A Sneak Peek into Princess Diana's Outfits that made Jaws Drop!

A Sneak Peek into Princess Diana's Outfits that made Jaws Drop!

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Princess Diana was an enigma who took the world by storm. While her tumultuous life was always under the media’s scrutiny, Diana still carried herself with unmatched class and elegance. She was a roaring success among the fashion critics of her time. Even today, her fashion choices still remain as striking as ever. 

Diana’s resolve and character shone through her fashion choices, many of which were unconventional and way ahead of their time. It wasn’t only her bold fashion statements that stunned the world, but her choices carried the stamp of her own unique personality.

Diana’s outfits and nuanced fashion choices conveyed her empathy and deep sense of love for humanity. Check out her 10 best outfits of all time.

The Little Black Dress

The little black dress won many hearts when it made an appearance. Also known as the ‘revenge dress’, the Christina Stambolian piece marked Diana’s rebellion against the conventions of the royal code. The dress featured a sweetheart neckline and the ensemble was completed with a memorable choker and pumps. Princess Diana spoke to the world with this rebellious fashion choice 

Diana’s Wedding Dress

Princess Diana's Outfits Princess Diana Fashion

A show-stopping wonder, Princess Diana’s outfit for her wedding is remembered with fondness even today. Made with taffeta silk, the dress had pearl embellishments and featured a beautiful lace trim. A 25 feet long train, made of tulle, elevated the wedding gown to sheer resplendence.

The Blue One-Shoulder Gown

Most of Princess Diana’s outfits stole the show, and this one was no different. This metallic blue gown had an understated elegance about it. It carried Diana’s beauty with effortless ease and made her shine with an ethereal glow.

The Baby Pink Co-Ord Set

The baby pink co-ord set was highly coveted when Diana first wore it back in the day, and it remains more so even today. She managed to capture her charm and convey it through an outfit that best suited her dynamic personality. Even today, this attire is remembered for its understated elegance.

The Sweatshirt with Cycling Shorts 

Even before the prevalence of ‘athleisure’ and before throwing on a sweatshirt over cycling shorts became a norm, Princess Diana made casual look good. She sported an oversized sweatshirt with a pair of pastel cycling shorts and white shoes. Diana’s outfits, but more particularly this look, have been an inspiration for many trends today.

The Cannes Film Festival Gown 

Princess Diana's Outfits Princess Diana Fashion

Princess Diana looked every bit charming in her red carpet appearance at the 1987 Cannes Film Festival. The effervescent pale blue chiffon dress was made by designer Catherine Walker. The tube gown perfectly complemented Diana’s effortless sophistication, and is remembered to this day as the red carpet look.

Sea-Green Sequined Evening Gown

With a ruching detail down the center front of the gown, this stellar gown was a figure-flattering number by Catherine Walker. The ensemble came out on top with its statement emerald and diamond choker. The slit to the knee was an ingenious design detail that Lady Diana carried with unflinching elegance.

Burgundy Crushed Velvet Gown

This plunging velvet gown brought out the best of Diana’s unstinting beauty. She paired it with a trail of pearls down her back to ramp up the evening gown with her own unique style.

The ‘Elvis Dress’

Princess Diana's Outfits Princess Diana Fashion

Dubbed as the ‘Elvis Dress’, this was one of  Diana’s outfits well worth remembering. The white gown was a gleaming column of shimmering white pearls. It was commissioned by Princess Diana for her visit to Hong Kong. The standup collar on the bolero jacket was as loved as it was criticized. And while Diana’s outfits were later honed with greater finesse, this look has remained legendary throughout the years.

The Pink Jumper and Gingham Pants

Princess Diana's Outfits Princess Diana Fashion

This stylish look donned by Princess Diana can be found in any contemporary magazine. Lady Diana was truly ahead of her time and sported the most fashion-forward ensembles. Her gingham pants added a fun pop of color to her personality which when coupled with the jumper, truly brought out the Diana that came to be revered as a fashion icon.


Lady Diana’s outfits were just as stunning in her time as they are today. Her sense of style was timeless. She was a legend whose fashion choices still influence the industry today. Her legacy lives on as a global icon, a fashion trend-setter and a caring human being.  If you are looking to re-create some of Diana’s outfits, get in touch with Fashinza. We work with leading suppliers in the industry to manufacture the latest fashion and apparel.


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