A Fashion Outburst of Beauty and Apparel At The Vancouver Fashion Week!
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A Fashion Outburst of Beauty and Apparel At The Vancouver Fashion Week!

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An exciting showcase of fashion!

After the pandemic opening, the Vancouver fashion week is one of the most sought-after events in the fashion world. The event is dedicated to budding and established designers of the fashion industry. Vancouver fashion opens a global perspective to fashion and a multicultural approach.

The event has expanded and become the second-largest fashion week in North America. As it grows, it brings an array of fashion designers showcasing their diverse collections at this ramp.

Vancouver fashion week has created a hustle-bustle in the fashion world. The top highlights of Vancouver fashion will be creativity, variety, futuristic and last but not least, sustainability. Multiple designers will be putting upfront their new collection to influence spectators across the globe on a virtual platform.

Vancouver Fashion will witness a designer’s delight on a digital platform. Although most physical events have been hit hard due to the pandemic, it is exciting to know the world will be connected on a virtual platform for fashionistas. The event will be forecasted live. You can enjoy the event by sitting in the comforts of your home for this extravaganza. 

You will be able to witness the entire session sitting at the comforts of your home life! If you are perplexed by watching out for designers, we give you a sneak peek at the most awaited showcases of the event by renowned designers.  

Designers to look out for! 

Vancouver Fashion Week 2021

Rojan Hooshyar

Rojan Hooshyar is an Iranian artist, and her clothes reflect her Middle-Eastern roots. Her sole focus is on handcrafted vegan fabrics. She draws inspiration from the Middle East, Persian and Arabic prints and textiles, elegantly transforming them into chic modern looks. The collection will be displaying the tale of the unspoken women who refuse to surrender themselves just to please everyone around. 

Guerline Kamp

Guerline Kamp’s collection ties bits and pieces from her memories and experiences. Her collection has been named after the concept of ‘Forgotten Memories”, which she will be showcasing at the event. She will make us revisit the memories from her past and childhood moments through the lens of the adult phase. The colour theme will be bold, standing against the backdrop of black and white colours. 

Cornelia Borgerhoff

As a young black woman, acceptance has always been a challenge for Cornelia Borgerhoff. This is how she feels after being raised as the only black in a white family. Her opinion of what she is and what others see in her has influenced her collection for the Vancouver Fashion Week. 

The collection will be extensively inspired by women who attended Ivy League colleges. The collection is a homage to the American prep school style with colours and silhouettes belonging to the traditional college boy attire. Brogerhoff has challenged herself to revert to racial comments and stigmas she had to face. The look will amalgamate streetwear styling and aesthetic into one look.

Sasha Schaepe

Re-wild kids collection from Sasha Schaepe is hand made, sustainable clothing inspired by conscious social & environmental movements. The clothing line is gender-neutral and is decorated with nature-inspired prints. The use of organic dyes and zero waste techniques make this fashion ensemble close to heart. It provides special functional features that allow the garment to grow with the child, thereby increasing the longevity of usage. For Vancouver fashion, the brand will be focusing on kids clothing with gender equality.

Ismi Makise

The inspiration for Ismi Makise is from the calm starry nights. The clothing line wanders towards the beauty of freedom and sculptures with vague shapes portrayed in the background of black & white palettes. The collection is known as ISXNOT by Ismi Makise.

The Vancouver Fashion Week will bring new insights into fashion and collaborators. The show intends to bring out the best of the fashion world, and it will be one of many first events of the fashion industry happening live. If you are into fashion clothing and wish to keep updated with the new trends in the fashion industry, then this event is a must to attend. 

Vancouver fashion week will extensively influence people in and out of the fashion world to adapt to the new era of the clothing line.  After the world opens to various physical events, the Vancouver Fashion Week is anticipated with excitement.  


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