Dior New Collection is About Luxury Textures
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Dior New Collection is About Luxury Textures

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Why settle for less when you can make an everlasting impression by using rich textures for your spaces and clothing. Luxury, rich fabrics, and all of its derivatives are attention getters. They don’t have to be overwhelming. They can be subtle yet glamorous. Lux textures are not only created by bright, vibrant colors, but they can be created with something as simple as the color white. 

Luxury textures rescue us from the mundane world of minimalism and flat designs. The Dior new collection pays attention to the finite details one can have. 

Dior rich textures bring out a unique collection, a unique formula signature combining modernity and an amazing sensory experience.

Luxury textures are all about how the fabric feels. The feel of the fabric should be smooth, fine, and unwrinkled. 

The Dior new collection for luxury fabrics opens a unique window for usability and utility. Luxury fabrics can be used for clothing or decorating spaces. 

Aspiring fashion designers and fashion creators can use such types of fabric beyond imagination. The exquisiteness of each fabric makes it different from the rest. These fabrics are suitable for clothing, bags, shoes, and much more. What’s more commendable is that all this luxury fabric is derived from sustainable manufacturing. Dior believes in ethics and sustainability derived from upcycled clothing. 

Patterns and Weaves of the Dior New Collection

Dior New Collection

Fashion brands keep themselves on their toes, and so does Dior. The tone set by Dior appeals to a large section of consumers who are on the lookout for premium collections. Dior stays ahead of the current fabric trends and maintains its identity as a relevant luxury brand. Dior has always created silhouettes with tulle or jacquard. These are plaited and draped for fluidity and dynamism.

Dior’s new collection is a veritable manifesto of fashion and fit. Dior’s spring/summer 2021 collection is a ready-to-wear collection designed by Maria Grazia Chiuri. The Dior patterns and weaves signify opulence. Made with luxury, Dior fabrics defy all statements of understated and dullness; rather, it emphasizes how colors are not so important when the textures of the fabric can uplift the whole outfit. 

Texture versus design? What’s more important?

Garments made out of elegant, rich fabric not only feel luxurious but also influence minute fashion details. The texture of fabric affects color, lines of threads, and the design itself. The fall of a luxury fabric is essentially one of the most important factors when opting for luxury fabrics. There is so much room for play to curate wishful designs. 

Dior’s new collection is all about the body and surface of the fabric. It is smooth, fine, crisp, and soft. The texture of the fabric defines how well it is suited for a particular design. They can be used for creating illusions of sizes and shapes. 

The popularity of luxury textures

Dior New Collection

Luxury textures have always been in demand. Be it weddings, classy dinner parties, or leisure evenings. The luxurious fabric never goes out of fashion. Fashion brands can use rich, elegant fabrics at affordable rates. The Dior new collection may be extremely luscious and opulent, but it is equally priced. The textures of the fabric reflect not only the style but also the mood and attitude of the wearer. Luxury fabrics can draw a larger section of the society creating demand for high statement fashion brands to look out for more such fabrics. 

The demand for luxury clothing brands is substantially increasing, and many fashion houses are opting for expensive fabric collections worldwide. More and more clothing brands are shifting from basic fabrics to luxury fabrics. The call for luxury textures is rising even in everyday wear clothing. Because luxury is synonymous with comfort, textures are being given much more importance than ever before. The look of an outfit depends on the textures and weaves of the fabric, which ultimately leads to elegance. 


Luxury fabrics have always been in demand. Since ancient times silk, jacquard, and tulle have had the upper hand over the rest of the fabrics in the market. Also, luxury fabrics give brands an opportunity to create a larger variety of high-end fashion clothing. There is so much to play with luxury fabrics as they create a sense of grandeur. You can build a fabric collection based on Dior’s new collection, which is subtle yet classy. Connect with Fashinza today to source the luxury fabrics you desire for your collection today!


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