Best Clothing Manufacturers in the World: List of Top 10!
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Best Clothing Manufacturers in the World: List of Top 10!

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Best clothing manufacturers aren't easy to find. Whether you want to be an entrepreneur or simply want to sell clothing items online, you must know that connecting with the right manufacturers is crucial for your apparel business’s success.

You might have a niche in your mind, clothing designs, or clothing items you would like to sell, but might not be sure where to start and how to get your clothes manufactured.

Well, if you are curious to learn about the global textile industries that have claimed the top slots, we have listed down the top ten largest and best clothing manufacturers in the world for you.

3 main factors to take into consideration before picking your manufacturer:

  1. Price and quality: Shortlist one from the list of best clothing manufacturers offering the best quality and production support while also fitting into your budget.
  2. Delivery Time: Having a company that can ship you the products at the earliest can save you from going out of stock during peak sale seasons.
  3. Experience: This goes without saying, experience in the industry is a win-win. Any manufacturer that expertises in their niche and has previously worked with global brands should be given preference.

Grow your business by associating with the best clothing manufacturers in the world

These manufacturers have made it to the list because of their records in producing and distributing a vast range of textile products to retail brands worldwide.


Fashinza is an intercontinental B2B apparel manufacturing service provider. They have global access to 400 best clothing manufacturers across India, Bangladesh, China, Vietnam, and Turkey. With their huge supply base, they are able to produce all categories of clothing. Fashinza's offices are in New York, Dubai, and Delhi. They ship their products globally.

Based on your needs, their AI-driven platform can pick the best clothing manufacturer to match specifications. Through their data-driven approach, they can help you to identify bestselling designs and manufacture them within a very short lead time of 30 to 60 days. They provide special support to brands that want to experiment with certain categories by accepting low MoQ of 50 pieces and delivering in 21 days (Click for details!).

In addition to providing these services, Fashinza also helps brands to have clear visibility about the delivery timelines. Their automated dashboard sends out updates (notifications and emails) about production progress on a daily basis. Besides, they assign dedicated account managers to each brand who are available for support 24/7.

Website: fashinza.com

Pineapple Clothing

Find The Best Clothing Manufacturers in the World

This American apparel supplier and manufacturer specializes in women and kidswear. This is the best clothing manufacturer for you if your brand is focused on out-of-the-box print designs that can be worn throughout the day. What’s more, Pineapple Clothing is kind of popular for crafting fabric for retail stores.

Good Clothing Company

Good Clothing Company caters to both small and large-scale fashion brands, and even independent designers.

They offer eco-friendly and sustainable clothing items. They function by getting an online form filled from their clients so to get all the details and make an offer accordingly.

If you have requirements that other garment manufacturers could not fulfill, Good Clothing Company might be your answer as one of the best clothing manufacturers in the world.

Apparel Production Inc

Apparel Production Incorporated is headquartered in New York, United States. Their unique selling point is their ability to offer high-quality fabrics at reasonable and competitive rates.

It is definitely one of the best clothing manufacturers in the world as it is already associated with many renowned brands.

Find who's your perfect manufacturing partner!

Billoomi Fashion

Best Clothing Suppliers near you

Billoomi Fashion is a well-known Indian company for producing ready-to-wear woven and knitted apparel for all genders and ages. With a vast bandwidth to fulfill, the company takes bulk orders from national and international fashion brands.

Arvind Limited

Arvind Limited is one of the best clothing manufacturers in the world. It was established in Ahmedabad, India in 1931. Headquartered in Gujarat, India, Arvind Limited is one of the largest Indian textile industries and all across the world.

The company is popular for distributing fine fabrics, unique and trendy styles to textile manufacturers worldwide. Arvind limited owns the licenses for many multinational brands like Wrangler, Arrow, and so on.

Portland Garment Factory

Based out of Portland, this is a powerhouse of fashion fabrics and designs. The company is well-known for its unique and intriguing designs, patterns, thought line, and client servicing.

The studio is established on the grounds of a no-waste mission, thus making it to our list of the 10 best clothing manufacturers.

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Cone Mills Corporation

Best Clothing factory

It is one of the largest clothing manufacturing companies in the world founded by Moses H. Cone and eventually acquired by W.L Ross. The company is based in Germany and is currently the largest denim fabric producer all around the world.

Cone Mills Corporation has its headquarters in Caroline, and it has been the same ever since its establishment in 1895.

The company majorly focuses on the production and distribution of quality fabrics, mostly denim, for consumers and brands all across the globe.

Euphoric Colors

Euphoric Colors is undoubtedly one of the best clothing manufacturers. The company is primarily based in Los Angeles.

They offer a wide range of clothing items, including swimwear, activewear, sleepwear, and much more than most people are likely to have. The company was established in 1998.

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Zega Apparel

This manufacturing and supplying company is originally based out of Pakistan and caters to all types of clothes ranging from party to casual to ethnic and whatnot! Zega Apparel stands out for its low minimum order baseline.

DSA Manufacturing

Best Clothing Manufacturers near you

In addition to manufacturing fabrics, DSA Manufacturing has additional facilities in which they extend their services to design, marketing, and photoshoots at affordable rates.

With volumized order capacity, DSA Manufacturing is indeed one of the best clothing manufacturers in the world.


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