Pinterest Marketing 101: How To Successfully Promote Your Business On Pinterest

Pinterest Marketing 101: How To Successfully Promote Your Business On Pinterest

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Why the interest in Pinterest?

Pinterest is a visual social media platform that has been around for over a decade. However, its potential as a marketing tool is considerably unexplored when compared with the other social media giants. A great opportunity is waiting for any fashion brand marketer, given that the platform’s functionality is geared towards promoting such content.

While the recipes and product marketing have started to get good traction, Pinterest Fashion is still underrated. What makes the platform so interesting for marketers is that 84% of the 400 million Pinterest users (per month) use it to find inspiration for purchases. Nearly 77% of users claim that they have discovered a product or brand on Pinterest when searching for inspiration. For a platform with a vast reach and high conversion ratios, it is a matter of time that Pinterest Fashion becomes the next big thing in fashion marketing. This is the perfect time to include Pinterest in the marketing mix for any fashion brand.

Pinterest 101

Pinterest 101

Here is a quick primer on what the platform is all about for those unfamiliar with the platform. Understanding the features of Pinterest is important because the platform differs from other social media platforms.

Pinterest is an image-based search engine. Here, users can search for images bookmarked by other users on the platform. The smallest measure of an image posted on the forum is called a "Pin". However, the uniqueness of the platform is the fact that the users can pin the images from anywhere on the internet. They do not necessarily need to pin content from the platform alone. Conceptually, this is similar to the magazine cutouts pinned onto the inspiration boards.

While 'Pins' on Pinterest are a great way to build inspiration and spark conversations, businesses can take it a step forward by building 'rich pins'. These 'Rich Pins' are available only for business accounts and are specialized, providing more informative content to the viewer. There are currently three types of Rich Pins available – for products, recipes, and articles. With the increase in popularity of Pinterest Fashion, Rich Pins for the fashion industry are not far away. Though, marketers can leverage the ones available to their advantage.

Anybody involved with the fashion industry understands the importance of mood boards, storyboards, and other visual displays. They will immediately see the potential of Pinterest Fashion. Yes, the next unit on Pinterest is called a “Board”. One can create boards based on themes and pin posts to a specific board.

Boards can be private as well as public. So, if one is working on something for their self-consumption, they can keep it confidential. Once done, the 'Board' can be made public. Similarly, boards can be personal, and 'Group Boards' can be created, where more than one person can pin relevant posts.

Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest Fashion is a strategy waiting to happen with such a rich platform and a dedicated user base looking for specific interest areas. Adding Pinterest Marketing to the marketing mix can add a lot of value to fashion brands' portfolios'. Here is a look at how fashion brands can start with Pinterest marketing to see results. Any marketing strategy takes time to yield results. However, here are some steps brands can take to realize initial results.

Get a Pinterest Business Account

The first logical and obvious step is to convert a personal account into a Pinterest Business Account. It helps access additional features that the platform offers for business accounts instead of individual accounts. Converting a personal account to a Pinterest Business Account is a 1-step process. When starting your Pinterest Fashion journey for your brand, make sure this is the first thing you do as a marketer.

Leverage Types of Pins

Leverage Types of Pins

While pins are the regular working on Pinterest, other Pins are under special categories that businesses can leverage.

  • Rich Pins – As described above, this is an interesting and effective way to increase the organic reach of any brand on Pinterest. Make use of all types of Rich Pins to give your viewers more information, and the engagement will increase.
  • Promoted Pins – Undoubtedly, one of the most effective marketing tools, promoted pins appear to viewers searching for similar pictures, giving your brand a more relevant reach.
  • Buyable Pins – Make the purchasing journey easier for your viewers by allowing them to purchase from you directly on Pinterest. They need not be redirected to any other platform.

Utilize Image Space

Pinterest, in essence, is a visual medium. No matter how much content you add, the first thing that attracts you is the images. Thus, ensure high-quality, relevant photos to increase engagement. Also, Pinterest prefers vertical images, so try and keep the alignment in mind when creating pins.


Pinterest is one of the most exciting avenues for fashion brands marketing, and Pinterest Fashion is gradually speeding up. Another great avenue is Fashinza, an end-to-end platform for all fashion industry members. Whether you are looking for peers, suppliers, or manufacturers, you can find it all here.


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