8 Tips & Tricks For Mastering The Art Of Suiting Up That Every Man Should Know

8 Tips & Tricks For Mastering The Art Of Suiting Up That Every Man Should Know

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Summary: For each man out there in the world, choosing a perfect suit is backbreaking work. Nevertheless, with these tips and tricks, it’s going to be a cakewalk.As a man, one wants to stand out of the crowd, and what’s better than a flawless tuxedo to ace an oh-so-handsome look? From everyday 80s fashion and urban 90s fashion to current fashion trends, suits, without a doubt, are the most versatile and comfortable ensemble one can wear.

However, there’s nothing worse than an ill-fitted and off-balance pair of suits - it fails to conform to the contours and built of a specific body structure, which results in an overall shabby and lazy look. And no points for guessing, no one likes that.

Nevertheless, the following are quick tricks and tips to keep in mind when one is browsing the racks for their next suit shopping or how to make the existing suits cleaner and more exquisite. And trust us, these points are extremely simple but work wonders!

Get the suit customized by a professional.

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For most men, a tuxedo hunt is almost a last-minute chore, which results in opting for an off-the-rack readymade suit. These pre-made suits might seem like a wonderful option, however, nothing beats a flawlessly customized suit. As we mentioned earlier, get these suits hemmed by a professional for an elegant finish.

Matching everything is the key.

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Imagine how odd it would look if the tie, pocket square, lapel pin, and shirt are all the different hues. Therefore, it becomes quite important to match these accessories with each other to form a brilliant concoction of class and refinement. Pair a black tie with a black suit and add on a white-shaded pin and pocket square to complete the look with a stunning monochrome look.

A belt with a decent buckle is non-negotiable.

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There’s no doubt about the fact that a suit looks incomplete without a belt. With the right amount of functionality and aesthetics, a belt adds nothing but grace and completes a look. Apart from that, match the belt with shoes to add a touch of grace just like from everyday 80s fashion trends. Pick a belt with a simple yet elegant buckle that suits your respective event and style.

The button has to be in the right place.

While the buttons on the suit might look just functional, they do play an important role in marking a statement. All one needs to do is unbutton their suit while sitting down and button it up real quick while standing up. This will not just ensure to leave an impressive mark on the crowd around you, but will also avoid any creasing on your suit.

Never shy away from experimenting with new prints.

Yes, nothing beats a solid black-hued tuxedo, but a classic printed one goes a long way, as well. From windowpane and strips to houndstooth, there are a gazillion prints out in the market. All you need to do is pick the one that suits you the best and makes you stand out from the crowd.

Tip: Never go ahead with too small or too large prints. Instead, opt for neutral and mid-sized prints for the best results.

Don’t forget to don a nice pair of socks because it shows.

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Now, one might be thinking, ‘how do the socks even matter?’ but it has been playing an important role since urban 90s fashion trends. Never underestimate the power of classic-hued socks because it’s revealed out in the open when one sits or moves. And hence, pick a pair of socks that are long enough to avoid showing off the skin or are too bright and colorful.

Always look for the perfect material that makes you comfortable.

From woolen and cotton to linen, there are a number of different materials for suits as well, just like any other piece of clothing. While some of these are quick-absorbent for chilly winters, a bunch of others is more breathable for donning during scorching summers. Pick the one according to the weather and preference for a comfortable fit.

Match the width of the tie with the lapel.

This might seem like an overlooked, minute detail but makes a huge amount of difference. When both - the tie and lapel - are of equal width, it creates a visual harmony, which results in a symmetrical and perfect look. Therefore, a wider lapel should be paired with a wider tie and a slim lapel with a slim tie.

Key Takeaways:

-There are countless options for the men who wish to stand out of the crowd, by just adding a little twist to their suits.

-A man needs to comprehend what suits him the best - in terms of colors, prints and fits.

-With just a couple of tips and tricks, one can get their suit game on point, effortlessly.

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