Who owns Romwe?

Who owns Romwe?

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If you are looking for the latest styles and head-turning outfits from the world of fashion, Romwe Clothing is a one-word solution to your search. With a flood of new fashion each season, this brand rewrites the fashion statement of the entire world. From skirts, tops, bikinis and dresses to jumpsuits, dungarees, playsuits, jeans, pyjamas and any apparel style that could exist in the world, it is all available in the colourful carousels of Romwe's website. 

Dealing in fashion and lifestyle for over a decade at this point, Romwe, it is befitting to say, has established a sufficient grasp over the market and, to an extent, even steered the course of the industry. However, many users are often unaware of its rise, its probable relations to the industry, and who primarily designs the clothing that takes influencers and designers by storm.

The Romwe catalogue is a unique amalgam of colours and exquisite designs dedicated to adorning the modern woman. Its floral prints, shimmers, plaid patterns, and semi-formal wear have always dictated the element of style and spark. Targeting the customer base of women around 18-35, this brand has never disappointed in terms of design. 

A more significant boost to its already mammoth presence is its extensive range of accessories. These are designed specially to complement the brand's products and textured clothing. The two form an irresistible combination for the user and successfully catch the eye at any gala or nightclub. However, some questions still crop up. Questions such as, who owns Romwe Clothing, where is it manufactured, and how it gets distributed worldwide. These sometimes persist, despite the appreciation of the clothes. Read on for more information.

Who Owns Romwe Clothing?

Who Owns Romwe Clothing?

There is some mystery about the origins and ownership of Romwe Clothing. It is believed to have been established in 2010. One of its prominent investors is famous Chinese entrepreneur Yang Jianxin, the owner of Globalgrow E-commerce. You might be surprised to know that Globalgrow is also the parent company to several similar portals like Shien, Zaful, Rosegal and many more. 

Yang Jianxin has single-handedly posed serious competition to pioneering brands from the USA and Europe. His vision of making alluring fashion inexpensive and easily accessible has resulted in a wave of style and design never seen before. Jianxin has worked tirelessly with his team to take Romwe to a very respectable position. 

Romwe has been featured in many leading magazines, including the premier magazine for fashion influencers and the designers, Steal Her Style. Romwe has also been honoured with a place in the list of America's Best Trending Online Shops 2021 by Newsweek

Romwe's Instagram handle boasts of a staggering 204 million followers. The brand's fashion is actively sought after by teenagers and young people motivated by the thought of appealing, readily available clothes and accessories. It is a worthwhile achievement to be the mastermind behind this success story and that too in a market that would snuff out competition at the first sign of a flaw. 

What Makes Romwe So Successful?

While there are many deeply intriguing realms, none is so challenging and interesting as that of a business venture. The key to a successful business lies in the mentality of the owner. Clothing is an essential part of human survival. However, today, it is not restricted to survival alone but also style. Romwe Clothing understands this sentiment and has grown as a result of it. 

It analyzed the purchase patterns and preferences of buyers and fashion addicts and began to style and blend its fashion accordingly. Once that caught speed, the harpoons of marketing were plunged deep into the industry. Not just irresistible pricing but offers such as free shipping and free returns were also released to much appreciation. Romwe even introduced the AfterPay payment option to encourage people to shop more. 

Apart from all this, the most noteworthy point of boosting business was the insurmountable promotion of the brand. From social media, Google Search ads and every popular website carousel, Romwe Clothing would flash offers everywhere in bright and attractive designs. It made sure that everyone was aware of its presence, and before the industry could react, the brand was raking in sales and profit. The versatility in styles to fit each skin tone and body type makes it a hub of unbiased fashion. Romwe has chosen to prioritize humanity and not create fashion that only caters to size-zero figures, thus creating even more popularity for itself. 

Is Romwe worth It?

A question that does not need an answer; Romwe Clothing has produced the most exquisite and exotic designs to date. Its range of clothing and the manufacturing process is highly efficient and the affordable prices champion their presence. Because it is produced in China, where cheap labour abounds, a huge cost from the total MRP is eliminated. Besides, the brand does not compromise on quality and build and is often praised for it. 

Yang Jianxin makes sure that this brand caters to the elite fashion hubs of the world such as Milan, Paris, New York, Manhattan, London and Berlin and Mumbai where resides the population of fashion influencers. Romwe attracts them with deals and the promise of the latest designs and styles. Considering that the brand works on the psychology of cheap products, they make sure each of their products is aesthetically pleasing and in accordance with the present trend. Therefore, their buyers recommend the clothing and accessories to their followers, and this widens the market even more. Each buyer champions the cause of 'Be fun, Be Unique, Be Romwe!' indicating that the brand does not have room for flaws and that it is definitely worth it.

How does Romwe maintain an international supply market?

How does Romwe maintain an international supply market?

Although the products are manufactured in China, Romwe warehouses are present in major countries like Dubai, Belgium, China, New Jersey, India and USA. This ensures that customers receive timely service and delivery of their purchases. The efficient delivery system often reduces the time in transit and delivers the product earlier than expected. This leads to a positive impact on the buyer through which they value the brand. Thus, a community is created that thrives on brand loyalty. 

Each of these warehouses has sufficient stock of each style and always comes through on the promise of swift delivery. Besides, this international presence of Romwe poses the biggest threat to designer brands as the market is very compact. But it might be said that the former caters to the nouveau riche and the latter to old wealth. Nonetheless, there does not seem to be an obvious clash in these two markets as their USPs are different and they do not eat into each other's success. Romwe Clothing is an unparalleled force in the market presently, and it will remain so till an unforeseeable future. 

Availability on Amazon

Amazon is famous for its credible products. Its customer policy is aligned to the interests of the buyer and thus it always has a high degree of faith bestowed upon it. Making its goods available on Amazon was a perfect strategy by Romwe to shut down the chatter regarding the credibility of its offerings. The company was facing a lot of backlash revolving around unethical clothing and harmful textiles being used but not only did the venture disprove this but it also managed to list products on Amazon. The questions soon died down and Romwe Clothing continued to enjoy the monopoly in the fashion business, this time with the support of the largest e-commerce organization on earth.

Romwe Clothing has surpassed Shien Clothing long back, although both remain closely connected. Jianxin, with his team and employees, is an inspiration to fashion aspirants around the world. On-time deliveries offers and discounts draw customers to them. Even more surprising, even after so many years in fashion, the brand does not repeat styles. Romwe Clothing is a mastermind in fashion and lifestyle, and hopefully, it will rise even higher in the days to come. 


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