Why Harry Styles Wears a Gucci Dress on the Cover of Vogue
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Why Harry Styles Wears a Gucci Dress on the Cover of Vogue

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Vogue is one of the most iconic fashion and lifestyle magazines in the world. The magazine has also been regularly featured in the news due to its controversial and groundbreaking covers. Well-known celebrities and VIPs have appeared on Vogue covers in the past. 

Whether it's Billie Elish revealing her secret tattoo or Kamala Harris's first Vogue cover drawing the ire of fans, the magazine unfailingly makes it to the news. It never ceases to amaze its readers. As always, Vogue has once again surprised audiences by featuring Harry Styles in a Gucci Dress!

Vogue December 2020

Who would have thought that former One Direction member, Harry Styles would embrace gender fluidity in such a bold fashion? Vogue December 2020 set many records due to his feature. In the past, 9 other males have also appeared on the Vogue cover, but with a partner. Zayn Malik and Justin Beiber have also graced the cover of American Vogue, but with their better halves. Harry is the first male to cover to get a solo Vogue feature. But this isn’t what grabbed eyeballs. In fact, it’s the Harry Styles Vogue dress that made headlines.

The ‘Infamous’ Harry Styles Vogue Dress

Yes! Harry Styles, the first male to feature on a Vogue cover, solo, wore a dress. He wore a voluminous periwinkle blue colored gown and paired it with a double-breasted black tuxedo jacket designed by Gucci's Alessandro Michele. No doubt, the Harry Styles Vogue dress turned many heads. This unusual outfit sparked a lot of discussions on gender-specific dressing and fashion choices. Undoubtedly, Harry took this step to break gender norms. This cover received a lot of praise, but criticism wasn’t too far. Many people felt that the dress symbolized a less masculine man, while some, including people from the LGBTQ society, loved the initiative. Many said that the cover highlights the history of fashion. 

Who Shot Harry's Vogue Cover 2020?

Famous Vogue photographer Tyler Mitchell captured the Vogue cover of December 2020. He is well known for Beyoncé’s 2018 American Vogue Cover which made him the first African American photographer to shoot a Vogue cover. He was also one of the youngest photographers to work for the magazine. This talented photographer took many magnificent shots of Harry in the Gucci dress. It surely can’t have been easy to capture good shots of a man in a dress, especially for Vogue.

Why Did Harry Wear a Gucci Dress?

Styles riled up audiences with his choice of attire for the magazine cover. Being the first male to grace a Vogue cover solo, Harry wanted to celebrate this achievement by dressing up uniquely. According to Harry, his inclination to dress like every other person was not new. He confirmed that he has always had peculiar tastes in fashion since childhood. 

Harry Styles supports broad fashion choices because he believes that gender-based clothes only limit one's freedom of expression. Thus, the dress was a symbol of tolerance, creativity and breaking away from stereotypes. Harry believed that by establishing barriers, we are just limiting ourselves. This was the sole objective of this unusual Vogue cover. It aimed to stir a debate among fans and the fashion industry about what constitutes fashion. 

Can you challenge the boundaries of fashion? Can you experiment freely with clothing? Can you choose to be gender fluid through fashion? And most importantly, can you choose to break away from gender-based stereotypes? Harry's Vogue cover sent a clear message that one’s choice of clothing does not symbolize masculinity or femininity, rather, just a taste for fashion. 


The stunning Vogue cover was a landmark for the fashion industry. It posed an important question - If a woman can wear men's apparel, why can’t men be comfortable wearing a dress? There’s a lot of chatter about feminism and gender equality, but equality goes both ways. Men too should have the freedom to wear whatever they feel like. 

The Harry Styles Vogue dress was unique and bold. Sure, Harry is not the first and last man to wear what we refer to as women’s clothing. But, the Harry Styles Vogue Dress has motivated many others to be comfortable in their own skin. It lets people believe that everyone deserves the freedom to wear whatever they want. This Vogue cover has marked the evolution of the fashion world challenging gender-based clothing stereotypes. 

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