Latest Models in Mannequins, Prices, and How to Source Them

Latest Models in Mannequins, Prices, and How to Source Them

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In a retail store, the product must be exhibited and presented in an exciting and eye-catching manner. Only then will it attract clients' attention and urge them to purchase the merchandise. As a result, in the fashion retail sector, visual presentation of goods may significantly influence sales, and what better alternative than mannequins to exhibit one's products? They stand out in a shop window with flawless skin, an ultra-thin waist, and long, lovely legs. They entice us to take a peek as we walk by the store. It is the mannequin's world.

Why are mannequins so crucial for a business?

mannequins so crucial for a business

It is a regular occurrence for shoppers to notice the store's window display first. The customer decides to visit the store based on the information they gather from the display window. Mannequins increase the value of the merchandise. They bring attention to the shop's selection and entice consumers to buy clothing, generating revenue for the retailer. Mannequins have recently become an integral part of a store's interior design. They improve the store's atmosphere and characteristics.

Latest Models: 

Mannequins come in a variety of designs to fit the presentation of specific establishments or their layout. If you're thinking about buying mannequins for your shop, you must do your research. Here are some of the most modern and functional mannequin styles to choose from for your shop.

  • Realistic mannequins

They are true to their name. Realistic mannequins appear like actual people. Their fibreglass skin is designed to resemble human skin, making them appear even more lifelike. Realistic fashion mannequins are proportioned to typical human measurements. Their heads are covered with wigs that may be fashioned to seem casual or formal, depending on their dress. These mannequins are typically found at high-end or pricey retail establishments. Both male and female versions are designed and created in such a way that garments worn by them appear useful and as near to a real person as feasible.

  • Abstract mannequins

Because of its simple form, this style of mannequins is quite popular. Abstract mannequins are modern works of art that are found in retail establishments all around the world. Their fingernails, muscles, some facial traits, elbows, and so on are not generally carved, resulting in a modern fibreglass sculpture. Wigs and Make-up are seldom used so as not to detract from the beauty of abstract mannequins.

  • Headless mannequins

These are excellent choices for displays that are constrained by the height of the ceiling. They are also made of fibreglass and available in various sizes, shapes, colours, and positions depending on the needs of the exhibit. Their fibreglass material provides longevity, and their necks are typically straight. Because they lack emotions, male and female headless fashion mannequins effectively display all types of clothing.

  • Child mannequins

Children and teen mannequins are top-rated in this market since they show moms how apparel would appear on their precious bundles of joy. It provides clothing stores with a significant competitive advantage. Kid mannequins are available in three sizes: infant, child, and teenager, and they allow you to exhibit your products.

  • Sexy mannequins

Sexy fashion mannequins are only used in specific genres such as lingerie stores or 'adult' stores. They're made of high-quality fibreglass, and the skin has a realistic feel to it. They feature removable limbs that may be used to dress them up in lingerie or for use in the bedroom. While they are available in both genders, the majority of them resemble the female form. These fashion mannequins have sensuous forms and can be found in suggestive stances to enhance the attraction of the pieces on them.

  • Ghost Mannequins

These exquisite models, sometimes known as photographic or invisible mannequins, are great for photographers, online stores, or magazines. This sort of bestselling mannequin is widespread nowadays since it focuses just on the client, allowing them to picture how the item of clothing will appear on them without getting distracted by the mannequin's body.

According to style and functionality, the above mentioned are the primary varieties of mannequins. There are several possibilities for selecting mannequins based on the requirements. Here's more about the prices and how you can source them -

Prices of Mannequins

Prices of Mannequins
  • The cost of a good mannequin can range from Rs 3000 to over Rs 80,000.
  • The price is determined chiefly by the materials used in their making and the realism in their appearance. If you can afford more costly mannequins, why not go for the highly realistic ones? Otherwise, there are lots of second-hand branded or non-branded mannequins that are quite acceptable. 
  • A good quality plastic with metal wheel-based mannequin used for Kurti or female dress display may cost you around Rs 6000 and above.
  • A head mannequin without a wig or any hairstyle starts at the cost of Rs 1000. 
  • Non-breakable half-body plastic mannequins are relatively cheaper and may cost you about Rs 600 only. 
  • The cost of silicon mannequins immensely fluctuates and are mainly dependent on the size and quality of the silicon. They may range from Rs 6000 to above Rs 60,000. 
  • You may also look up to other materials: fibre, glass fibre, wooden, metal base, PVC plastic, etc. Mannequins of these materials start at a range of Rs 5000 and may scale up to above Rs 80,000.

How to source them?

You can get mannequins from online sources like Amazon, Indiamart, Flipkart, Ubuy India, DHgate online store, mannequin mall, mannequin-manikin.com, Eassymall, Wish, Stopshopwipe, Desertcart, Cart2India, Mannequinmadness.com, etc. However, if you are planning to buy mannequins online, you must do some research to ensure the genuineness and authenticity of the websites and then proceed towards purchasing them. You can also contact your local dealer to find all the details about the mannequins you wish to employ for your store. Connecting with a local dealer allows you to communicate your requirements clearly and select the one that best suits your store's needs.


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