11 Marketing Tips For Fashion Brand To Increase Sales During 2022 Blackfriday

11 Marketing Tips For Fashion Brand To Increase Sales During 2022 Blackfriday

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Summary: Black Friday is a great opportunity for fashion brands to increase sales. However, not all brands can afford to run promotions at this moment. If you are one of these brands, we have some tips!

Black Friday is the second largest shopping event of the year. Back in the day, people would camp outside the shops to save a ton of cash. 

But today, with digitalization, consumer attention has become easy for retailers. Did you know in last year's Black Friday, consumers spent over 5 Billion dollars in online purchases

This year, ensure you have all the bases covered no matter what you're selling—be it your fashion brand or another product line. 

Everybody wants to be successful, but only some business owners have the time and urge to learn all the marketing strategies to drive maximum sales this That's why it is essential to consider using Black Friday and Cyber Monday as an opportunity to implement the strategies below.

Let's get started, shall we?

Build an E-commerce Store 

E-commerce Store

With customers making fewer trips to physical stores due to the rise in fuel costs, e-commerce stores are expected to remain a dominant channel as more choose to stay in and shop online. In 2020, Black Friday saw an increase in desktop conversion rates to 6.4% from a year earlier.

Make sure the store is mobile-friendly, responsive, and functional and provides user-friendly navigation until the check-out process. It will also create a positive first impression, enhance the shopping experience for your customers, and increase conversion rates.

Analyze Traffic of The Black Friday Sale

Traffic of The Black Friday Sale

Do you know what potential customers keep looking for? Look at the previous year's Black Friday data to find out. Understanding the previous year's data helps to articulate the right strategies at the right moments. 

Gaining insights into operational efficiency, sales, and overall customer experience helps decision-making and improving the customer-catching process.

The information analysis from the previous data enables a person to compare customer preferences, understand customer behavior and buying patterns, and, most importantly, find the right target. 

Personalized Shopping Experience

Shopping Experience

Although brands are becoming innovative by going digital, there are other ways to satisfy customers and remain competitive. Personalization can influence up to 50% of purchases. Under a personalized shopping experience, most businesses gather data about their target market's demographics, location, and behavioral patterns. 

However, how they appear is the crucial component needing to be added to the consumer matrix. Personalization can be revolutionized when physical body profile data are integrated with existing data sets to reveal a new level of insightful customer assisting the fashion brands in thriving.

Leverage Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social media is one of the most effective tactics to generate buzz around the Black Friday sale. In fact, 77% of social media marketers feel their organization has benefited from social media marketing this year, according to a HubSpot survey.

90% of people on Instagram follow at least one business. Fashion brands can use hashtags to promote Black Friday deals and ramp up relevant promotional posts closer to the holiday. Bagging an influencer partnership and running ads also leverage the sale of the brand products. 

Offer Irresistible Brand Deals And Offers

First, most brands must offer irresistible deals and discounts during Black Friday to stand apart from the competition. You can do this by offering free shipping on orders over $50 or by offering free shipping on any purchase over $100.

This is because people who want to buy something will be more willing to spend money when they know their purchase will be a great deal. It encourages customers to purchase more than one product from any company, thereby leading to impulsive shopping. 

Use Email List

Email marketing

Email marketing campaigns have proven effective in boosting customer engagement and sales, so give them a try this year!

Both the art of establishing relationships and the art of selling are involved in email marketing. It serves as a route for establishing relationships with leads, prospects, and even current customers. Regardless of the industry, email marketing is recognized to increase sales while also building a brand's reputation.

"Buy One Get One Free" Promos

A buy-one-get-one-free sale can be a great way to increase customer loyalty. Offer a discount code that shoppers can use during their checkout process to allow them to purchase two items instead of just one at a reduced price. 

Additionally, you might provide an even greater bargain if you're willing to donate a portion of your holiday sales; this will not only help the brand demonstrate to clients how much they're valued and give them moral and ethical justifications for doing business with you!

Collaborate With Influencer 

Collaborate With Influencer

Black Friday sales have shoppers lining up overnight to get their hands on deals. As a result, brands that can get their products in front of these shoppers will see a huge spike in sales.

However, getting your product into the hands of these shoppers can be difficult—especially if you're looking for the best possible price. That's where influencers come in!

The ultimate goal of every business is to sell more products and services, but it's not always easy. Collaborating with influencers is a great way to get your brand in front of customers who might not otherwise have heard of you. It's also a great way to help drive sales—especially for fashion brands during Black Friday.

Improve Visibility With Google Ads

Improve visibility with Google Ads by creating ads featuring products that people are specifically looking for during the Black Friday weekend (e.g. cashmere mockneck sweater). This will help ensure that your ad appears when someone is keenly looking for a particular product.

Try SMS Campaigns

SMS Campaign

SMS campaigns are a great way to get your brand in front of customers on Black Friday. These campaigns are economical to run, and you can use them to provide discounts, send out coupons, or let customers know about an upcoming sale. You can also use SMS to communicate with people who don't have access to social media.

Catch Up With The Customers 

Catch up with customers after they've shopped with you. This one is super important! Try reaching out to your customers after they've made their purchases so that they know how much they're loved, and try taking feedback on what they got and how happy they are with your product or service!

Key Takeaways

  • Setting up attractive deals can help increase the success of the black Friday sale.
  • Giving away gifts with purchase increases loyalty and helps in remarketing to the existing client.
  • Holding free giveaways such as doorbuster specials or free shipping coupons on social media throughout the week leading up to Black Friday is a doorway to brand success.
  • Offering free shipping options on larger orders during this time is simply an irresistible offer.
fashion retailers

Black Friday is a big day for fashion retailers, and it's not just because they get to charge more for their products. Discounts and sales also incentivize customers to come into stores and buy stuff. However, not all companies can make sales on Black Friday, especially those that aren't well-known or have limited product lines.

That's why Fashinza is here to assist you in boosting sales this Black Friday. To thoroughly understand the marketing strategies, visit us at Fashinza and increase your chances of success this year. Speak To An Expert Today


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