Best and Worst of Yeezy Fashion’s Latest Season
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Best and Worst of Yeezy Fashion’s Latest Season

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YZY is a partnership between YEEZY and Adidas. When Kanye West struggled to hold up his collaborations with Nike and Vitton, Adidas stepped in, to partner with him. Kanye showcased the eighth season of Yeezy Fashion at the Paris Fashion Week in 2020.

Highlights of the Event

Before the Yeezy Fashion show, Kanye met with around two dozen editors and writers at the venue for a closer look at the clothes. Models carried outfits styled by Christine Centenara with brutalist chain ornaments and gold rings. Besides the latest collection, Kanye’s daughter, North West also stole the Yeezy Fashion show with her rap and runway debut. 

Paris judged West once when he first debuted in 2011. Unfortunately, the show didn’t go too well for him. He came to Paris thrilled to launch his fashion career, but was tagged as a man with delusions of grandeur. The French didn’t have patience for him. Now, after 8 years, he arrived with new zeal. He appeared to have overcome controversy, and was a different man this time. 

He had certainly come a long way from Yeezy Season 1 in New York, and Season 4 on Roosevelt Island, where the waiting, heat and the lack of water made the guests furious and models faint. Even though West struggled in the past, he propagated the motto of ‘wabi-sabi’ which means embracing the imperfect. He believed that once you get back on the horse, then designing and presenting becomes a way of life. This time, his presentations looked like ambitious productions. The clothes were made of wadded wool, muslin and fleece.

The Latest Season Collection

West presented a short collection featuring a few new pieces in the Season 8 fall-winter collection of Yeezy Fashion

Let’s look at some of the highlights of the show:

Best and Worst of Yeezy Fashion

The soundtrack was like a car honking. The Yeezy Fashion show’s invitations were accompanied by a pouch of twelve fake rat snake eggs along with a small bouquet of sage.

The clothes were similar in styling to Calabasas colored vestments. The leggings were like those frequently worn by Kim Kardashian. There was a muslin mix of about 90% in the entire collection, and the matching leggings appeared to be itchy. However, the models claimed they were soft. 

The jackets and trousers had more of a cloudy texture. They featured pulled apart wool which was whorled together in cirrus swirls, and had a loose and swaddling feel. There were lots of padded jackets, turtling above the head, masking almost the whole face. They almost rose in front of the mouth like a protective shield or gear. There were cropped or waist-length puffers as well, which seemed to bulge in various forms.  

The entire look was bizarre, not unlike West himself. It was meant to be disruptive, and strange, and it didn’t disappoint.

However, it wasn’t totally a wreck, there were some good parts as well. Let’s have a look at the best of them!

There were a lot of putty-hued and beige tones, with ample padding, moon boots and bedroom slippers. There were some new footwear silhouettes too. There were dry-earth tones of sand, stone grey, tan and sage, which is West’s trademark style. This new season  also featured miscellaneous, ragged seams, which lent an aesthetic, unhinged look to the garments.

Puffy, baseball-style shirts with piecemeal jewelry and furry trousers made an appearance as well. Kanye emphasized how he resisted t-shirts but ended up designing them. He also came up with new shapes, inventions and designs that are still in the infant stage. West had taken two years off to analyze his approach towards clothing. Apparently, this is what he had imagined people in Wyoming would wear.

Final Words

Considering the previous collections’ numbing repetitiveness and general messiness, this comparatively smaller collection was more sharply focused. West has freedom and good instinct when he puts his mind to it. This, combined with a network of good associates, means that Yeezy Fashion stands a chance in the industry. 

All in all, Yeezy will stay alive as long as Adidas and Kanye work to keep the brand up and running. It wouldn’t be so shocking if Adidas decided to focus more on sneakers in the future, which would be great for West. If you want to launch a clothing line inspired by an industrial vibe like West’s Yeezy Fashion, get in touch with Fashinza. We work with leading suppliers to manufacture high-quality clothes and fashion apparel. Using our AI-driven app, you can keep track of the entire production process, from order to delivery. Leading brands in the industry have worked with us to create their latest collections. Get in touch today.


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