BAFTA 2022: Fashion Pickups From Red Carpet
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BAFTA 2022: Fashion Pickups From Red Carpet

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It is the beginning of the award season and we are already speculating who'd wear who in the upcoming events. This year we are expecting a total return to the times unlike the past two years. Glamour is back in our lives as the red carpets are brimming with celebrities flaunting their fashion fetishes.

Bafta 2022 was one of the most awaited award shows of this year, a prequel to the auspicious Oscar. While we still wait with bated breath for what Oscar holds in store, let us have a look at the most stunning fashion trends Bafta red carpet witnessed only some hours ago.

It would be an injustice to not begin our list with the man of the night himself. The Power of the Dog has made an unprecedented impact on the viewers and it fetched the maximum awards and accolades for itself at Bafta 2022. The man who never fails to mesmerize arrived in a classic black tuxedo, with a badge of Ukraine's flag pinned on it. Cumberbatch was one of the many stars who expressed their support for Ukraine last night.

Benedict Cumberbatch in Bafta 2022

Next up on our list is Ariana Debose, who defined ‘simply stylish’ with her up-to-here slit and floral bright gown. She paired it with red stilettos.

Naomi Campbell, known for making powerful fashion impacts at events on the regular, was no exception this time. She looked absolutely stunning in her sumptuous black velvet Burberry floor-length gown. Talk in the town suggests she gave off a Cher-like vibe with her flowy hair and gown. 

Naomi Campbell in Bafta 2022

Lea Seydoux was all glammed up at Bafta 2022 in her Louis Vuitton glitzy black and silver sequinned gown. To say she looked like one among the most beautifully dressed would be no understatement. Her off-shoulder, low-cut sweetheart neckline perfectly complemented her hourglass figure.

Daniel Kaluuya kept up with his consistently impressive fashion moments. He was seen sporting a unique piece, fresh off the catwalk this year. A fuzzy coat that was a part of the Prada’s autumn/winter 2022 menswear collection was well accessorized with Bulgari jewelry.

Daniel Kaluuya in Bafta 2022

Rebecca Hall sported a standalone look at this years' Bafta 2022. She wore a sheer grey shirt dress that went quite well with her short hairstyle.

Florence Pugh was more punk than ever this year. She seemed to have decided to shed her sweet little girl image in favor of a more resolute style and she nailed the brief to our delight. It was her debut in a raven pixie cut, accentuated by an edgy black mini dress with a baby pink tulle train. This is the kind of fashion statement that we say deserves buzzworthy attention.

Florence Pugh in Bafta 2022

Kodi Smit-McPhee knew he would have spotlights pinned on him this year. He was the co-actor to Benedict Cumberbatch in The Power of the Dog. Unlike his character in the movie, he posed to be more daring with his fashion choices at the event.

He chose an oversized, asymmetric Virgil Abloh-designed Louis Vuitton number for his Bafta 2022 night paired with a dazzling Cartier leopard brooch.

Tom Hiddleston continues to define the ‘very British’ fashion with his signature uniform of a black velvet jacket, black tuxedo trousers, pleated-bib shirt, and silk bow tie.

Tom Hiddleston in Bafta 2022

Did you really think we would end the blog without mentioning Lady Gaga? Well, we saved her for the last and for good reason. Gaga never stops short of delivering a show and this time she brought exuding elegance to the red carpet.

Lady Gaga in the cascading custom forest green gown by Ralph Lauren was a breathtaking spectacle. The jewelry was - no points for guessing - from Tiffany & Co.

Lady Gaga in Bafta 2022\r\n

Here ends our list of top fashion picks from Bafta 2022! Did you spot any specific trends on the red carpet this year, apart from the omnipresence of black? Let us know in the comments!


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