London Fashion Week Men's 2022 Calendar: Who, Where, when
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London Fashion Week Men's 2022 Calendar: Who, Where, when

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After a long wait, the much-awaited London Fashion Week Men’s will take place in a hybrid mode, meaning in both physical and digital formats. Fashion enthusiasts have been waiting for the event for a long time. During the pandemic, the Fashion Week took place online, with restricted attendees and catwalks. Due to social distancing measures, the event could not come to life as it used to be. Vibrant colours, chirpings, spirited discussions, and fashion divas were missing. But finally, the wait is over. London Fashion Week Men's is coming to life in its profound glamourous spark. 

London is famous for its eccentric essence of fashion and style. You'll find a blend of British aristocracy and polished aesthetics. This year's London Fashion Week Men’s will witness a wide range of unconventional and indie designers like Molly Goddard, Simone Rocha, and Supriya Lele. 

The world's most prestigious university for fashion and textile design will participate with upcoming designers. These young minds have challenged the set norms and revolutionised fashion. The London Fashion Week Men’s sets a big platform for such emerging designers.

Major brands, including Simone Rocha, Richard Quinn, Erdem, and Roksanda, are all set to burn the stage again with their euphoric fashion launches. Newcomers are also ready to storm the London Fashion Week. It is an exciting time for the new fashion designers who will showcase their creative launches. 

What is London Fashion Week Men’s all about?

London Fashion Week Men’s is a fashion event organised by the British Fashion Council twice a year, in February and September. In collaboration with sponsors such as Mercedes-Benz, the British Fashion Council, a nonprofit organisation, presents collections from over 250 designers. Through this Fashion Week, the designers reach the international audience and fashion market through ramp shows, designer showrooms, and various media presentations. An estimated 100 million pounds worth of orders is placed during every London Fashion Week Men's season.

The winter/autumn collections are showcased in February, and in September, the spring/summer collections are showcased. This event presents a platform for the new designers to launch their new collections before they are available for purchase in the markets. Different colours, paparazzi outfits, monochromes, and unique outfits presented here are the cherry on top and turn out to be the dream outfit for every fashion influencer and celebs all around the globe. 

This is also a window for all the buyers and editors to see the brands and launches for their showrooms, fashion outlets, websites, and magazines. We can say that this event is a corridor to reach the world of fashion around the globe. 

When is it scheduled? 

London Fashion Week Men's

The fashion world's four major city events are held in New York, London, Milan, and Paris. The London Fashion Week Men’s is the second event in the series after New York Fashion Week and is followed by the prestigious and vibrant Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks. 

This year, the event will take place on a Thursday, the 16th of September, and end on Tuesday, the 21st of September. Fashion geeks are waiting for the event eagerly, as it will be a fashion bonanza for them. After the whopping success of the winter/fall season in February 2022, expectations are high from the upcoming season of London Fashion Week Men’s scheduled in September 2022. 

Like the February version, the September season is expected to raise the bar of the fashion industry. It is worth noting that till September 2022, the pandemic situation will get minimised, and this September version is going to be an extravaganza.  

Where is the London Fashion Week Men’s going to be held? 

The majority of shows are held at venues across the capital with pomp and show. Most high-end brands opt for palatial settings to showcase their visionary launches. Some of the small fashion shows will also be held in the BFC's show space. It is to be noted that the location of BFC's show space varies from season to season. Some iconic locations include Moschino, Dior, Gucci, Burberry, etc. 

Who is invited to this Fashion Week? 

Most of the audience at London Fashion Week Men’s will be buyers, editors, fashion critics, and trend forecasters. These people are directly involved in the fashion industry, and they would love to know what designers have planned for next season. 

For the publicity of the brands, international celebrities, including models, musicians, and actors, are invited to fuel the publicity. These celebrities add a spark to the collections and make them worth buying. 

Media houses, fashion critics, and people related to the fashion industry are eyeing an entry to this Fashion Weeks, which is one of the most prestigious Fashion Weeks. Chit-chats are going around that this time, it will be a bigger event than the February 2022 event. Here, the stalwarts will face a tough challenge from the newcomers, whose innovative designs have impressed fashion critics. 

How can you book your tickets? 

The London Fashion Week Men’s is not a public affair. It is an invite-only event that the common public can't attend. As it has followed the trend of virtual showcasing, many of London Fashion Week's events have gone virtual this year. Many designers have decided to stick to this new virtual way of launching their collections by using short films and media presentations. These films will be available on the BFC website. 

How can you get invited to your dream place?

London Fashion Week Men's\n


Privilege to be a celebrity: Being a celebrity is a guaranteed way to get invited to the auspicious occasion of London Fashion Week. You need not worry if you are not a celebrity, as you can also become a model and walk the ramp. 

Fashion editor: Writers, fashion editors, and reporters from worldwide are the first who get the invitation very easily. Famous designers and brands reach out to them and extend their warm invites in advance. Thus, these fashion people plan to cover the event and their favourite designers, brands, and fashion divas. 

Influencers, the soul of the fashion industry: Being an influencer opens the gate of fashion week with a welcome note. Besides this, there is a perk of brand deals, lavish gifts, the opportunity of collaborations with your dream brands, and many other privileges. If you are a social media star or vlogger, it will help you get the spot and mark your presence in the world of stardom at the London Fashion Week Men’s. 

Personal relationship managers/ volunteers: The busiest bees during the Fashion Week are the PR team and volunteers. They plan and manage the entire show and thus get rewarded with a personal invitation to the London Fashion Week. These are the people behind the starry event. They schedule, set up, and plan the reach of big brands and designers. 

Classy models: The entire fashion industry runs on the shoulders of the models. Fashion Weeks would become a corporate meeting without classy and outstanding models who set the stage on fire every time. Designers look for models according to their designs and brands. 

Some models have no options for particular designs and brands. They have become the brand ambassador of that particular dream brand. The Fashion Week comes full of vibrant opportunities for every emerging fashion star. It proves to be the one roof under which every fashion industry person wants to mark their presence at least once. 

Hairstylists and makeup artists: These are the guys who work behind the scenes, and they are the soul of the show. Hairstylists and makeup artists work very hard in presenting a model to their best fashion level. Making the models ready for the ramp in their best flawless outfits is their job at hand. Though they rarely get a chance to be snapped, their talent and hard work portrayed on the ramp walkers get snapped everywhere and are the main source of love for them. They also can meet fashion icons, celebrities, and designers and enjoy the after-parties. 

Be a buyer: The ultimate aim of the fashion week is to launch the products in the market. Big buyers get invited to buy the designs launched and make business deals. After designers, they are the busiest person involved in business deals and looking for the best future opportunities. Buyers are the first preferred choice for the invitation. Big brands and designers reach out to them personally to promote their designs. 

Professional photographers: The Fashion Week is a glamorous event, and the role of professional fashion photographers is the most important. Who would not love to be snapped at such a dreamy event? They cover the event for their magazines, channels, websites, etc. They are also on the preferred list of invitees. 

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