How to Get Free Fabric Samples from Fashinza Manufacturers?

How to Get Free Fabric Samples from Fashinza Manufacturers?

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Have you ever struggled with finding the best fabrics for your project? It may be for designing a new collection or revamping your old collection. Here’s the apogee, starting with fabric samples from different manufacturers. Fabric samples equip you with the best designs inspired by the latest trends.

What better way than getting free fabric samples from one of the leading apparel manufacturing platforms - Fashinza. They connect some of the best clothing manufacturers in the industry. Manufacturers from different countries never go wrong with fabric sourcing at Fashinza. 

Professionals in the fashion and apparel industry understand the importance of right and adequate sourcing for a successful business. Fashinza, one of the fastest-growing business-to-business manufacturing marketplaces, allows manufacturers to connect with top fashion brands. At Fashinza, brands can source free fabric samples from over 500 manufacturers.

At Fashinza, clothing brands can acquire fabric samples along with authenticity certificates and tags by using relevant filters. The easy-to-use interface makes it convenient for registered suppliers to source only the best fabric samples from the top brands at Fashinza.

Benefits of Free Sample in Fabric Sourcing

When starting a new fabric-related project, always check that a fabric matches specific requirements, a valuable tip before buying several meters of it. It becomes critical when purchasing the material online.

While there are enough details on the shopping websites about the colour, texture, and other essential things, you don't see the actual fabric. Looking at a digital image, you can not be sure about its qualities like colour, texture, and tensile strength.

When working with expensive fabrics with a lower margin for error, free fabric samples permanently reduce the risk of buying the wrong material, which may lead to delays in production and cause losses. After all, the timing of the product launch makes or breaks the apparel business.

Fabric swatches help understand the fabric and determine if it suits the requirements. After thorough examinations of the samples, proceed to place an order for adequate units that cater to your sourcing needs.

Additionally, a swatch also helps to:

See the true colours of the fabric 

While viewing fabric on a computer or a mobile screen, the colour could be pretty deceiving compared to real life. Selling material requires you to be highly detailed about everything, especially the colour. 

There's a significant difference between reddish-brown and brownish-red, which matters even on a consumer level. Ordering a swatch can help you find the exact colour of the fabric you want.

Determining the texture of the fabric

Most designers would agree that choosing the design and style isn't difficult. However, finding the right fabric texture that matches the design is most challenging and essential. Fabric is crucial to make sure that the clothing is comfortable, flexible, and the right fit. How can you tell whether a material is loopy, fuzzy, rough, bulky, or crisp without seeing and feeling the sample? 

Whether you are interested in knowing the softness of the material or its strength, a swatch can help you quickly determine the fabric's texture and make an informed decision while placing a bulk order.

Determining the weight of the fabric

Describing fabric's accurate weight can be challenging. While it's relatively easy to categorise any of the fabrics as lightweight, medium-weight, or heavyweight, most of the materials usually fall into lightweight and medium-weight.

A particular blend of cotton-based fabric might be lightweight, yet its pure form might be between lightweight and medium-weight. Knowing the correct weight of the material is vital to meet specific GSM. You cannot revert or make changes once garment manufacturing is complete. Hence, pre-determining the fabric's weight using the free sample becomes crucial.

Things to Remember for Efficient Fabric Sample Sourcing

Sourcing fabric samples could be effective only if you do it the right way. Here are the essential steps for efficient fabric sample sourcing that you can use at Fashinza and in general.

1. Analyse your need

Before you even start ordering fabric samples or think about reaching out to anybody for the same, identify your needs. Understand why you need the fabric, the best type of fabric for your project, your budget, and the quality you expect from the material. Collecting this data is important to understand your exact needs and get what you want.

2. Evaluate the supplier’s market

Your sourcing is successful only when you understand the supplier's market and the supply chain. Before you order the first free samples, it's crucial to determine the costs and the time involved in sourcing these fabrics. If the supplier is adjusting well to your working patterns, it could be the start of a great working relationship in the future.

3. Analyse the samples

Once you have understood your need and supplier market, you can start working on an efficient sourcing strategy. However, you first need to get hold of the sample material and analyse it thoroughly to confirm that it's the right fit. Fabric samples will help you understand the overall fabric quality and texture. You must evaluate everything, be it the colour, texture, long-term availability and sustainability.

4. Prepare your sourcing strategy

Once you have successfully understood your needs and matched them against the supplier's deliverables, you can map out the amount of material you would require for your project. Please send in your requirements to the supplier and wait for their response.

5. Finalise the prices

Money is the golden question in every transaction ever. You, as a customer, are supposed to get the best deal for the fabric order. After the supplier sends in the invoice for the pre-order, you can negotiate to get the maximum quality for your budget. Please also discuss the shipping costs, time, order capacity, time taken to manufacture the products, and other things before placing an order.

6. Place your order

If you like the fabric samples and the quality of the fabric, and it seems like you have everything for your project, you can start placing your order for the fabric samples. Make sure to have a person on behalf of the manufacturers who regularly contact you. Feel secure and comfortable with your transaction and only then decide to purchase. It's essential to make your purchase on your terms and convenience.

How to Get Free Fabric Samples at Fashinza?

Now comes the most important thing - ordering free fabric samples from Fashinza manufacturers.

Fashinza has two ways of providing fabric samples to its customers:

1. Sourcing your clothes

As you start with your project, it's vital to source your clothes from the right manufacturers. 

Fashinza has 400+ registered manufacturers competing with each other. Hence, it is cost-effective and safer to source your material from these manufacturers and receive free fabric samples simultaneously.

One can visit the Fashinza cloth sourcing page and get relevant quotations.

Cloth sourcing at Fashinza happens in four simple steps.

  1. Requirement submission: You submit your requirements, and Fashinza gives you a quote on your order.
  2. Free samples dispatch - You get the free samples within 7-10 days as you accept the quote.
  3. Order Completion - After you approve the sample, the bulk production for your fabric begins. You can track your order status 24/7 through the Fashinza platform.
  4. Order Delivery- You receive timely delivery. Hence, avoiding any production delays and timely completion of your project.

As you source your clothes with Fashinza, you can also directly talk to the manufacturers and discuss your requirements before placing an order. It is essential to have a direct line of communication with your manufacturer to get precisely what you want. 

2. Contacting Fashinza as a brand

If you want to place an order directly, you can also do that by contacting the Fashinza team on their 'contact' page.

Connecting directly with the Fashinza team helps you source clothes directly without browsing different catalogues or picking manufacturers on your own from them. The expert at Fashinza matches you with the best fit manufacturer based on your project requirements.

When you contact Fashinza as a brand, you get a team of experts willing to understand your requirements properly and provide you with the quality of fabric you want for your project. Once you finalise your fabric needs, Fashinza's team sends you a free sample to evaluate before proceeding with the order.


Now you know how to start getting free fabric samples from Fashinza. A live example of a fabric is always better than a virtual one. Fabric sampling makes sure you get exactly the material you want for your projects. Sourcing a free fabric sample is vital in the apparel industry to fulfil your requirements and deliver such quality to your customers that they always expect.

Fashinza is one of the top apparel manufacturing platforms for B2B industries. With more than 400 manufacturers, thousands of satisfied customers, and hundreds of positive reviews, sourcing your fabric samples is easier with Fashinza.

Connect with Fashinza and send free fabric sample requirements to get some of the best fabrics manufactured by top manufacturers from different countries. 


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