Which Designers Are Participating in Vancouver Fashion Week 2021?
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Which Designers Are Participating in Vancouver Fashion Week 2021?

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The awaited one-day event is just around the corner, and we are so excited to see what it will surprise us with this year. The Vancouver Fashion Week has been around for 32 seasons already, with a reputation of having talented and undiscovered designers over the years. The event is the second largest fashion week in North America, and it’s no surprise because of its multiculturalism and emerging talent. Let’s look at the top 10 designers participating and showcasing their talent by bringing Vancouver fashion to life this year.

Vancouver Fashion Week 2021 Fashion Designers


With a passion for Expressionism Art, Tanja Salem of the fashion brand CO-DE has only given masterpieces to the world. The designer’s collections have many interesting patterns and colourful styles. The most impressive thing about the brand’s collections is the material that they use. They try to produce clothing made of mono-material that is recyclable. In an interview, the designer shared how her team came up with innovative ideas to make handmade garments with leftover fabric. The brand has come up with a very thoughtful way of circulation of resources. It will be exciting to see her creativity in the Vancouver Fashion Week this October.

Guerline Camp

Guerline Camp came up with a playful concept inspired by her memories in her “Forgotten Memories” collection this April. The designer took the world by storm with her collection that reflected the relationship between art and culture with playful, colourful, and three-dimensional designs. The idea of bringing back the past that has faded and reflecting it in her designs makes us want to look forward to what the designer has in store for us and Vancouver fashion.

La Femme Roje 

La Femme Roje is a brand by the fashion designer, stylist, and entrepreneur Rojan Hooshyar. The designer showcases her Iranian-Canadian roots in her designs. Rojan inclines to make more sustainable and cruelty-free fashion choices. She tries to show the uniqueness and the power of Middle Eastern women. Her collections are a reflection of herself, which makes them more authentic.

Cornelia Borgerhoff

Cornelia Borgerhoff never fails to inspire people with her collections and concepts. The designer came up with the idea of “Acceptance Letter” for her exhibition at the Vancouver Fashion Week and touched many hearts. It had a behind story of her being the only black young woman in a white family. She took her stand against the racial indifference and stigmas and showcased how proud she is of being herself.


Fashion designer, Ismi Makise who introduced the world to her brand ISXNOT, looks at the clothing with different eyes. The designer considers clothes to be suits of armour, making a person feel confident about themselves. In her last collection, the designer came up with the concept of freedom and wanderlust. The audience felt connected with her modern and creative designs because almost everyone felt the same during the pandemic.


MTTC (Mariya Tamila Tkachenko Couture) is the Australian couture designer initiated by a mother-daughter duo Mariya and Tamila Tkachenko. The brand has taken steps towards sustainable luxury garments. It makes handmade pieces with only the best craftsmanship and provides vintage and antique designs. It is fascinating to see how their designs are so timeless and surpass all the current trends.

Kilal Fibers

Owner Aylin has always had a passion for the loving people of Peru. The designer visited the place multiple times and always felt moved by the people. She decided to start this brand when she bought a handwoven bag in a city in Peru, which made her think to work more on the creations of the artisans. Her vision was to make handwoven bags and let the world see the creative minds behind art pieces.

Denny Reinke

The designer Denny Reinke introduced a whole different world of his own. Unlike others, he took inspiration for his collection from the Baltic Sea and the local fishermen. The group has more sand, yellow, grey, and blue tones of colours that give them a more vintage and theatrical mood. Denny made his collection fresh like a sea breeze with stripped and check patterns. The reflection of the sea in his collection is very pleasing for people’s eyes.


Narda Gabriela Paredes Romero is a young artist who learned to design shoes in Peru and became an expert in drawing and pattern making. The artist gave the world NARDA Bolivian Handmade as a present. One of the best shoe brands that make handmade shoes with top-notch material and skills. The brand is now known for its beautiful handmade luxury footwear. It will be a treat to watch the designer presenting her best of the bests shoes in the Vancouver Fashion Week this fall, giving a beautiful touch to Vancouver fashion.


Founded by a Korean designer, Bomin Kim, Blue Tamburin is a brand that focuses on a persona as a core theme. They have participated in Seoul Fashion Week in Korea, Vancouver, and New York, and this will be their official launching event at the Vancouver Fashion Week this fall. Their concept is “Against Every Discrimination,” which expresses the importance of people expressing themselves daringly by embracing diversity.

This fall, the Vancouver Fashion Week will be introducing the world to new talent again, and we are here for it. Stay tuned with Fashinza for more inside stories about all upcoming global fashion and design trends.


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