Why Harry Styles’ Dress Vogue: Zooming In On The Design Details!
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Why Harry Styles’ Dress Vogue: Zooming In On The Design Details!

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Harry Styles, a former member of One Direction and a British pop musician, was announced as the cover model for Vogue magazine issued on November 13th, 2020. It was a revolutionary step by the vogue magazine as it featured the first-ever male cover star. However, as the visionaries would have expected, it led to prominent controversies. But it wasn’t because of the fact he was the first guy to be handed a solo Vogue cover, but because he wore a long gown, skirt, and other ‘feminine’ clothes.

The Harry Styles Vogue dress is a frothy periwinkle blue Gucci gown combined with a black Gucci tuxedo jacket that does not scream "masculinity", which actually started the conversation about gender fluidity. This isn't the first time that the charismatic solo musician and actor, Harry Styles, has experimented with fashion in unconventional ways. On the cover of the Guardian Weekend, the singer wore a black Commes Des Garçons garment and defended the gay aesthetics of his visual work. But with Vogue, the tables truly turned around. 

His choices for fashion have always been out-of-the comfort zone, and the Harry Styles Vogue dress screams that as it blurs off gender distinctions. It isn’t easy for everyone to carry such pieces with so much confidence and grace at the same time. There were many times when Harry painted his nails lavender, wore a sheer pussy-bow top and a women's Marc Jacobs suit, or stripped down to fishnets for a shoot, but what remained conventional is his confidence, which tick marks all the boxes. 

Harry Styles’ Dress Vogue Cover Design Details

Harry Styles' Vogue dress was just another outlet of his style, said Harry during a conversation with Vogue. This all Gucci attire was meant for breaking the pre-set notions and the gender stereotypes. Most of his admirers complimented the outfit and the top designers took inspiration from different pieces to recreate. But the event also attracted criticism with people bashing him and his outfit.

The Harry Styles Vogue dress truly set a benchmark. Though some bashed him for the unconventional dress, most of his fans head to Twitter to gush over his choices, especially for the Vogue cover.  

One user expressed, "I didn't know that seeing Harry Styles is a dress and a skirt was all I ever needed", whereas others complimented him for his beauty, style, fashion choices and made bold statements like, "Styles Vogue dress may help someone understand, clothing has no gender."  

Other style statements by Harry Styles that changed our perspective towards fashion! 

Harry Styles’ Dress Vogue Cover Design Details

Iconic denim two-piece 

Apart from the Harry Styles Vogue dress, he wore one of the iconic denim two pieces during his performance at Capital's 2019 Jingle Bell Ball that effectively trashed plain old jumpsuits forever that suddenly became the first choice of every designer as if it always existed. Truly, no one could have dreamt of a better combo for styles, especially for this event.

Earring with a Dangly Pearl 

With diamond studs and little cross earrings, say farewell to the skater lads. Unlike everyone, Styles wore an earring with a dangly pearl that suddenly became the trend for the coming years. No, it wasn't the pearl that made the crowd go wow, but the mystery of the missing pearl. 

Tartan's Symbolism 

A tartan jacket in cropped style is something to consider and look forward to. From suits to haute couture jackets, the singer or actors are famous for making a style statement in checked patterns. 

Don't Overlook High-Neck (Victorian) 

As the co-host of the 2019 Met Gala, Styles had to be on his toes regarding fashion choices. The Victorian lace ruffles falling down his high collar and the gently puffed sleeves reaching from his shoulders made him one of the night's most exquisite standouts. 

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