What's The New Fashion For Women In Spring?
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What's The New Fashion For Women In Spring?

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Summary: Winter is still around. That doesn’t mean fashion brands aren't planning to capture summer wardrobes. The spring fashion trend of 2023 that came out last year with Kate Moss walking down the runway in a checked shirt and baggy jeans for Bottega Veneta was described as cool comfort. It has become the reference point for spring fashion.

The Spring of Fashion Cannot be Far Behind

The spring fashion trend seen last year on runways had such an indelible impact that it surfaced just at the start of the new year. High-octane sequins, elevated everyday dressing, sheer everything, and anything in between – fashion brands are putting in a great deal to bring alive their summer lines.  As the trends indicate, brands and designers can turn the pages to 90s fashion trends to draw inspiration for their latest collections.

What Will Trend in Spring/Summer 2023?

If there was an obsession with fuchsia in 2022, this year shall see designers falling in love with black and cobalt blue. Softer pastel takes on pink was a stand-out shade of the season. Sheer fabrics and low-rise waists were in focus. Fashion lovers who were looking for something sexy got florals for spring that were three-dimensional upgrades and a little punchy.

Here is a list of elements that shall dominate spring 2023 fashion trends.

Big and Baggier Jeans

Loose and relaxed denim fits have been trending for some time now. 2023 will seal the deal for baggy jeans. There is no place for skin-tight jeans in the collection. The low-slung waist, a darling of the 90s fashion, is back in action and here to stay. Fashionistas adored the midriff-baring impact which the jeans created when paired with a crop top. Everything from shorts and suiting to evening skirts will get a low-rise treatment in spring 2023.

Larger Blazers on the Runway

A power blazer moment is loved by everyone. This spring, blazers will get better and bigger. With supersized blazer collections, Coach and Luar showcased to the world how suiting can be styled for the max blast. Such blazers are easily paired with coordinated trousers or classy jeans. They create a head-turning look for any gathering.

It Will be Sheer Magic this Year

Who doesn’t fall in love with a sheer moment during the warmer months of the year? Like a Maryam Nassir Zadeh mesh dress, a chick transition outfit, or a turtleneck, sheer was all pervasive in brands' spring 2023 collections. If someone wants to show some skin, sheer fabrics are a perfect choice. There are lingerie-baring pieces for the more adventurous and for others, designers can add drama to simple evening slips by pairing them with sheer overlays.

Drop Waist Skirts and Dresses

Fashion trends in 2023 will also see the 80s coming back with a bang. Drop waist skirts – considered by fashion lovers as a thing of the past – returned in showcases with gusto and garnered jaw-dropping acclaim. Carolina Herrera and Sandy Liang made everyone look great in these outfits and created a lot of excitement.

Classic Suiting is a Good Idea

Ask any fashion connoisseur and everyone will agree that solid suit pieces are always a good idea. The spring 2023 trend saw designers like Elena Velez, Jil Sander, and Peter Do showcase classical suits with beautiful material and clean lines. During the warmer months of the year, the fashion industry leans towards softer and slouchier material. For the spring things got more weather friendly with soft pastel shades. Completely shining pinks, greens, and pastel blues also caught the imagination of designers.

Bubble Up the Skirts

Not long ago, there was a time when bubble skirts were not seen on runways. They were slowly going out of the common person’s memory. However, expect the triumphant return of bubble skirts. Ulla Johnson, Proenza Schouler, and Khaite showed everyone these skirts will remain an integral part of the wardrobe.

Sequins Make an Early Entry

For the spring 2023 fashion trend, Michael Kors and Nensi Dojaka included shimmering sequins in their collections and gained a lot of appreciation from fashion lovers. These looks were designed while keeping the party theme in mind, and the end result was just superb. Sequin season is going to make an early entry. The trend saw elements having pale pinks, pastels, nudes, soft, and light color palettes used feverishly to raise the hotness quotient.

Pockets and More Pockets

Come February and cargo pants with half a dozen pockets combined with a crop top will be all the rage. Designer after designer is giving space to this element. From Miu Miu to Louis Vuitton, everything from leather jackets to miniskirts and denim tops will come with zipped or buttoned pouches.

Small Luxuries to Lift the Spirits

True to spring, there would be a lot of mood-boosting colors in play as winter recedes. Brands can expect the trend to lean heavily towards cool comfort without compromising on beauty and sexiness. Fast fashion designers can incorporate these trends for their summer line too.

Key Takeaways

  1. Cool comfort has become a reference point for spring fashion 2023.
  2. Expect a lot of pockets and asymmetrical hemlines in outfits this season.

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