Milan Fashion Week 2021: Key Highlights
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Milan Fashion Week 2021: Key Highlights

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The digitally made collaboration for Milan this year was in no manner less than the endeavors put up by the designers the years before. Milan, the center of refined tailoring and luxury garments, despite the wild spell that the pandemic has been, made an effort to create an autumn-winter show that could potentially redefine the fashion scene for the year to come. Here we enlist some of the key fashion moments seen on the runway of Milan Fashion Week 2021:

Donatella Versace:

Versace showcased sharp patterns and slim silhouettes paired with crisp tailoring and chiseled looks for its models this season. Versace saw the return of Gigi Hadid on the ramp where she was dressed in an all-black ensemble. The suits seemed inspired by the bold and crisp emblem of the Greek Key and resembled suits of armor. From modern minis to sultry body cutouts, this year's dresses reeked of a bold and powerful aura while simultaneously being laid back and effortless in terms of incorporating elements of street style.


The Valentino director was working on understated shades of black and grey with pops of gold for the Milan Fashion Week Fall of 2021. After the huge hiatus that the world took because of the deadly wave of the virus that swept Italy, he made sure he was the one to reopen the Piccolo Teatro of Milan, for a night only, to introduce his Valentino ‘act’. The line entailed crisp pleated mini skirts, sharp collared white shirts, the telltale turtlenecks, and flowy cape-like coats. All of these were paired with futuristic chunky boots adorned with macro studs and rubber petals, which clearly showed the fashion house’s inception in the ‘60s. The models stood six feet apart from each other, maintaining the formation and probably reminding people of the menace they’ve been through. Just as the backdrop changed for the final formation from white to Valentino red, it was a stunning visual experience.

Dolce and Gabbana

Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce had announced that their Fall 2021 collection for the Milan Fashion Week would be the next chapter for Dolce and Gabbana the brand. The futuristic promise was well delivered, and when they showcased tier outfits, critics knew that the baton had been passed. Humanoid robots graced the ramp ways for their shows. They loaned these robots from the Institution of Italian Technology, which is a Genoa research hub that works around artificial intelligence and Human cognition. The collection might have looked straight out of a futuristic sci-fi movie but the collection never for a moment let go of the quintessential nineties Dolce and Gabbana aesthetic. The collection had metallic boots to pearl dresses that grazed the thighs, neon-colored leopard printed bodysuits to dazzled crowns, and of course, voluminous futuristic puffer jackets.

Lorenzo Serafini

Lorenzo Serafini

Lorenzo Serafini went down the route of the school kid aesthetic for his runway show. In a year that saw so few school uniforms or just uniforms in general, this idea might have seemed too far-fetched or too ambitious, but this is exactly why it was necessary.  The school aesthetic included letterman patches to crisply pleated skirts, the olive green military color which screams ‘Back to School’! However, the collection came with a twist- everything was maximized from that you would normally see in front of a locker. It is bolder, brighter, and more colorful, but that is exactly where the sheer brilliance of the designer’s collection lay for Milan Fashion Week 2021. The collection seemed to have sent a message into oblivion that the world was ready to return to normal.

Emilio Pucci

After people had such a cruel winter, it became almost blasphemous to think of winter fashion and design. However, Pucci made sure that while he did think of it, he knocked the ball out of the park. The colors and prints were made so happy and bold, just as one would expect Pucci to do. These were outfits made for St. Moritz and St Tropez, which separates designs from the mix and match and printed leggings to also sultry slitted skirts amidst striking white ensembles. Winter clothing shall never look the same now, thanks to Pucci and all of his outfits.


Other stellar moments from the Milan Fashion Week 2021 would include designers like Salvatore Ferragamo, Marni, and of course, the famous Giorgio Armani and Emporio Armani. One of our personal favorites was Emporio Armani’s gorgeous reincarnation of the eighty’s style, which came in the form of colorful palettes and crisp, modern silhouettes. The Milan Fashion Week 2021, in short, gave a few stunning fashion moments which may be assured to be repeated on the fashion scene in the foreseeable future.


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