35 Sustainable Clothing Brands Betting Against Fast Fashion
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35 Sustainable Clothing Brands Betting Against Fast Fashion

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Summary: Green fashion is making waves in the industry, which is trying to make sustainable clothing to save the environment. Now, sustainable fashion labels are offering products at competitive pricing and trendy designs for the masses in an attempt to fight off fast fashion that scavenges on its designs and styles. 

Eco-friendly clothing has been around for some time. But with customers demanding earth-friendly products, green fashion has scaled up pretty rapidly. Sustainable clothing brands have now started working towards mass production, offering their products at competitive pricing and using affordable eco-friendly raw materials. Here are 35 sustainable apparel brands, small and big, that are trying to fight off cheap copies by fast fashion with a diverse set of ethical clothing.  

  1. H&M Conscious

A trendsetter in sustainable clothing, it has an entire range of affordable eco-friendly clothing, including denim. Their clothing style is recyclable, just the same as the fabric. 

  1. Patagonia

One of the earliest brands to forway into organic clothing, the brand also offers a secondhand collection, so the clothes don’t reach the landfill.

  1. Kotn

Egyptian cotton is at the heart of this sustainable clothing brand that has reinvested in schools and farms in Egypt.  

  1. Boden

This brand practices fair trade in over a dozen counties it has manufacturing units. This UK-based company is fair-trade certified. 

  1. Summersalt

A research-intensive brand, Summersalt processes its fabrics from factories practising ethical manufacturing. The material sourced from animals is cruelty-free. 

  1. Levi’s

The global giant is now using recycled denim and cotton for fabric. Another sustainable practice includes reducing water wastage in manufacturing. 

  1. Reformation

Reformation products use renewable energy and regenerative plant-based fibers such as cotton and animal-sourced materials such as wool. 

  1. Tentree
sustainable accessories

Tentree is a fashion label that retails sustainable accessories such as backpacks. The company plants 10 trees in lieu of every purchase from its store. 

  1. NA-KD

The company has set itself a goal of becoming 100% climate neutral by the year 2025. It has already switched to organic cotton for its denimwear range. 

  1. People Tree

His company specializes in women’s dresses. Every single garment is a piece of sustainable clothing and is certified by the World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO).

  1. Doodlage

This eco-friendly label uses deadstock fabric to make a stunning range of sustainable clothing. They are literally making a fashion statement from waste! 

  1. United By Blue

A Certified B Corp brand, its entire social footprint has been verified. The brand removes a pound of debris from the oceans with every purchase made from its stores. 

  1. Avocado

Avocado makes feel-good and soft wearables from alpaca fibers and organic cotton. It has a B Corp certification for responsible fashion. 

  1. Monsoon

If you are looking for a wedding dress that adheres to the principles of responsible and sustainable fashion, Monsoon makes it possible with 100% recyclable materials. 

  1. Warp + Weft

A denim company that has taken significant steps to reduce water wastage. It recycles and treats 98 percent of the water used in manufacturing. 

  1. Eileen Fisher

The fashion label does not use harsh chemicals and employs organic cotton for its range of soft linens. It offers fair wages to its workforce. 

  1. Amour Vert

Their dresses are designed in small batches, so they do not go to landfill. They use compostable packaging for shipments which is biodegradable. 

  1. Damson Madder

This brand educates customers about eco-friendly clothing and responsible business practices they undertake to create awareness. 

  1. Cozy Earth

This brand specializes in bamboo textiles. The company is in direct contact with every stakeholder in their supply chain, right down to the farmer. 

  1. Tanisi

Tanisi specializes in handmade clothing. They ship in eco-friendly packaging. The company supports communities from where it sources its materials. 

  1. Thought Clothing

Their sustainable clothing is supported by responsible fashion, which includes fair wages for the workers. They donate clothing samples to women in the workforce. 

  1. Encircled

Embracing the circle of life, where what goes out comes back, the brand has made a fashion statement with upcycled cut pieces and leftover fabrics. 

  1. Maati

Maati uses fabrics woven on handlooms. Their sustainable clothing is naturally dyed with colors sourced from plant-based alternatives such as turmeric and indigo.

  1. Cuyana

This company makes clothes in limited quantities and ensures they are used through their lifespan with a second-hand platform.

  1. Organic Basics
Organic Basics

Organic Basics has made a niche in activewear with its amazing blend of silver and organic cotton. It uses recyclable and low-impact fibers for manufacturing. 

  1. Tradlands

The company employs ethical manufacturing processes for its apparel which include using deadstock fabrics and responsible production. 

  1. Omnes

If you are looking for affordable green fashion, Omnes uses recycled materials to create sustainable clothing at prices that can compete with fast fashion.

  1. Outerknown

They partner with suppliers who offer fair wages to their workers. They have made fabric from recycled fishing nets and trunks from 100% renewable fiber. 

  1. The Sufi Studio

This brand caters to free-spirited women and weaves magical designs with organic fabrics and natural dyes that have a low impact on the environment.

  1. Olivia Rose the Label

Olivia Rose is rooted in the local community where raw materials are sourced. This personalised clothing range offers a delightful peek into a capsule wardrobe. 

  1. Lacausa 

Fair factories and healthy working conditions for its employees have made Lacuasa (The Cause) a responsible and ethical fashion brand. 

  1. Nisolo

Nisolo, a fashion accessories brand from Peru, is partnering in a collaborative effort to prevent deforestation of the Amazon and reduce the carbon footprint.  

  1. Christy Dawn

Dresses by this sustainable clothing brand are made using organic cotton or upcycled fabric. A resale platform ensures the clothes do not end up in a landfill.

  1. Ninety Percent

Besides using eco-friendly fabrics and manufacturing processes, the company gives away 90 percent of its earnings to charitable causes and among the stakeholders.

  1. Alternative Apparel

This brand adheres to the Fair Labor Association guidelines in manufacturing. It uses hemp and cotton, among other sustainable materials, for its dresses. 

Sustainable Clothing

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Key takeaways 

  1. The industry is rooting for sustainable clothing by following fair trade practices and recycling, reusing, and upcycling fabric to reduce wastage and carbon footprint. 
  2. Brands into sustainable clothing are now opting for affordable eco-friendly raw materials and recyclable packaging with resale through second-hand platforms. 

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