5 Emily in Paris Looks That Wowed the Global Audience
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5 Emily in Paris Looks That Wowed the Global Audience

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  1. Yellow Maxi Dress with Floral Print

Emily’s vibrant yellow camisole and silk maxi skirt are a more basic style that works in any city. According to her best buddy in the series, this outfit makes her appear more American than she usually does. Elegant and perfect for a spring day out, this outfit is from Danish ready-to-wear designer Ganni. Rag & Bone’s black waist belt, which unites the two outfits, is now out of stock. Our attention is drawn to the vivid colors and intricate patterns of this outfit.

5 Emily in Paris Looks That Wowed the Global Audience
  1. Checkered Beige Dress

Patricia uses layers to create Camille’s beige appearance. It’s casually cool, and it brought to mind the street-style looks from Paris Fashion Week last year. Zara is the brand of polka dots and transparent blouses with puff sleeves that you’re likely to locate at your local mall. The See by Chloé beige check dress is then placed on top to create a contemporary yet coordinated outfit. You can see how the correct components together may produce a smart-chic appearance.

5 Emily in Paris Looks That Wowed the Global Audience
  1. A Checkered Blazer Paired Up with a Ruffled Shirt

White shirt with frill trim and timeless plaid crop-blazer combine to create Emily’s antique Victorian appearance. The light-wash high-waisted denim pants that go with it, however, are the finest part of the ensemble. The series convinced us that Parisian ladies don’t wear denim. However, the debut of denim is our favorite style in the series. The frills, as well as the features of a wide and padded shoulder, give volume and flair to the appearance, making it enticing. Also, don’t overlook her pink-rimmed sunglasses, which give her ensemble a vivacious feel.

5 Emily in Paris Looks That Wowed the Global Audience
  1. Asymmetric Evening Dress

It is no secret that Emily’s employer and a French counterpart of Miranda Priestley, Sylvie, has an admiring wardrobe. It’s impossible not to fall in love with Sylvie’s outfits. The colors are subdued, with a predominance of neutrals like greys, blacks, olive, and beige dominating the palette. Sylvie’s selection does not include any bright colors or prints, in contrast to others. Cuts and tailor-fit are what give her clothes a sophisticated yet risqué look. Alexandre Vauthier’s sultry asymmetrical dress with a thigh-high slit is a fan favorite.

5 Emily in Paris Looks That Wowed the Global Audience

So, did you also went “wowww” by looking at all these pretty dresses from Emily in Paris looks? Also, if you’ve watched the series, you must have really wondered what did the stylist have in mind while designing such stunning Emily in Paris looks.

Also, if you haven’t watched this Netflix series, what are you waiting for? Do watch it and let us know in the comments section which ones are your favorite styles. We must have missed on some bomb Emily in Paris looks, but do not worry, we love all of them from the bottom of our heart!


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