Balenciaga Fortnite collaborations: the story so far and what's ahead!

Balenciaga Fortnite collaborations: the story so far and what's ahead!

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Some good news awaits for the millions of fans of the Fortnite world! The collaboration of the physical and digital worlds of Fortnite and Balenciaga has made all heads turn. Balenciaga is a luxury brand from France owned by the Spanish designer Cristobal Balenciaga. 

Fortnite is a popular virtual game developed by Epic Games published in the year 2017. The game has a crazy fan following and is available in three versions. The first one is the Fortnite Battle which has free access, the next is the Battle Royale game which gives access to around 100 players to fight and the last surviving person wins, and the third is the Fortnite; save the world which involves zombie characters defending themselves around a cooperative hybrid tower. The Fortnite creative allows players complete freedom to create their own worlds and battlefields. On the other hand, Balenciaga, as a brand, has a history of making innovative luxury clothing and the founder is popularly known to be the master of haute couture. 

Balenciaga the brand

Balenciaga has a splendid array of around 180 stores all around the world with a display of its exquisite craftsmanship. The stores are full of quality and expensive items. The products are made from the finest quality raw materials with everlasting durability. The Balenciaga Fortnite collaboration is poles apart from his signature couture clothing.

Today Balenciaga stands as an epitome of modern style and luxury aesthetics. The brand is best known for its exclusive motorcycle handbags, the Lariat. Balenciaga owns eight exclusive boutiques in the United States and one store on 22nd Street of New York. Balenciaga sports women's and men's clothing at its various stores and gives multiple reasons for men and women to dress luxuriously. The brand is owned by the luxury group Kering after its change of original ownership in 1986.

The collaboration story so far!

Balenciaga Fortnite\n

Balenciaga is the first brand to drop a collaboration with Fortnite. Fortnite gamers will be able to use the Balenciaga digital outfits on a virtual version. These purchases can be made from the virtual Balenciaga boutiques within the game. If you are a die-hard fan of this collaboration, you can also get your hands on the actual Balenciaga Fortnite series from selected stores of Balenciaga. Here's a take, if you buy real-life clothing, you will be able to unlock the outfits available in the game as well!

While Balenciaga is viewed as a high-end luxury brand, it has collaborated with the Fortnite world. Although there has been a lot of admiration for this collaboration, its athletic wear has been judged to be too overpriced. The collaboration is between the Balenciaga brand and Demna Gvasalia. This lucrative collaboration offer for Fortnite is important because Fortnite is a popular game asset in the peer groups, which ultimately makes this a money-making business. 

A simple hoodie of $750 might baffle you and make you think twice before buying. There are around 2.7 billion users of Fortnite all over the world, and it seems that the collaboration might not be as tempting as the game itself.

The Fortnite game is a virtual base for creating your fashion world and agency where you fantasise about your creations. Nearly 50% of the gamers spend their time using the creative mode. In 2021, a player flaunted his virtual designs on the stage show in the creative mode of the Fortnite game. These players design their designs and engage in role-playing. Fashion is at the core of the culture of Fortnite. Balenciaga Fortnite is expanding its very own social entertainment ecosystem, which is very authentic to its users.

The collaboration of Balenciaga Fortnite began by Balenciaga providing the Fortnite team with a 3 dimensional set of garments. The game designers have been allowed to recreate the clothing with different clothing details such as adding graphics and textures. Examples of the different clothing assets created are the new 3.0 sneakers which look like the pickaxe and the hourglass bag has been changed into a glider that players use when in a battle. Players can also select a dance for their exclusive character and music track to go with it.

Balenciaga Fortnite collaboration is inviting a long game in more than one way. Looking at the young generation of players of the Fortnite game and the income they have to dispense for the various virtual buys for the game, it's the most spendthrift generation of these times. So if you make the first purchase of $12, it might not pinch that bad, but what if the releases keep on going and the price is higher than what was earlier?

Well, this collaboration is not only directed towards the younger generation, but it also targets celebrities. For now, it might be only Balenciaga Fortnite, but what if other brands also start following suit? There seems to be no end to such collaborations. Rival brands will be coming up with more intriguing and tempting tactics to lure young players. Similar high-end brands such as Gucci, Loui Vuitton and Dior have already put their ideas into the pipeline. Their presence in the virtual arena does not seem too far from reality. 

However, it might affect the pockets and the mental state of young players. Comparing what one has and what the other does not, it just ends up in a competition of asking each other, ‘Oh, don't you have newly launched Balenciaga Fortnite T-shirts?’

It's not only about reaching out to people that counts. A positive or a negative reach out, it always affects sales of any brand. Balenciaga has yet again collaborated at a large scale for multiple reasons to keep itself in the business and also in the news.

The dogoo is a special character from Balenciaga Fortnite that has been used to create some real-world virtual billboards in London, Tokyo, Seoul and New York. They also launched the popular ‘Fortography campaign’, in which users can showcase their images in the game on billboards. 

Balenciaga Fortnite offers in-game purchases for its virtual gamers. A new ringtone is so easy to acquire, just send a text on the number and get the ringtone. 

It's enough that kids are taxed for the game purchase itself. It's the peer pressure that is increasing in the school kids too. Many kids are hoarding to get these special character outfits in the game. 

Balenciaga Fortnite\n

We can't predict that Balenciaga Fortnite is going to be credited for all the purchases in the app, for this season and the coming seasons as well. Such collaborations lure the young generation, and this is the kind of pressure we don't want on them. Adults may be able to control their temptation and desires of frequent purchases for their virtual characters.


As we know new trends and new ideas bombing the gaming market. Every season there is a new collaboration, and this season, it's the Balenciaga Fortnite that has flooded the market. Be it a teen or an adult, Fortnite gamers are going crazy about this collaboration. While for some it is a lucrative gaming affair, a lot of thinking is needed before buying such expensive in-game purchases just for a character. There might seem no end to these virtual gaming experiences, and creators are working day and night to raise the level to a new bar. Let's just hope that the brands play fair while pushing their products as far as possible.

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