Burberry, the First Luxury Fashion Brand To Partner With Twitch: What’s the Fashion Chemistry
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Burberry, the First Luxury Fashion Brand To Partner With Twitch: What’s the Fashion Chemistry

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A partnership is all set to take place between the popular British luxury fashion house Burberry and live streaming giant Twitch. This news of the Burberry Twitch partnership has sent the entire fashion world into a frenzy. From big fashion houses to independent designers, everybody is abuzz with this alliance between these two powerful players. 

The main question now is what this massive alliance entails for us. For many, this partnership is a high-profile merger of gaming and fashion. As unusual it may sound, it is all set to become the new norm in the industry. Let us dig deep into this matter to try to make sense of the fashion chemistry of the Burberry Twitch partnership. 

1. Life Steaming of Fashion

Burberry Twitch Fashion Brand Luxury Brand

The main idea behind the Burberry Twitch partnership is to ensure the live streaming of the Spring/Summer 2021 Burberry show on the Twitch platform. Burberry’s plan is to stream its show to ‘guests virtually.’ This will take place on Twitch through the Squad Stream functionality. 

This would be an excellent opportunity for viewers as they would experience all the perspectives of the show in one go, online! Moreover, this live streaming on Twitch will have a chat function to facilitate conversations among the viewers.

Actually, this is not the first time Burberry is indulging in live-streaming of fashion shows. The illustrious fashion brand hit that back in 2010, too, when it live-streamed a runway fashion show. So, Burberry is definitely not naive in this regard. However, with Twitch, the brand has taken it to a whole other level; it’s a platform that would make for a highly interactive experience for fashion experts. 

The Burberry Twitch alliance would provide a truly immersive experience to all the virtual viewers. This is a very fitting scenario for gathering detailed viewpoints regarding the designs. 

2. Innovative Curated Content 

Burberry is a fashion house that has a heavy focus on innovative fashion content. It is a brand that is not afraid to push boundaries, especially with regard to digital innovation. This is evident as it is the first-ever luxury fashion house to partner with a video streaming platform. 

Burberry aims to make a strong impact on the fashion world. What could be a better way to achieve that than utilizing technology? Indeed it is a bold step from Burberry to use a gaming platform for displaying fashion styles. 

Moreover, Burberry wants to engage with the fashion community on a continuous basis. This is why this British luxury fashion house is striving to create curated experiences.

The chief marketing policy of Burberry in everything is ‘brand-comes-first.’ Its partnership with Twitch is a symbol of this always-first mentality of the brand.  

In terms of innovation, what does Twitch offer to fashion lovers? Well, it offers an interesting virtual space to fashion lovers by which they would be digitally transported to the live show. This is sure to be an interactive experience that would facilitate a very strong connection between fashion enthusiasts and Burberry’s design. 

3. An Untapped Audience

Burberry Twitch Fashion Brand Luxury Brand

Twitch has a great market of untapped customer potential, which Burberry has clearly understood. About 45% of gamers on Twitch are women, as per a report by Vogue Business. These women, generally speaking, could hold great potential for the fashion market. Burberry could potentially impress the gaming audience with some uber-cool geek designs that haven’t yet hit the market. 

4. Instantaneous Fashion Feedback

One of the most notable aspects of the Burberry Twitch alliance is the instantaneous feedback that comes along with it. Indeed, with live-streaming on a superior platform like Twitch, feedback regarding fashion shows and displays can be collected very efficiently. This way, the fashion designers of Burberry will have a very good idea regarding the mentality of fashion enthusiasts. Consequently, they can tailor their fashion designing in accordance with the feedback. With this, Burberry could easily become the leading trendsetter in the world of fashion. 


Burberry-Twitch is the next big thing in the world of fashion. It all comes down to the ‘boldness’ of this luxury fashion house that they have come this far. In the future, we would likely see more such alliances that would diminish the line between fashion and other industries. Fashinza is a leading platform if you’re looking for apparel manufacturers. We have a very efficient team that will work on everything from design to delivery for your apparel. Whatever type of clothing you require, Fashinza will provide it to you. Become the next best in the world of fashion. Contact Fashinza now!


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