What Were The Most Loved Fabrics for Oscar 2021 Dresses?
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What Were The Most Loved Fabrics for Oscar 2021 Dresses?

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The Oscars 2021 didn’t disappoint fashion lovers and critics. Bold and flamboyant styles dominated Oscar 2021 dresses. Old favorites like satin and chiffon made way for newer fabrics like Tencel. Historically, the red carpet has featured a range of fabrics, from wool to velvet and lace. Each brings a distinct identity to the dress and wearer. This year was no different.

Let’s look at some of the fabrics that made Oscar 2021 dresses stand out.

Fabrics that ruled the Oscar 2021 Dresses

Oscar 2021 dresses used a variety of fabrics. Gold silk and silver silk dominated the red carpet. Gold has always been a favorite for many Hollywood stars like Meryl Streep, Sandra Bullock and Emma Stone. However, this year, gold made a distinctive appearance. 

Gold Silk 

Gold is a natural choice for red carpet events. Because it shimmers, it ensures that the wearer stands out in a crowd. This is precisely why some of the biggest celebrities have chosen gold to make a statement. Gold silk was a common choice among Oscar 2021 dresses

Carey Mulligan, Leslie Odom Jr., and Andra Dey dressed in gold silk. Odom Junior deserves a special mention for wearing a double-breasted suit made of jacquard fabric. It is interesting to note that the jacquard fabric is made with gold silk and uses pure 24-carat gold threads. According to designer Yermagyan, the Vatican also uses jacquard fabric in its robes. 

Andra Day also looked glamorous in her gold gown. The Vera Wang creation used gold silk to enhance Day’s easy elegance. The midriff-baring dress wouldn’t have made a statement in any other fabric than gold silk. Carey Mulligan was a goddess in gold. The billowing gold silk Valentino dress was stunning, and accentuated the actress’ dainty features.

Perhaps all of them followed one simple rule — to get an Oscar, dress like the Oscar. Gold was clearly the color of choice for Oscar 2021 dresses. 

Most Loved Fabrics Oscar 2021 Dresses
Most Loved Fabrics Oscar 2021 Dresses

Carey Mulligan

Most Loved Fabrics Oscar 2021 Dresses

Andra Day 

Satin in various hues 

Satin is a preferred fabric among the rich and famous. The fabric is luxurious and provides a rich medium for designers to experiment with their creativity and craft. Satin in varying shades featured quite prominently in Oscar 2021 dresses. Vanessa Kirby Looked spectacular in a pink satin dress with a half-moon cut. The dark lipstick enhanced her overall look.

Regina King wore a duchess-satin Louis Vuitton gown, tightly hugging her body. The shoulders were fashionably exaggerated. Its deep neckline and big shoulders gave it a very regal look, almost as if she was getting ready for a royal ball. Zaria Simone also looked fabulous in her Dolce and Gabbana satin Dress. Satin was a top fabric choice for Oscar 2021 dresses. 

Most Loved Fabrics Oscar 2021 Dresses

Vanessa Kirby 

Light Tencel 

Celebrities are keen to keep up with green fashion. Tencel is fast becoming the first choice of many stars who want to make climate-conscious and green-style statements. Tencel is a special fabric sourced from sustainably grown Eucalyptus trees. This fabric is lighter and smoother to wear than cotton. It looks and feels like silk. Another plus point is its superior absorbent quality. Last year, many celebs dressed in Tencel fabric to show their support for sustainable fabrics. 

In 2020, Louis Vuitton partnered with RCGD and Tencel to create a stunning gown for actor Lea Seydoux. Elena Andreicheva received her Oscar in a dress made of Tencel fabric. 

This year, Marlee Matlin walked the red carpet in a gown made of Tencel Luxe filament yarn. Oscar 2021 dresses made of Tencel got a thumbs-up from environmentalists and fashion tycoons alike. 

Most Loved Fabrics Oscar 2021 Dresses

Evergreen Chiffon 

Chiffon stole the limelight this year, with actor Zendaya endorsing it. She looked stunning in a bright yellow Valentino gown with a bandeau top and high-waisted skirt. The gown had a long trail, and the swift blowing wind added more glamour to this exquisite creation. Zendaya looked stunning, chic and mystical all at once with her center-parted hair that swayed with the winds. 

Most Loved Fabrics Oscar 2021 Dresses


Actor Halle Berry also dressed in a stunning chiffon Dolce and Gabbana Mauve-Pink pleated gown. A giant bow in the front completed the look. Chiffon accentuated the soft pleats that fell gently around her like waves. She swirled them for the photographers, and her pictures won the internet. 

Actress Reese Witherspoon also chose chiffon to mark her presence at the Oscars 2021. She wore a two-tone wine-red pleated gown by Christian Dior. The dress had a sleek black belt with a gold buckle. Gold indeed featured very prominently among Oscars 2021 dresses. 

Most Loved Fabrics Oscar 2021 Dresses

Halle Berry 

Most Loved Fabrics Oscar 2021 Dresses

Reese Witherspoon 


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