Plus-size Pantsuit in Style for Festive Season 2023
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Plus-size Pantsuit in Style for Festive Season 2023

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Summary: Plus-size clothing industry is flourishing, and many brands are becoming more and more size-inclusive. Plus-size pantsuits for women are in for the year 2023 and can be effortlessly flaunted with the right colors and patterns. 

The fashion industry is becoming more size-inclusive with every passing day. The increasing confidence among plus-size women, coupled with the body positivity movement, has led to a major increase in demand for plus-size fashion apparel. Plus-size pantsuits are now topping the latest fashion trends, and brands are jumping onto the bandwagon to cash in on this style statement. 

Many big brands and designers have been incorporating plus-size pantsuits into their fashion arena. Brands like Mango and H&M are focusing highly on plus-size clothing. Plus-size suits for women have become trendy. Thanks to style icons like Ashley Graham and Crystal Renn who flaunt clothing that is not centered around size 6-8 women. Well, Fenty goddess Rihanna’s beautifully untamed shows prove that plus-size pantsuits are for the women of now and beyond. Brands have not missed out on this cue. 

Let us, now, walk you through various trends and ways in which plus-size formal pantsuits are making their way into the festivities of 2023.

  1. Versatile Gray Look 

One of the most exquisite ways to don plus-size formal pantsuits can be to go all gray. The gray, menswear-inspired suit is versatile and can be worn anywhere in endless ways, starting from office to night outs. Minimalist brands can look forward to dressing up fashion-conscious curvy women in this very chic clothing. 

Versatile Gray Look 
  1. Mix and Match 

Another way to style pantsuits this year could be by mixing and matching. These classic mixing and matching have taken a step up in fashion after brands started investing in plus-size pantsuits by modernizing them with contrasting jackets and trousers. Clothing labels can look forward to this trend continuing in the new season and into 2023. 

  1. The Belt Bag Wonder 

Bags are an integral part of women’s wear. Formal plus-size pantsuits look exceedingly good with a belt bag layered over the blazer. These bags with shimmery chains were the hottest trend in pantsuits during fall and summer runways this year. Brands can expect these belt bags to turn neutral-colored plus-size pantsuits into the talk of the party!

  1. Going Bold 

Many plus-size supermodels like Candice Huffine and Fenty’s face Paloma Elsesser have been seen with wild patterns and big color patches on their plus-size suits, which instantly made a big splash in the fashion industry. Plus-size brands can look forward to adding a little sparkle for a boss woman in her pantsuit. 

  1. Chop Crop It

Not just in plus-size formal pantsuits but fashion brands are designing cropped pants in umpteen ways. The marketplace is brimming with these plus-size pants in both men's and women's clothing. Brands can highlight cropping up the pants of the suit for a more boho and playful look that adds a whole new dimension to the customer’s shoe options.

  1. Shorting the Style

Well, one trend when it comes to classic pantsuits, is women matching them up with a mini skirt or a pair of shorts. This trendy style has been going on strong since the 90s. Brands working with plus-size women’s wear can restock their clothing line with pantsuits because this style has returned like a blast from the past. 

  1. Linen All the Way, Summer and Spring

Styling plus-size suits for women in summer can be a tedious task. Well, linen fabric is at the rescue! A linen pantsuit is a great hack for women attending formal events and going places this summer. Fashion brands love linen, whether designing pantsuits for men or women. 

summer and spring
  1. Rock It with Neons

One more trend catching up with curvy women is flashy neon colors. Clothing labels into plus-size pantsuits can dip their hands in trendy neons like hot pink, cobalt blue, or cherry red. Neon is a party trend we have been seeing for a while and will be witnessing more of it in 2023 as well.

  1. Halfsies

Another trend that sparked interest among plus-size women was color-blocked pantsuits with two contrasting colors on each side. Fashion brands who can style up their full-bodied female customers in bright contrasting plus-size pantsuits will be trending in the festivals and event circuit. 

  1. Cor-set it up

Another trend that is making headlines is pairing up pantsuits with corsets. There is a lot of room for accessorizing with corsets. Nice chunky earrings and chokers were seen donned by many celebrities with this look, which has been lapped up by curvy women.

Becoming More Size-inclusive 

As per a report by Future Market Insights, the plus-size clothing market is valued at $601.7 billion in 2022 and is estimated to reach $1,044 billion by 2032. This is the reason why brands have now expanded their line-up to size 28.

If you are looking to expand your operations in plus-size suits for women, Fashinza can help your brand become more size-inclusive. With our AI-powered dashboard and unparalleled logistics, we can connect you to trusted manufacturers and suppliers across the world. Connect with Fashinza today to take a big leap in plus-size fashion! 

Key Takeaways

 fashion brands
  • Many brands are moving toward plus-size fashion as it eyes a large market share in the fashion industry.
  • Plus-size suits for women can be incorporated easily into the festival season of 2023. Trends like cropped pants and neon colors are in for the year. 
  • Plus-size formal pantsuits evolved with brands creating a more versatile and ‘can-get-done-anything’ attitude to empower women with versatile dressing options. 

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