5 Timeless Outfits That Are Inspired By Fashion New York Genre
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5 Timeless Outfits That Are Inspired By Fashion New York Genre

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Fashion and New York go hand in hand. New York is one of the four fashion capitals of the world. ‘Fashion New York’ is a concept that has always found honorable mention in the world of fashion. But what is it and what does it mean?

What Makes Fashion in New York Phenomenal?

New York City has inspired many phenomenal outfits that refuse to fade away with time. The Fashion New York genre is about making bold statements. Whether it is high street fashion of downtown Manhattan or the street fashion of Harlem. The Fashion New York genre is a complex interplay of identities that reflect the struggles, spirit and racial and cultural identities of its inhabitants.

Fashion New York as a concept stands out among other fashion capitals of the world - Paris, Milan, and London, all of which pale in comparison to New York. Let us delve deeper into the concept of Fashion New York and uncover its intricacies through some awe-inspiring outfits that have inspired pop culture, from fashion runways to movies. 

Iconic outfits Inspired by Fashion in New York 

All-black ensembles

In New York, you can never go wrong with an all-black outfit. New Yorkers love black — there’s no bar for age, financial or societal status. Black makes an appearance in haute-couture and streetwear. Fashion New York is rather casual and chic. The iconic Black Safety Pin Dress made Elizabeth Hurley a fashion icon overnight. This memorable dress draws inspiration from Punk Fashion, which originated in London, but found its way to Fashion New York

Timeless Outfits New York Fashion

Image Credit: E! Online

Two fashion divas, Liz Hurley and Lady Gaga, wore the iconic all-black dress with a high slit held together by gold safety pins. This dress drew inspiration from Punk Fashion and Indian Sarees, and has all the markers of the Fashion New York genre. It is bold, glamorous and sultry, all at the same time. 

Denim with just about anything

Anna Wintour is the reigning queen of fashion. The headstrong British lady has an interesting story behind her first cover for Vogue USA magazine in 1988. She wanted to capture the spirit of fashion by combining a very elite (read insanely expensive) jewel-studded top with a pair of $5 jeans. This is possible only in New York, where even the most ordinary garment can become a style statement. Gigi Hadid recreated the look years later to herald the arrival of Anna Wintour in the fashion world. Denims paired with just about anything and boots are timeless and a fashion New York staple.

Timeless Outfits New York Fashion

Image Credit: Vogue 

Breakfast at Tiffany’s-style dresses

Breakfast at Tiffany’s is a timeless Hollywood Classic. This iconic movie is based in New York and enjoys a cult status among high-fashion connoisseurs. Audrey Hepburn is an ethereal beauty, and her styles continue to inspire women even today. Hubert Givenchy and costume designer Edith Head created legendary designs for Audrey Hepburn. Some of these dresses are etched in the memories of fashion lovers. Breakfast at Tiffany’s is a glorious ode to high fashion New York

This movie introduced beautiful and expensive accessories to complement the look, which fashion lovers aspire for even today.

Timeless Outfits New York Fashion

All-Season Trendy Workwear

Anne Hathaway’s character in the film The Devil Wears Prada captures some of New York’s most iconic workwear fashion, from buttoned-up coats to leather pants with boots. Elegant velvet, pinstripes, gingham prints, statement scarves, trendy boleros - you name it - they all feature in this visual feast that captures the essence of fashion New York.

Timeless Outfits New York Fashion

Goth Look: Mix of Punk and Bohemian Styles 

New York is an undisputed capital of street fashion. The city’s residents are known for their unconventional sartorial choices. The Gothic look or Goth is a very fascinating style that blends American and European fashion. Outfits inspired by the goth look are very popular among youth and teenagers alike, and they meld into New York’s rich subculture of street fashion. Morticia Adams from the movie The Addams Family nails the look! New York street fashion is an ode to the spirit and creativity of its inhabitants. Every summer, the streets of New York transform into a runway showcasing some fantastic Goth looks. 

Timeless Outfits New York Fashion

Concluding Thoughts 

New York City is a cosmopolitan city where cultures intermingle. This gives birth to new styles and subcultures every year. The outfits that draw inspiration from this megacity are defined by a certain carefree, creative and timeless vibe. If you want to create the latest fashion New York clothing, get in touch with Fashinza. We work with leading manufacturers in the industry to produce top-class apparel.


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