Pricing and Apparel Matching Strategy Of Jil Sander X Uniqlo 2020 Collection
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Pricing and Apparel Matching Strategy Of Jil Sander X Uniqlo 2020 Collection

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Uniqlo's continuous dedication toward innovation and business culture are two crucial reasons for the brand’s success. Tadashi Yanai, the Japanese firm's founder, is renowned for saying that a business is really nothing without a soul. 

What is +J?

"+J" was introduced in 2009 by UNIQLO as a collaboration with apparel designer Jil Sander. It aimed to improve people's lives via thinking, availability, and high-quality items. Jil Sander contributed to the collection by adding her implementation of modernism, durability, and minimalist style. The aim of +J was to deliver high-quality innovation without losing Sander's previous ideas and concepts.

+J made a triumphant comeback in Fall/Winter 2020, much to the delight of fans nationwide. Also, with their new Spring/Summer 2021 collection, the successful collaboration and its popularity continue. The brand strives to define contemporary wardrobe, giving it a new meaning.

Pricing Strategy

To keep costs down and sell at a low price, Uniqlo employs a non-price competition technique. Uniqlo's adopted a specific approach: the gap label, which meant to promote its business as private-label apparel. The company typically designs its own clothes and exclusively sells them in its shops and on its website. Therefore, the entire +J Uniqlo 2020 collection was exclusively available at Uniqlo stores and website. The corporation often uses sporting events to appeal to the broader public.

Jil and Uniqlo determined that 35% of Uniqlo's products are priced under $10, while 7% are priced over $50. As a result, over a quarter of the collection items were priced between $10 and $40. As a result, the +J Uniqlo 2020 promoted both availability and efficiency.

The company's product development, production, fabrication, and delivery skills are all in-house. Hence, it can stay close to consumer demands based on what the consumers are purchasing in their storefronts. The +J Uniqlo 2020 collaboration that way saved money on excess production and needless overheads. In a matter of weeks, stocks may be improved or restocked, and they can all be restored in the case of days.

Uniqlo can concentrate its fabric purchases into large orders by focusing on the essential items in a limited selection of textiles.

Apparel Strategy

Made for everybody

The Jil Sander and Uniqlo collaboration was a long-awaited affair and the partnership had an interesting approach to pricing and fabric designs.

Uniqlo achieved widespread popularity by catering to people of various ages, demographics, and socioeconomic situations. It does this by not imposing an "appearance" on anyone and keeping everything basic and in-sync with one another. The USP of the +J Uniqlo 2020 collection was its prints and styles. Uniqlo has established its name on delivering elegant essentials, and Sander has been dubbed the “Queen of Less.” Before re-signing her agreement, she thoroughly pondered collaborating based on this ideology.

Considering the occurrences of 2020, more businesses have been rushing to support inclusion. Uniqlo has already been actively hiring individuals with impairments in Japan since 2001, and this is something they've been working on throughout. This was a common belief that Jil Sanders and Uniqlo shared, making the collection happen. 

Uniqlo has also just joined the Valuable 500 while holding a disability inclusion campaign. The firm made a five-point pledge to multiculturalism and inclusiveness as a result of this. The Jil Sander and Uniqlo collection made sure its size was also more inclusive. Styles were evenly dispersed throughout dimensions in the United States, up to a men's 3XL and a women's XXL.


Uniqlo's love of technology is evident in its product line. Despite being referred to as a fast-fashion label, it avoids offering the newest, most fleeting trends. Instead, innovation surpasses trends and popularised the brand due to its ability to provide functionality, convenience, and utility in the lives of its customers. Uniqlo revolutionized clothing and accessories by initiating AIRism, its comfort conditioning innovation, and HEATTECH, a heat-retaining fabric. 

Uniqlo has established itself as the industry leader in this sector due to its early embrace of these technologies, the desired position among consumers who want their clothes to work much harder today.

The first method utilized in the +J Uniqlo 2020 collection is focused on technological durability. This refers to how they may safeguard the environment by using recycled or environmentally friendly products. In this case, they wanted to do as much as possible. As a result, they developed recyclable polyester and down and water-saving techniques for denim production.

The Jil Sander and Uniqlo collaboration was a long-awaited affair and the partnership had an interesting approach to pricing and fabric designs.

The second method focused on creating items that people can enjoy for another two, seven, and ten years, not just this year. The LifeWear line is built on this concept. For the past ten years, Jil Sanders and Uniqlo have been producing ageless designs, and the +J Uniqlo 2020 collection is a testimonial to that.


The spirit of the +J Uniqlo 2020 collection is represented in Tadashi Yanai's 23 Management Principles, which he established and instilled in each and every Uniqlo employee. Putting consumers first, giving back to society, and being self-disruptive are the core values of these concepts, which all fashion brands must also inculcate.


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