How to Take Inspiration from Blair Clothing Catalogue And Make Your Own!

How to Take Inspiration from Blair Clothing Catalogue And Make Your Own!

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Blair Corporation is an American retailer involved in direct marketing mail-order. The company has grown rapidly over recent years to become one of the largest retailers in direct marketing. Blair has grown rapidly in popularity over recent years. 

The Blair clothing catalog features many types of styles, including classic and current styles. The company deals in various kinds of clothing for men and women. In short, any type of women’s clothing you require, you will certainly find it in the Blair clothing catalog.

The company suffered from declining sales in the 2000s. However, since then, the company has totally changed its fortunes to become extremely successful. The impressive clothing catalog is responsible for this massive turnaround of events. You can also take inspiration from the Blair clothing catalog for your own brand. Let’s dig deep to see what is so special about the Blair clothing catalog. 

A Huge Variety of Clothing Products

Blair Clothing Catalogue Blair Corporation

The Blair clothing catalog features a huge multitude of clothing products. The brand of Blair caters to the needs of both men and women. Blair makes products for every age group. Whatever clothing or apparel product you require, the Blair clothing catalog will have it for you. 

In the Blair clothing catalog, you can find dresses, activewear, footwear, sweaters, pants, tops, etc. There is nothing in the clothing world that Blair does not offer.  

This is a valuable lesson that you can take from the Blair clothing catalog for your own catalog. Try to include as many clothing products ranges as possible. For a successful clothing catalog, the formula is, “the more, the better.” 

This is because having more products will allow you to meet the demand of more customers. Customers are not all the same and have differences regarding tastes, preferences, interests, passions, aspirations, fashion sense, etc. So, offering a few products means you are missing out on a lot of potential customers.

Prioritizing Quality

The Blair clothing catalog is not just about quantity only. It also greatly values quality. Blair offers top-notch clothing for both genders. Blair’s focus on quantity has not led it to disregard quality by any measure.

The Blair clothing catalog is well known for its high-quality standards. This is something you should also try to emulate in your catalog. Remember, a high-quality product offering is instrumental in building trust and attaining loyal customers

A Heavy Focus on Measurements

One of the key aspects of Blair’s success is its high focus measurements. The Blair clothing catalog has products belonging to every possible size. If you are a petite person, don’t worry, as Blair will have plenty of options for you. In case you want plus-sized clothes, the Blair clothing catalog will not disappoint you.

A correct-sized cloth from Blair would facilitate a perfect fit for you. Its clothes will feel comfortable to you in the bust, chest, waist, and hip area. Wearing Blair’s clothes will enhance your confidence instantly. You can know it better by giving Blair’s clothes a try yourself.

Valuable lessons can be taken from this aspect of the Blair clothing catalog. You should also try to cater to the needs of every type of individual by offering various sizes.  Also, try to ensure a comfortable fit, just like Blair.

Blair Clothing Catalogue Blair Corporation

Everyone associated with the clothing business knows that clothing is seasonal. However, only a few brands can match Blair’s diligence in this regard. The Blair clothing catalog is very much up to mark with regards to any change in trends. The result is that it offers products that follow the latest market trends.

Blair does this by gathering data from the market and making expert speculations. Blair’s team of experts have a pretty good idea about the upcoming trends. It is difficult to find a product on the Blair clothing catalog that is outdated. This is yet another point regarding the Blair clothing catalog worth taking inspiration from.

You should conduct market research and surveys to gather valuable data. This data will give you an idea of the direction in which the fashion trend is heading. As such, you can make preparations beforehand. If possible, send scouts to the streets to observe people. 

The scouts would carefully observe what most people are wearing. They will then report back to you. This will get you an idea about the latest trends.


Blair Corporation turned around its fortunes to become one of the most successful retailers involved in direct marketing mail orders. The highly impressive Blair clothing catalog was the reason behind this remarkable turnaround. The success story of this high-quality clothing catalog is one from which any clothing business enthusiast can take inspiration.


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