What is the Sustainable Apparel Coalition?

What is the Sustainable Apparel Coalition?

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The Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC) is a multi-stakeholder, worldwide non-profit alliance for the apparel and textile industry. Executive Director of Sustainable Apparel Coalition, Amina Razvi describes SAC as a "groundbreaking collaboration of and for fashion industry globally."

The SAC was formed on the basis of two cornerstones: to advocate for social justice and measure the sustainable environmental impact for the fashion industry. As such, SAC members work towards reducing their carbon footprint and ensuring sustainability throughout the global value chain.

The SAC consists of over 250 stakeholders from several areas of the global fashion industry. Their scope of action cover diverse categories such as apparel, textile, footwear brands, suppliers, retailers, service providers, NGOs, trade bodies, and academic institutions.

What is the Higg Index?

The SAC is most known for developing the Higg Index to streamline its vision and mission. The Index is a customized suite of tools for the measurement of sustainability for SAC stakeholders. Using a variety of metrics, industry participants can assess social and environmental impacts throughout the supply chain. Therefore, the Higg Index ensures standardization for sustainability throughout the global fashion industry.

The Higgs Index is valuable as industry brands can use its data to pinpoint hotspots, ensure sustainable performance, and achieve the social and environmental transparency end-users desire. What's more: small and medium businesses and manufacturers can use the Higg Index suite of tools without becoming full-time members!

How to Join SAC?

Sustainable Apparel Coalition is a collaboration of more than 250 global organizations from diverse segments of the fashion industry. Fashion brands and manufacturers can join the organization as long as they display a sincere commitment to working towards the vision and mission of SAC.

Before joining the SAC, its stakeholders are required to commit to a transparent operation of their brand. Furthermore, they must adopt the Higg Index, share best practices and streamline meaningful improvements.

To join the SAC, you can visit the association website here. Brands are required to fill in details in the given form and submit. The SAC will respond in a few days to follow up for an approval process.

Types of SAC Memberships

Affiliate Members

Affiliate membership is for organizations and companies that have direct influence and participation in the global consumer goods value chain through formal education, policymaking, capacity building services around social and environmental global issues.

Categories: Service Providers, NGOs, Trade Associations, Academia, Investors, etc.

Corporate Members

Corporate members are those who are involved in the direct manufacturing or sale of global consumer goods.

Categories: Brand, Retailers, Holding Companies, Manufacturers, and Third-Party Retailers.

Benefits of SAC Memberships

As an SAC member, you get the following benefits:

  • Avail the full benefits of using the Higg Index suite of tools. You can use data and tools to reduce environmental impact and optimize social impact.
  • An opportunity to become involved in SAC governance, feedback, guidance and voting procedure
  • Brands can also sit in on the SAC Board of Directors.
  • Joining the SAC community and enjoying its support.
  • Brands and manufacturers will strengthen their Supply Chain relationship.


Visit the website of Sustainable Apparel Coalition and explore the benefits of SAC Memberships. Join the initiative and bring positive change to the fashion industry with greener practices and care for the environment.

Like the SAC, Fashinza is committed to sustainability and transparency in the fashion Industry. Visit our website and join our partner network over 600 ethical fashion brands and manufacturers.


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