Why Do You Need Professionals With Supply Chain Management Degrees For Your Brand?

Why Do You Need Professionals With Supply Chain Management Degrees For Your Brand?

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Summary: The supply chain is the backbone of any business and for any brand to be successful, it needs highly qualified professionals who can manage the fashion supply chain. Let us find out what an individual with a degree in supply chain management brings to the table.

Supply chain management is definitely not for everyone!

When it comes to supply chain management, whether your company is pursuing entry-level or seasoned supply chain professionals, you need the strongest candidates for the job.

The job requires management, technical & leadership skills; hence recruiting supply chain management graduates may be best.

The great news is that this article is full of answers to some important questions related to the supply chain management degree.

How is a supply chain management degree relevant to fashion brands?

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A supply chain management degree focuses on the process of managing the flow of materials, products, and services from their point of origin to the point of use.

The SCM degree is especially relevant for people working in the fashion industry. The processes involved in fashion manufacturing are complex and wide-ranging. Someone with a formal supply chain management degree will be trained to apply omnichannel thinking efficiently.

Brands need to forecast supply & demand, as well as manage logistics & build supply chain plans. The degree is extremely useful in the world of fashion business.

Graduates learn the concepts and theories of managing a supply chain. They also learn how to effectively plan, organize, and control the flow of resources and goods. In fast-paced industries like fashion, these are qualities you want supply chain managers to have, and SCM graduates would have already honed these skills. Professionals with SCM degrees will also ensure efficiency and transparency in the processes.

What are the top jobs for supply chain management graduates?

supply chain management graduates

A supply chain management degree opens up various career opportunities. For example, one may want to get a job in logistics, logistics management, or supply chain management. Many students get an SCM degree to get started in business management. 

Supply chain management is really a future-proof field with lots of roles and opportunities. In the supply chain, there are plenty of job prospects for professionals. The degree trains students with a wide range of skill sets. 

Major job prospects after a degree in SCM include:

  • Planning, analysis, and forecasting: This involves combining data from the past supply process with insights and understanding demand, to help a brand the best decisions.
  • Production, quality, and manufacturing managers: Managers involved in production and manufacturing oversee all of the merchandise being created by the brand. They ensure the deadlines are met, the products comply with the quality standards and look into the manufacturing processes.
  • Buying and sourcing: Buying or sourcing managers are responsible for acquiring materials, textiles, and raw materials needed. They maintain vendor relationships, track pricing and stock, and monitor supply statuses.
  • Warehouse and logistic managers: This role involves facilitating communication between departments, managing shipment budgets, and coordinating with transportation providers to ensure the merchandise gets where it needs to be.

Top benefits of hiring professionals with SCM degrees

supply chain management
  • Improved quality control: SCM professionals will conduct periodic audits and verify that the brand complies with the quality standards. They can monitor vendors and maintain strict quality control by analyzing performance data.
  • Higher efficiency rate: By understanding the manufacturing process & automation process, SCM professionals can leverage data and prevent delays in the system. 
  • Reduced overhead costs: With accurate demand predictions, professionals can reduce overhead costs by optimizing warehouse layouts, adopting the right automation solutions, and improving productivity. 
  • Improved risk mitigation: Professionals analyze the big-picture. The supply chain data can reveal potential risks. Professionals use this to enable brands to create backup plans and respond to unexpected circumstances.

Qualities to look for in an SCM graduate

management graduates

Supply chain management is only for some. The field can be fun but can also be stressful and tumultuous. So how does a brand know if a candidate with a supply chain management degree is the right fit for the company? Here are some essentials qualities that businesses look for in an SCM professional:

  • They're detail-oriented.
  • They have a good head for numbers.
  • They have analytical minds.
  • They're quick to strategize.
  • They're technology-driven.
  • They have excellent interpersonal skills
  • They are good at managing an expansive network.

The career path of supply chain management can be both easy and challenging to embark on. If you are looking to strengthen your SCM team, your brand needs professionals with degrees in SCM to grow and run efficiently.

Key Takeaways

  • With lots of job opportunities & great salary possibilities, a supply chain management degree is definitely worth it. And in today's world, the career is only becoming more relevant. 
  • For a brand to succeed, its supply chain needs to be well-structured and smoothly operating. SCM graduates & professionals bring in strong subject knowledge of logistics, information systems, marketing, and a good understanding of economics.  
  • With accurate demand predictions & wide knowledge of the supply chain, professionals can reduce overhead costs, increase transparency & set a brand up for success.

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