

Experts Opinion on Demi Moore Fashion Show Appearance

Dr. Corey L Hartman, founder of Skin Wellness Dermatology in Birmingham, Alabama, commented on the same and agreed with the notion that the actress might have undergone several procedures. He further said that though he had not treated the actress personally yet, the transformation couldn’t have been just with makeup. The certified dermatologist stated that perhaps the actress had a significant amount of fat removed from her buccal fat pads. 

Several other expert doctors also commented on the look, stating that the dramatically different appearance could be due to dermal fillers, making the cheeks appear too augmented. Going overboard with injectable fillers and sucking on your cheeks continuously can easily result in this look. Teenagers and young millennials often strive to flaunt high cheekbones and hollow cheeks nowadays as well.

Fendi Demi Moore Fendi Fashion Show 2021

Demi Moore Breaks Her Silence on the Fendi Runway

The Demi Moore fashion show look in the Fendi runway was discussed all around the globe while the actress chose to remain silent for long. Finally, the actress sat for a one-on-one chat with supermodel Naomi Watts and spoke all about the Spring 2021 Haute Couture Show describing the experience as magical and really special.

The actress expressed her utter delight in her experience of the catwalk and stated that it was more about the complete story rather than the clothes, which made it even more memorable. She further stated how it felt as if a far-fetched teenage fantasy was fulfilled when she walked on the runway show along with some of the most accomplished faces and top models. 

The special event saw all the stars walking on the ramp, followed by a special time for posing in different acrylic boxes. The actress also said that even without an audience, the show felt really majestic with the way it was planned. 

Naomi also talked with the actress on her famous Vanity Fair cover of 1991, where she appeared naked while seven months pregnant. Demi stated that the moment was one where she expressed herself freely without trying to be anyone else. She also explained that it felt like a huge moment of self-recognition which helped her step into realizing and owing to who she really was.  

Moore also talked all about her quarantine time during the pandemic and stated how she had been spending some quality time with her ex-husband Bruce Willis and daughters in Idaho. The former couple is the parents of three kids, Scout, Rumer, and Tallulah. The slowing down of things felt like a blessing in disguise to the actress.

When asked about being the highest-paid actress of Hollywood and completely transforming the industry’s viewpoint in regards to women’s pay, the actress said that she was perfectly okay with all the negativity and backlash that came her way if it brought a change for everyone. 

Though Demi didn’t completely address the plastic surgery rumors, she couldn't stop gushing all about the experience. 


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