80s Fashion For Women: Incredible Style Moments We Still Love Today

80s Fashion For Women: Incredible Style Moments We Still Love Today

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Summary: The fashion trends of the 80s were largely shaped by the icons of those times. Pop stars of the generation like Bianca Jagger, Grace Jones, and Madonna ruled people's hearts. Even today their signature 80s outfits like bold shoulder blazers, taffeta eveningwear, and biker shorts are the reference points for 80s fashion.

80s Fashion Moments Continue to Inspire Designers

Neutral palettes and minimal silhouettes were kings in the post-Phoebe Philo era. The 80s elements gave a renewed sense of boldness during the 2010s with adventurous color stories and a playful dressing sense for the masses. This was deemed missing from the industry for decades. Some of the moments in the 80s were also memorable fashion points, which have become inspirational for designers at various times.

Brynn Jones, designer and owner of Aralda Vintage in Los Angeles, is completely enamored with elements present in the 80s fashion trends. She finds the playful shapes, structured silhouettes, abstraction, and unapologetic glamour associated with 80s outfits especially fascinating.

Fashion designer Thierry Mugler ruled the 80s. His fall 1984 collection is revered by current designers and fashion lovers equally. In that show, a pregnant Pat Cleveland, representing Virgin Mary, descended from the ceiling in a glistening gown. She looked like an ethereal angel.

Issey Miyake’s fall 1981 collection is also iconic and etched in public memory. Particularly famous is the blue plastic bodice that still fuels the imagination of futuristic fashion designers.

Grace Jones looks for her character May Day in the famous 1985 Bond movie 'A View to Kill’. Created for her by Azzedine Alaia, it is still absolutely fresh in the minds of fashionistas.

80s outfits were all heavily accessorized with earrings, belts, brooches, gloves, belts, etc. Here is a list of some famous moments and elements from 80s fashion.

  • Leather Blazers – Worn by famous music and silver screen mega stars like Tom Cruise (Top Gun), Cher, Bon Jovi, Morten Harket, and Madonna, leather jackets were essentials for any 80s outfit. The most popular amongst all leather jackets sported large padded shoulders and were worn with the sleeves rolled up. A perfect example is Michael Jackson's look in Thriller. Double rider and café-racer jackets were equally popular.
  • Lace Dresses – Lace as a material was initially popularized during the 80s by the pop stars of the time. It quickly found resonance with the masses. In the 80s trends, a lot of lace was used by prominent fashion designers. The more, the merrier. In the present era, the same trend is continuing without much alteration. Lace dresses paired with gloves became an instant fashion statement throughout the 80s when Madonna launched her global hit, 'Like a Virgin', in 1984. From movies to runways, the same trend can be seen everywhere even today.
  • Disco Tops- Today, party trends are on the rise, thanks largely to social media platforms and the 'follow me' culture. So it makes perfect sense to pair a draped disco top with high-waist blue jeans. Fashion lovers fondly remember one such Heather Locklear pose for a fashion portrait. This 80s fashion trend looks very beautiful with signature Paco Rabanne’s sequin and chain mail elements.
Disco Tops
  • Over-sized Checked Blazers – Giving a lesson in strategic layering, the Brooke Shield look in a turtleneck and checked blazer still woos the hearts of fashion lovers. This 80s outfit look can be recreated by putting on a plaid button shirt underneath and tucking it into denim. In this fall collection, oversized blazers have been everywhere. For office wear, they are paired with trousers. For a chill night out, this trendy element can be paired with a sparkly mini-dress. The bigger, the better is the central theme of this 80s trend.
  • Wrap Belts – Remember that iconic photo of Princess Diana where she wore a printed blouse with puff sleeves and a fitted pencil skirt while watching a polo match in the early 80s? She cinched this 80s outfit by putting on a skinny wrap belt. This element from 80s fashion is back in action now and is garnering a lot of applause on runways.
  • Bright Hues – Top-tier dressmakers like Halston are bringing back a key aspect of 80s fashion. It can easily be seen on the runways. This aspect is bold colors. Today fashion aficionados are turning towards designers like Christopher John Rogers for silk dresses in bright hues.

Expect 80s Fashion to Majorly Impact 2023

One clear pattern emerges almost instantaneously when looking at the style trends. Fashion trends are cyclical in nature. Anything that was in vogue in the past makes a dramatic and bold reappearance in the future almost certainly. Fashion designers keep on drawing inspiration from the stark resurgence of the early aughts trends. The same is the case with the 80s fashion which is going to have a major influence on the 2023 fashion scene.

Key Takeaways

1. Celebrities' have made certain fashion moments in the 80s memorable which continues to inspire present-day designers.

2.  The 80s fashion shall continue to have a major influence on the 2023 fashion trends.

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