Dress Up Graphic Tee For Work: 4 Stylish Ideas

Dress Up Graphic Tee For Work: 4 Stylish Ideas

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Graphic tees are super cool and everyone's favorite. Yet, wearing them to work can be tricky as they are too casual. Interestingly, with the right styling tips, these T-shirts can become workplace-appropriate easily.

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Graphic Tees For Work? It's Possible!

When it comes to work wear, the instructions are generally always clear — wear formal shirts and tops, avoid ripped and rugged jeans, and opt for formal to semi-formal ethnic wear. Honestly, it's not that confusing, until someone plans to style something that does not fall into these categories at all.

Think tube tops, bodysuits, graphic tees, etc. But, hold on! Before declaring these outfits NSFW, wait a sec! With the right layering and pairing, these attires can easily become a part of everyone's work wear.

What's the easiest one of them all to style up for the office? Graphic tee, duh!

There's hardly a person in the world who's not in love with graphic T-shirts. They exude a super cool vibe, convey what's on your mind with their graphics and quotes, and can be worn every day. Yes, every day to work as well without looking out of place or too casual.

four simple ways To Style graphic tees for work

While there's no such thing as 'too many graphic tees', they can get too much if someone hasn't styled them properly at the workplace. So, to make things easy, here are four ways in which graphic tees can be styled to suit your workplace.

Suit Up

Are you wondering what's the recipe for a powerful outfit that can give anyone a major voguish feel?

Here are the ingredients — a flattering pantsuit in vibrant color paired with a contrasting graphic tee. This OOTD screams 'work wear, but make it fun'. Get experimental and bold and choose a bright-colored pantsuit like pink, red or orange. Make sure it's body-hugging and has a flattering silhouette.

Tone down the peppy colors with a natural-hued graphic tee. You can choose a grey, black or white tee for the best casual yet dramatic look. Complete the look with pointy stilettos and minimal jewelry.

Layer Up

Layering up your graphic tee is one of the most important elements when it comes to styling this attire. Wear your favorite graphic tee and add an extra layer of your choice. You can opt for trench coats, leather jackets, and smart blazers that go well in winter and summer.

To complete the look, wear minimal studs, carry a chic crossbody and don funky sneakers.

Skirts FTW

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When it comes to graphic tees, skirts are your BFF. We're talking about mid-length pencil skirts in neutral colors like black and brown. You can also go ahead with denim skirts with buttons on the fronts that give the entire outfit a classy cool vibe. Tuck your graphic tee in the skirt and choose footwear that twins with the color of your top.

You can either keep your hair down or for a sleek appeal, tie it in a neat ponytail. Add golden hoops or danglers and your 'girl next door' look is complete.

Accessories, Accessories, Accessories

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While graphic tee, accessories can break or make your entire look. Yes, they're that important. While these T-shirts give a chilled-out appeal, the right accessories can add the boss vibe to your outfit instantly. When it comes to footwear, you can always think of stylish stilletoes with closed and pointy toes in shades like black and beige.

Avoid heavy jewelry as they don't generally go along well with graphic tees and might look out of place. To exude a 'not trying too hard' vibe, choose elegant and minimal studs, hoops and pendants. Instead of carrying colorful bags, opt for monochromatic ones that scream power and poise.

Be Careful Of These Mistakes

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Now that you know the major hacks for styling graphic tees, it's time to learn the common mistakes that one makes while wearing this T-shirt. These are the major red flags that you need to avoid if you want your graphic tees to blend in your workwear ensemble easily. Here they are:

  1. Avoid Jeans, But If You Really Have To

    Graphic tees already give a casual and cool vibe. When you pair it with regular jeans, you might overdo the casual bit. To make your outfit sharp and serious, avoid pairing the t-shirt with jeans in the office, especially the rugged and ripped ones. Rather, go for formal pants and sleek trousers.

    If your workplace already has a chill vibe and you really want to wear jeans, we suggest you go with ones that have a slim fit. Choose darker shades of blue and black for better results. Also, try layering up your graphic tee with smart shrugs and blazers.

  2. Inappropriate Quotes Are A No-Go

    This one is non-negotiable. No matter how cool and fun your workplace and colleagues are, avoid graphic tees with inappropriate quotes and figures. Don't wear anything that has profanity written over it or suggestive drawings. They can be offensive at the office and can look extremely unprofessional.

  3. Don't Underestimate The Power Of Silhouettes

    When it comes to graphic tees, silhouettes and proportions are everything. Wearing an oversized graphic tee with wide or straight-legged jeans can make you look cumbersome and even a good blazer would not be able to save the day. Rather, pair an oversized tee with a pencil skirt or sleek trousers and add a statement belt to it.

    Wearing a body-hugging tee with skinny jeans can give a 'trying too hard to look cool' kind of vibe. You can add a flowy shrug or jacket to balance the proportion in such cases.

Styling a creative outfit like a graphic tee for different occasions can be tricky. To learn about the latest fashion tips and styling hacks, visit us at Fashinza.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Graphic tees are super trendy outfits and need a lot of planning before you wear them for work.

  2. The aim always has to be to tone down the coolness of graphic tees with the seriousness of other items you pair them with.

  3. Layering and balancing the proportions play a pivotal role when it comes to styling up graphic tees for work.

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