High Stake Aditya Birla Fashion Sabyasachi Collaboration

High Stake Aditya Birla Fashion Sabyasachi Collaboration

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Aditya Birla Fashion aims to establish and expand its retail fashion business at an unprecedented speed. It markets and collaborates with high stake fashion outlets that have a stronghold in the industry. The two most eminent fashion house tycoons have teamed in a strategic partnership. 

Sabyasachi Mukherjee is a global name who owns his namesake brand Sabyasachi. It is one of India's most influential luxury designers in the categories of bridal wear, accessories, jewelry and now ventured into everyday wear too. The collaboration of these two brands has already created a foofaraw. 

Read to find some fantastic facts about Aditya Birla Fashions.

Revenue generation 

Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Limited has a revenue generation of Rs. 5249 cr, traversing a retail space of 8.4 million sq ft. It is India's first billion-dollar fashion house. It covers the most elegant group of leading fashion brands and retail formats of all sorts. The company has a powerful network of more than 3000 brand stores under its name and around 30,000 multi-brand outlets.  

International brands collab 

Aditya Birla Fashion holds exclusive collaborations with companies such as Forever. Aditya Birla Fashion holds in its international kitty multi-brand retailer ship from Simon Carter, Ralph Lauren, American Eagle, Hackett London, Fred Perry, Ted Baker, Louis Philippe, Van Huesen, and The Collective.

Aditya Birla Fashion Sabyasachi Collaboration

Ethnic brand collabs

The major Indian brand collaborations with Aditya Birla Fashion house include Jaypore, Shantanu & Nikhil, Tarun Tahiliani. Aditya Birla Fashion Sabyasachi will be a highly vetted collaboration for both brands.

E-platform enterprise

Aditya Birla Fashion has incredible outreach over the e-commerce platform. Not only women's wear but the e-commerce platform has drawn Aditya Birla into menswear as well, just like the recent launch of Jaypore into menswear fashion. 

Synonymous with Sustainable fashion

The strategy of Aditya Birla Fashion entails creating an ecosystem to facilitate a circular clothing lifecycle. Similarly, Sabyasachi designs are inclined towards a more sustainable fashion as well by making outfits fit for all occasions and not depending on one-time use. Aditya Birla fashions is a partner with the Circular Apparel Innovation Factory, which aims at making the fashion industry into a circular economy.

Aditya Birla Fashion Sabyasachi Collaborative Plans

Sabyasachi caters to international markets and has a stronghold not only in India but US, UK, and the Middle East. With Aditya Birla Fashion Sabyasachi can significantly improve its outreach in many unknown territories and also open up brand outlets to many consumers. This partnership will add significant weight to the growing ethnic wear portfolio across the globe. Both the brands can work hand in hand to create an attractive portfolio brand in the ethnic and contemporary clothing industry

  1. To make ethnic wear a brand name in the global market
  2. To make Indian luxury brand name evolve much stronger
  3. To encourage more consumers to lean towards ethnic buy
  4. To make luxury ethnic wear much more accessible across the globe 

High Stakes in the Collaboration 

Since Sabyasachi's launch in 1999, it has been sharing a unique story of ethnic excellence. It is an Indian fashion brand with the most influential cultural voice within and outside the country. The brand shapes modern fashion and lifestyle and honors artisan craftsmanship imbibed with traditional techniques. Sabyasachi has evolved from heavy elaborate wedding bridal collections to everyday workwear wardrobes. 

The exquisite jewelry collection and accessories such as bags and belts are of their kind in terms of designs and material.  

Every product is par excellence and has unmatchable workmanship. Sabyasachi's collaborations and international flagships have been a great success. Today Sabyasachi holds a firm foot in the international market. A whopping 51 percent stake has been signed by both Aditya Birla Fashion and Sabyasachi. With Indian festivities approaching, Aditya Birla Fashion Sabyasachi is one of the most eyed partnerships till now in the market. Aditya Birla Fashion has a hold of the retailer ship of the markets nationally and internationally and Sabyasachi has the most exquisite designs. Aditya Birla Fashion Sabyasachi can fetch an outreach to multiple consumers. 


This is a breakthrough amalgamation in the fashion industry of two fashion tycoons. Sabyasachi relies on native artisans for its work and has consistently delivered worthwhile designs. Aditya Birla Fashion holds a multi-brand portfolio and shares a large sector of ethnic and western wear. The strategy of the organization to deliver a comprehensive and attractive portfolio of brands across key consumer segments such as women's and men's wear for usage occasions through multiple geographical locations is highly appreciated.
Sabyasachi brand emphasizes the excellence of craftsmanship, captivating handcrafted designs close to the native. They have managed to blossom into the international markets as the only global Indian luxury brand from India. This journey is sure to go a long way with the additional inputs by Aditya Birla Fashion Sabyasachi’s collaboration.


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