A Men's Guide To Staying Stylish with Indo-Western Jackets in 2023
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A Men's Guide To Staying Stylish with Indo-Western Jackets in 2023

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Weddings, traditional occasions, and holidays call for ethnic attire. A modern twist on this conventional dressing has birthed the Indo-Western look. Explore 5 men’s jacket styles that perfectly blend modern meets tradition.

When it comes to Indo-Western dress for men around the Indian subcontinent, the dressing rules are not as neatly laid as women’s wear. Occasion wear for men as seen today is a harmonious blend of Indian and British fashion elements.

Men’s occasion wear in India has borrowed the best of English dressing styles and tailoring methods to give birth to a fusion style that’s coined ‘Indo-Western’. It is a style loved by millennial men across India and even by desi consumers across the world.

Top 5 Indo-Western Jacket Styles

If you are a fashion brand that wants to cater to the diaspora of Indian customers, here are 5 Indo-Western men’s jacket styles that are worth checking out! 

1. Nehru Jackets

Christened after India’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, this Indo-Western jacket was popularized by him during his reign. The Nehru jacket is essentially a variation of the Jodhpuri suit and is designed to be hip-length with full sleeves and a Mandarin collar. 

Nehru jackets are a favorite among customers globally as they are super versatile and look sharp with all kinds of ethnic wear.

In 2023, pastel-colored Nehru jackets in solid colors and micro prints are a big trend. These pretty pastels can be paired with a silk kurta pajama for all kinds of traditional occasions and holidays.


2. Waistcoats

A slightly different variation of the Nehru jacket, the Indo-Western waistcoat is also known as Bundi or Sadri. This kind of waistcoat may or may not have buttoned closure depending on the style. It is essentially a sleeveless vest jacket, which is conventionally worn over a kameez or kurta.

A basic and simple style of this waistcoat was historically worn by farmers. They used to decorate it with traditional embroideries for festivals and occasions. This style of waistcoat remains to be a popular choice among politicians in India even today.

Modern fashion consumers are wearing this vest for festive occasions and weddings as it is a simple accessory that can amp up any ethnic look. Waistcoat trends in 2023 include pastel and gemstone colors in solid or delicate traditional embroideries. 

3. Bandhgalas

A Bandhgala, literally meaning closed neck in Hindi, is a closed-neck button-down jacket or suit which is the ultimate formal Indian wear for men. Popularized by celebrity Indian designer Raghavendra Rathore, the Bandhgala is an opulent look suit crafted from velvet, silk, and other rich fabrics and is usually paired with sleek trousers. 

Also known as a Jodhpuri suit, the Bandhgala is a go-to option for modern men who want to wear stylish Indo-Western outfits for festivals and other occasions. The timeless appeal of this Indo-Western dress for men proves to be a great match for every personality and age.

4. Prince Coats

If Sherwani’s seem too heavy and traditional, Prince Coat is the perfect option to swap it with. A Prince Coat is an Indo-Western men’s jacket style that is usually worn over a long kurta pajama. It is a full-sleeve button-down jacket with a stand collar that comes in myriad colors, prints, and fabrics.

It has a sophisticated and rich look, which makes it an ideal choice for grooms and groomsmen to wear for a wedding or pre-wedding function.


5. Long Ethnic Coats

These style of Indo-Western coats are a longer version of the Prince Coat. Designed to be worn as a standalone jacket, it has similar design elements to that of a traditional Sherwani. This full-sleeve, knee-length coat has a top-to-bottom button closure with a breast pocket.

This Indo-Western dress for men can be worn with pajamas, churidar, or even tailored trousers. In 2023, neutrals, pastels, and bright colors are making waves when it comes to this style of coat. The best part about this coat is that it can be worn simply without any accessories or can be amped up with a broach and pocket square for some glam!

Indie-Glam Paves The Way Ahead!

The global ethnic wear market was valued at $77.6 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow at a (CAGR) of 6.3% from 2021 to 2028. These staggering values are a testament to the growing popularity of Indowesten fashion across the globe.

If you own a brand or want to start one that has an Indo-Western range, these 5 jacket styles are worth considering to add to your collection. You can even check out some top picks for ethnic wear to add to your catalog here!

Key Takeaways:

  • The trends of Indo-Western dress for men in 2023 are sharp, stylish, and refreshing.

  • These men’s jacket styles are the perfect choice to wear for any kind of occasion that calls for an ethnic or western-fusion dress code. 

  • The massive rise of such Indo-Western styles worldwide makes it a great opportunity for fashion brands to invest in a line of their own.

Fashinza can connect you with manufacturers and suppliers across the globe who can help bring your Indowestern fashion collection to life.

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