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E-commerce Fashion & Flipkart

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Flipkart has been one of the best options when consumers search for clothing brands online. Therefore, adding it to your list for e-commerce is a great idea if you wish to be accessible to a larger consumer base. Moreover, you can become a Flipkart seller in just three simple steps. All you need to do is to have a product line, your GSTIN details, and a copy of a canceled cheque. That is all that is required to complete your Flipkart seller registration details.  

Why Choose Flipkart?

Flipkart is amongst the fastest-growing e-commerce websites. Your customer base increases, and with every passing day, you reach more and more people. Flipkart helps you track metrics and investments. Smart selling options help you know where your products failed and how you can improve. You can also improve your performance as a Flipkart seller based on these insights. 

The next important thing is to know how easy it is! Only three steps and you have your product on the website. Flipkart gives you the ease to register and start selling as soon as possible.

Flipkart also has the lowest cost of business and provides each Flipkart seller with equal opportunities to grow. 

The fear of a good website design and non-appealing design is the worst for any seller. As a Flipkart seller, you need not worry about the design of your website. Flipkart will manage everything. You just need to have your product registered with them. A Flipkart seller registration will allow you to focus only on your brand details, and the rest will be taken care of.

Do’s on Flipkart:

what do you need for Flipkart seller registration
  • Use high-quality descriptions with photographs: Good images and quality descriptions affirm the customer’s faith in the online product. As a fashion brand Flipkart seller, you should be able to describe your product in terms of design, fabric, stitch, and aesthetics. Use high-resolution, clear images. Also, an added feature that goes well is the use of a 360-degree view.
  • Upload videos: Images certainly bring clarity, but if you want to increase the views, a good video will be a cherry on the top! Use videos to overcome size issues and product-related misconceptions.
  • Content description: Use precise words, define the product well, and do not beat around the bush. Long and wordy phrases will only distract the customer. Use an appropriate font and make proper use of the space.
  • Use positive proofing: Highlight the positive points of using the product in terms of longevity, suitability for weddings, social gatherings or office wear, etc. Also, try to highlight the customer reviews you have received.
  • Brand distinction: Designers should always follow brand distinction. Otherwise, online websites can dilute the value of a fashion brand. Adding more variety, designs, and section clothes under different categories can help. 

Don’ts on Flipkart

what do you need for Flipkart seller registration
  • Don’t follow the herd: Most designers follow trends of discounts and start pricing their products at very low rates. If you are expecting good returns, then you must understand what the customers want. 
  • Providing no customer help: As Flipkart sellers, you must provide the correct customer reach-out number. Otherwise, it would bring negative publicity to the brand. As a Flipkart seller, not providing an accessible contact will make you miss out on opportunities.
  • No quality checks on sale items: Always be sure that products put on sale are quality checked before they are made available. Sales are a weighty challenge because customers try to buy exclusive brands when they are available at good deals. What they do not want is defective items. So be sure of the items you place under discounts and sales.
  • Not using a good call to action: It is of no use if your call to action segment is not apparent, obvious, easy to see and act on. Use prominent headings such as “add to cart” or move to list, move to wish list.

Flipkart seller registration is a simple and effective strategy for growing your fashion business. But with increasing online portals for sellers, it is important how a fashion designer manages the ups & downs of the clothing brand. If you handle things strategically, you will benefit by leaps and bounds. To begin designing your collection for Flipkart, check out Fashinza! We can help you connect with the best manufacturers most suited to your brand identity. 


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