Date, Venue, and Guest List for Vancouver Fashion Week 2021
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Date, Venue, and Guest List for Vancouver Fashion Week 2021

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The Vancouver Fashion Week is the second largest fashion week in North America. By the very passionate Jamal Abdourahman, this event is wholly dedicated to encouraging and cultivating the established designers and new emerging designers and fashion brands. Vancouver Fashion Week takes place twice a year and goes on for seven days. It is held at the Art Gallery North Plaza, Canada. The event is featured by some of the most famous national and international designers, as well as brands. 

Vancouver Fashion Week has been the center of attraction for the Canadian fashion industry since 2001. The event has empowered many budding designers and brands to showcase their creativity and make a place in the global fashion industry. In 2014, the Vancouver Fashion Week presented its first annual Nancy Mak Award for the upcoming and talented designers to provide them with the tools required to grow and take their fashion to the next level.  

This year, the fashion week will take place in person, and many designers and brands are going to be a part of the event.  

Date of the Event

Vancouver Fashion Week will commence on October 24, 2021, at 07:00 AM IST and culminate on October 25, 2021, at 03:30 PM IST. 

Venue of the Event

This year, the Chinese Cultural Centre of Great Vancouver, Museum and Archives, Vancouver, Canada, is going to host the Vancouver Fashion Week.

Guest List

Vancouver Fashion Week this year will be witnessing the presence of the most successful and known designers as well as the brands. You will get to see some very talented emerging designers, a few of which are mentioned below. 

  • CO-DE

CO-DE is a brand started by Tanja in early 2020. This brand focuses on both men’s and women’s wear with a touch of vibrant colors and a slow fashion angle. Tanja came up with a new concept of recycling materials and making dresses, which is not so commonly seen. Tanja’s collection, DETACHED, secured the third position in the Munich Fashion Awards in March 2020. Not stopping here, Tanja’s work has been featured in the Period Magazine, Bello Magazine, and L’officiel as well. Tanja is definitely going to be a highlight of Vancouver Fashion this year.

  • Le Femme Roje

An Iranian Canadian Fashion Designer, Stylist, and Entrepreneur, Rojan Hooshyar, started her very own brand, Le Femme Roje. Rojan encourages her audience to design more cruelty-free and sustainable fashion alternatives. Her work is simple yet unique; she supports local craftsmen by sourcing completely handmade clothes from them. Inspiring all Middle Eastern women, Rojan stands out as a true example of power and uniqueness. Rojan got featured in the Harper’s Bazaar, Lucy’s Creator’s, and her work has also been a part of fashion shows and events in Italy, Canada, and Iran. Rojan was quoted saying, “My biggest goal is to be able to show the west that despite all the limitations, Middle Eastern women are empowered and stylish. We can not wait to see Rojan with her designs at the Vancouver Fashion Week.

  • Danny Reinke

Danny Reinke’s creative vision is commendable and can not be unseen. His work is inspired by the Baltic Sea and local clothes of Fishermen; the color palette evokes a theatrical mood. His collection includes a twisting pattern of stripes and checks similar to a refreshing sea breeze. Danny’s designs are not just creative but comfortable at the same time, like the elaborated down jackets and coats give a protective feeling as of a cocoon. His displays are much-awaited pieces at Vancouver Fashion Week. 

Vancouver Fashion Week 2021 Date Venue Guest List
  • Blue Tamburin

This Vancouver Fashion Week can be a turning or starting point in the life of Blue Tamburin, as this is her official launching event. Her collections are more empowering and encouraging towards individuals and focus on the concept of persona as a core theme. Her brand, BLUETAMBURIN, emphasizes the blue color palette and the fresh designs of denim, with a fantasy of harmony. 
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