The Past and Future of Victoria's Secret Fashion Show: 10 Jaw-Dropping Facts
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The Past and Future of Victoria's Secret Fashion Show: 10 Jaw-Dropping Facts

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Victoria’s Secret - the name speaks for itself. It is the largest Lingerie Brand in the USA and has its vivacious presence worldwide. What made the brand stand out were the “Angels” sashaying the runway with glamorous lingerie. What started as a sophisticated and extensive lingerie shop that was male-friendly, took the fashion world by storm - thanks to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Here are 10 absolutely jaw-dropping facts that you must know. 

Everything about Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

#1 Who is the Victoria behind Victoria’s Secret? 

Surprise! There is ‘no’ Victoria behind the famous Victoria’s Secret! Roy Raymond, the founder of the popular brand Victoria’s Secret was not inspired by any Victoria. He felt that the name Victoria’s Secret sounded sophisticated and rich with an English tone. He also named the brand, inspired by the Victorian era in England when a lot of refinement took place. The idea was to inspire a refinement in the field of lingerie too, where the experience of going to a lingerie store was much less creepy. 

#2 When was the first-ever Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show held?

The first-ever Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was hosted at New York’s Plaza Hotel in 1995. The models were dressed in sheer slips and shiny bras. The main theme of the fashion show was sexy and glamorous lingerie (only). 

#3 When was the famous Victoria’s Secret Wings introduced?

During the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show held in 1998, the models wore gorgeous lingerie as well as angelic wings. It went on to become the symbol of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and had an ethereal feel to it. The audience received it well and it went on to symbolize the models as angels. The models entered the stage with harnesses from above to make it look as if they were flying as angels do. 

#4 For a good cause

In the year 2000, the Victoria’s Secret Show was held at the Cannes Film Festival. It was a part of the gala-themed Cinema Against AIDS. The fashion show managed to raise a whopping $3.5 million. The fashion show was lauded for its success as well as its driving force to channel a good cause. 

#5 Protests during the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show!

During the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show held in the year 2002, something strange happened. The show had recently been moved to Lexington Avenue Armory in New York. One of the models, Gisele Bundchen, was followed by protestors when she walked the ramp. The protestors were from PETA, protesting against wearing fur. 

#6 Popularity and costumes hand in hand

As the years progressed, the Victoria’s Secret Show gained more popularity. More people were keen to attend the fashion show to see the divine angels walking the runway in wings. Similarly, the size of the wings too was getting bigger and better. The audience couldn't wait to see what was new each year. The focus was no longer only the sexy lingerie but also the elaborate costumes and wilder looks. 

#7 Great music and trendy fashion

In 2013, the iconic Taylor Swift performed at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show alongside Karlie Kloss, her model friend. The show was bigger than ever when music and fashion fanatics came together to set the stage on fire (not literally!). 

#8 As natural as it can get

A lot goes on backstage before any fashion show. Right from the hair to the stilettos, everything is designed to look perfect. There are certain “standards”, right? However, in 2015, Maria Borges, wore her natural hair - close-cropped hair and no wigs. This was a very critically lauded move and set the ball rolling for other things to come. 

#9 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show cancelled!

After decades of the annual Victoria’s Secret Show, it was cancelled in 2019 due to a lack of viewership. This was the snowball effect that Ed Razek’s speech had on the show. He made a statement that transsexuals could not be featured as the show was a “fantasy”. This did not go down well with the people. 

#10 The next Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

Though no date has been announced yet, Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is said to be held in the near future. This time around, there won’t be any angels sashaying the runway. This show will instead feature inspirational women who will be the brand’s new faces and voices. 

We are looking forward to the Victoria’s Secret Show. Are you?


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