20 Unique Logo Designs to Ramp Up Your Sales

20 Unique Logo Designs to Ramp Up Your Sales

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For a brand trying to make it big in the clothing industry, relying on a good logo is almost as important as being innovative with fresh ideas. What you choose to put on your garments becomes a symbol of your unique brand identity. Because it is the face of your business, it needs to appeal to the buyer’s sentiments and build a connection with your target audience. Trailblazers in the world of fashion are always held with massive respect and garner growing popularity with time. Designing a logo that elicits this attention is crucial to the long-term success of any fashion brand.

With a good logo, people come to recognize your brand in a favorable light which, in turn, fosters trust and bumps up the brand’s credibility. The buyer is intrinsically drawn to the brand and comes to associate it with the logo it carries. Therefore, a great logo makes your brand memorable and easy to connect with. Best Tshirt logo design ideas help make an impact on the audience and boost sales significantly with time.

20 Best Tshirt Logo Design Ideas

1. Let the font match the brand’s personality

Typography is easily the make or break in a logo. Choose a font that best represents your brand while playing within the norms of professionalism. Typography is one of the best Tshirt logo design ideas trending these days.

2. Understated design

Going with an understated design is a great idea to keep your logo from being too loud. A minimalist design has better longevity and impresses on the audience’s memory more than a complicated design would.

3. Align the logo to your vision

There should be a fluid connection between your logo and the vision your brand holds. The two should come together in harmony and the logo must possess the same qualities as the brand it serves. For example, Tommy Hilfiger is known for its clean cuts and timeless elegance, and the logo for the brand is the perfect fit.

4. Evocative design

Unique Logo Designs to Ramp Up Your Sales

Design your logo in a way that carries deep connotations and conveys an image that people associate with your brand’s whole identity. The logo must be able to evoke a strong emotional bond with its audience.

5. Create logos with subtle imagery

A logo with subtle imagery carries itself with an element of surprise. It only subtly draws attention to itself. Upon closer inspection, one finds what lies hidden therefore making these logos truly captivating.

6. Design with the right colors

The color scheme is vital for a brand in deciding the effect it wants to have over its target audience. The right colors make the brand’s message known far and wide with a strong statement.

7. Avant-garde design

As successful as a simple design may be, it doesn’t mean a design with multiple influences and layered details cannot be memorable. A brand logo can be a bit complex, but it can still grow into an iconic symbol. Versace and Hermès are examples of complex brand logos that embody the brands’ origin stories and different influences.

8. Fresh appearance

While brainstorming Tshirt logo design ideas, it is always important to come up with something that has a fresh appeal to it. All buyers find novel designs to be captivating.

9. Use negative space

The negative space is the white space where the ink doesn’t splatter. These empty spaces bring out symbols and create a more cohesive logo.

10. Culturally inspired logos

Unique Logo Designs to Ramp Up Your Sales

People love authenticity and are compelled by emotions. A logo that builds on the brand’s cultural roots, is often a hit amongst the people. Putting out a story and wrapping it up in striking symbols or text is a surefire hit.

11. You don’t have to play it safe

Choose a logo that encapsulates your own style. Making the logo stand loyal to your brand’s individuality packs a great punch to your brand’s identity. Never compromise on your flair even if you have to go overboard while delivering it.

12. Silhouette designs

Silhouettes are the most classic of all designs and help create a strong but pleasant visual identity.

13. Choose acronyms

Going with a unique acronym can give your brand a more crisp and streamlined image. Creating a logo that puts that formula into use can actually give your brand a very pervasive identity. Adidas is one brand that does that with effortless ease.

14. Direct visual representation

One can avoid indirect imagery and go for a direct visual representation of what their brand is. A simply presented logo with a direct message is sometimes a great way to bring in more attention.

15. Something that is scalable

For a business that’s just starting out, consider a design that mashes up minimalism with simplicity. This makes it modern and trendy while making it scalable.

16. Layered logo design

Using a layered logo would mean alluding to two or more perspectives at once. The double image conveys the subject with power and enigma and can be used as a great technique to build the intrinsic value of your symbol.

17. Mash-up pictures with text

Although it takes some creative brainstorming, combining pictures with words in a unique pattern can result in an amazing logo.

18. Get experimental

Unique Logo Designs to Ramp Up Your Sales

Break free from the limiting confines of playing safe and get messy with your design ideas. Sometimes a crazy experiment can birth a legendary idea. Combine unique elements and techniques to stay true to what you want to say with your brand.

19. Introduce congruent elements

Using elements that sit together with complete symmetry ensures a way to grab some interest in your clean logo design.

20. Tailor it as per your target audience

The logo should help dress up your brand in a way that best fits its potential customers’ identities. The target group’s qualities must be accentuated by the design of the logo.


Selling clothes isn’t just about catering to the market need for trendy designs. A brand is about the vision it embodies and the potential it has to become something iconic. A good logo is a surefire way to build your brand’s identity as you rake up greater profits over time. Get yourself some inspiration from the above mentioned best Tshirt logo design ideas.


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